2012 IPL Thread


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So it's that time of the year again, when cricket meets glamour.

This year's schedule:

Who do you think is going to reign supreme this time around?
Also, Katy Perry is performing in Chennai, and I'm not there :(
Chennai Super Kingsuku oru periya whistle poduuuuuuu

but yeah, we look the strongest team in the tournament. Mumbai, RCB, and by extension, KKR, also look like strong contenders. Buying Jadeja was a great plus for us - he might not have done much in Australia or Asia Cup, but he will certainly be a great asset. Looking forward to great season.


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My Dad's been out working in Chennai twice. He brought me pack a top for the Super Kings the second time, so I suppose I'll be supporting them.


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Looking forward to IPL this year - I'm not really supporting anyone in particular, but I think that it's either gonna be CSK or RCB this time round.
RCB all the way, Muralitharan's in the house bitches ~
Morkel and Bravo would beg to differ, lad.

Man what a FUCKING INCREDIBLE CHASE! 205 chased down at home, CSK all the way!

On a more serious note, you shouldn't be quick to blame Vettori for asking Kohli to bowl the 19th over. In the DC vs MI match, Sangakkara used Steyn for the 19th and asked Christian to bowl the last, which backfired spectacularly. This was obviously weighing on Vettori's mind, so he reserved Vinay Kumar for the last over and used Kohli for over 19. His only other option was Raju Bhatkal, and Kohli obviously appeared the better choice to Vettori given his interntional experience.

This is EXACTLY what the IPL needed, since we haven't had too many exciting finished so far. Hope the rest of the season pans out well, and CSK all the way :P


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In regards to last night's match (The RCB one)
we got thrashed. I'm really disappointed in the way we're playing these days. I think more than our poor performances, it is the other teams who have really stepped up their game, and we have just failed to catch up..

About the Mumbai Indians match, that was just awful. It was a sad total set by them, and Delhi did what they had to, crushed them.

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