2012 music

Since 2011 is basically over.

What albums are you looking for?

I've listened to two albums from 2012 already, Matt Elliott's The Broken Man and Andrew Bird's Norman OST. The former is excellent.

I listened to Guided By Voices Let's Go Eat At The Factory. Rather disappointing if you ask me.

I'm very much looking forward to Cloud Nothing's Attack on Memory, Rush's Clockwork Angel's, and Kanye West's Good Music.
I listened to Guided By Voices Let's Go Eat At The Factory. Rather disappointing if you ask me.

I'm very much looking forward to Cloud Nothing's Attack on Memory, Rush's Clockwork Angel's, and Kanye West's Good Music.
I've also listened to that GBV now, yeah pretty disappointing.

That Cloud Nothings album leaked already, btw.
Janelle Monae has promised not one, but two albums for 2012, so I am greatly looking forward to those. Aside from that, Animal Collective, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Weller are all releasing albums at some point in the next twelve months, and The Strokes are supposed to have been in the studio for ages, so hopefully they'll be releasing something as well.
john petrucci
alice in chains
how to destroy angels
between the buried and me
fates warning
fredrik thordendal's special defects
lacuna coil
black pyramid
les discrets
orange goblin
amberian dawn
electric wizard
jeff loomis
diablo swing orchestra
the ocean
cult of luna
sleepytime gorilla museum
black sabbath
nine inch nails
queens of the stone age
40 watt sun

should be a good year.
The original members of Black Sabbath are getting back together, and are going to be releasing a new album later this year. Something I'm looking forward to, along with Meat Loaf and The Offspring.
in terms of albums that should have been released in 2011 i'm looking forward to Saltillo - Monocyte and the new Gospel

not looking forward to the new circle takes the square.
Storm Corrosion's debut (Steven Wilson's and Mikael Akerfeldt's collaboration) is what I'm the most hyped up about. Also new Al-Namrood; most of the metal releases in TEA_DEMON's list look promising as well, and I guess Kayo Dot - Gamma Knife can be counted as a 2012 album now
i have heard rumors that daft punk is doing a full length album set for release this year (but i heard rumors about daft punk doing an album set for release in 2010 which turned out to be the tron soundtrack) can anyone confirm

also looking forward to chiddy bang and animal collective


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lol ive only heard of about three of the mentioned artists in this thread so far

CLEARLY im too mainstream for smogon

but in all seriousness, im mainly looking forward to:

scars & stories by the fray
pink friday: roman reloaded by nicki minaj
sounds from nowheresville by the ting tings
sky high by mike posner
the new keane album idk what it's gonna be called
and a bunch of others that havent been named yet and have a semi-unknown release date


lots of goodies here

boards of canada maybe?
that'd definitely be a highlight for me, last album they did was in 05

I heard Billy Talent has a new album set for release this year, sounds good.
they've been calling their albums I, II, III so far, wonder if there's gonna be a IV out or if they're sick of it already. at least they managed to do the whole roman numeral thing without confusing everybody like crystal castles did, i know II isn't the actual name and all but it's what people use to distinguish both, brilliant idea ethan, are we gonna have to call the next release crystal castles III when it's actually called crystal castles again? you fuck.

a new between the buried and me album would be nice if they stopped having 10 different songs in 1, or at least that's how it feels, new riff every 30 seconds

converge also hinted they're going to start their work on a 2012 release soon, i really hope this one's good because so far i don't know what it's like to be disappointed in converge

edit: haha never mind billy talent's new album will be billy talent X, they're skipping from 3 to 10 hahaha
I'm looking forward to Pagan Altar and Tribulation's new releases, Pagan Altar are too damn old to be too damn good damn it! I do not have my hopes high for the new Black Sabbath album, according to Geezer Butler it sounds like vintage Sabbath however. I don't expect it to be better than The Devil You Know, which I thought was average at best anyhow.

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