2012 music

The Knife have said that they'll be releasing a new album this year and I am so excited hoe mah ghey
They haven't released an album with just Karin and Olof since Silent Shout in 2006.
Even though Tomorrow, in a Year came out last year, and it is one of my favorite albums, I don't know if I would call it a Knife album because it also had Plenningrock and Mt. Sims working on it
hey i just wanted to say the new mars volta album leaked a few days ago and i am enjoying it atm

EDIT: should have read tea_demon's post first. i like it!


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At the Drive-In just announced pre-orders for vinyl copies of Noctourniquet

I mean, holy fucking FUCK
So, Guided By Voices announced their new album and shared a new song from the album.

Keep It In Motion

This song is pretty much better than anything off Let's Go Eat The Factory, so I'm hopeful the album will be a step forward.
Noctourniquet is somewhere between Octahedron (an album i actually really liked!) and Amputechture (an album I find to be subpar, especially for the Mars Volta) in terms of quality.
It's not bad, but wasn't really worth the wait :|
I had actually forgotten that they were releasing a new album. It really is great, although it's unfortunate that people are comparing it to Wincing the Night Away.
I haven't listened to much so far this year, but I really enjoyed Lee Ranaldo's latest solo album, definitely my favourite release of 2012 so far.
it's super sunny today so I took the opportunity to listen to the Michael Kiwanuka album and it is fantastic, "i'm getting ready" is a personal highlight, but the title track, "I won't lie" and "worry walks beside me" are all absolutely beautiful
God damnit...I listen to Port of Morrow and I'm like "Wow....this is the best album I'll probably hear all year."

Then I listen to Bloom and I'm just like "Well fuck, I spoke too soon."

It is just...so...beautiful...
i like dream pop but even so i thought teen dream was boring as hell so is it worth getting beach house's new one?

also, top 4 this year for me so far (no order (or i guess the order in which i think of them)) is
Loma Prieta - IV
Tindersticks - The Something Rain
Saltillo - Monocyte
Oren Ambarchi - Audience of One

and then there's a tie between a bunch of bands like portico quartett, the saddest landscape, message to bears, pop. 1280 etc all of whom have put out strong albums but not quite on the level as the above have imo.

anyone else think that jan / feb were pretty great music wise but after that the releases have just dropped off a bit? there's little that has interested me for the past month or so.
It's like Teen Dream 2 so you probably won't like the new one.

New Overkill slays.
Iunno, I've seen everyone and their mother hyping up the new Overkill and I thought it was good, but I really preferred Ironbound by a decent amount. Don't get me wrong, The Electric Age has some jams, but I was just slightly disappointed considering all the hype. Just my 2 cents.

Well shit I guess I have to link something now. This came out like a month ago but I don't remember anyone linking it. Cognitive by Soen sounds a shit ton like Tool (almost a creepy amount like Tool in fact). If you enjoy Tool at all I can't imagine you wouldn't get some degree of enjoyment out of it. Notable members are ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and bassist Steve Digiorgio, who's played in a ton of great metal bands.


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