2013 Tournament Tour - [Round 2]

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Art by Bummer
Tour approved by TDs
2012 Tournament Tour won by dragonuser

Looking for a place to test your teambuilding expertise? If yes, this is the tour for you. Over the coming weeks your skills in both teambuilding, adaption and hitting deadlines will all be tested and pushed as you take on 2013’s finest tournaments one after another to prove once and for all who is top dog.
Round 2 - The Easter Egg Tour
Originally hosted by lapras6666, Originally won by Ezio

This tournament, hosted around Easter time, provided users with set rules which limited their teambuilding and were face off against the ferocity of other teams, not knowing how they were restricted. The key to winning this is to synergise well with what is available to you.


  • All Standard tournament rules apply. They can be read here.
  • All deadlines are final. Extensions will only be granted under certain circumstances
  • Read all tournament specific rules carefully, if an issue arises or you are unclear on any of them, PLEASE ask during either signups, or early into the round. I’ll answer to the best of my interpretation (unless the original host wants to answer it for me)
  • Each tour has been specifically chosen to test teambuilding and adaptability to different rules. While deadlines are going to be a little longer to accommodate teambuilding during each round, at least try to have an idea of how you’re going to build during the rounds prior to it happening in the tour. This gives you maximum time during the round to contact and battle your opponent.
  • All Activity / Coinflip decisions are final - I recommend using the VM system and allow me to see your profile. If you’re using PMs, add me to the conversation. In the event you use IRC, I will need to see logs of the conversation. I will not give out activity wins for activity posts in which I cannot see any actual evidence of attempting to get the battle done.
  • The tier for this tour is Black and White 2 OU. Most Rounds require BW2 mechanics to work correctly.​

Tour Special Rules
  • You PM me an Egg Number – Eggs are numbered between 1 and 5
  • Title all PMs "Egg tour" or "Tournament tour" just so I don't get conflicted and/or Mixed up with my other tours
  • Messaging me over IRC is ok
  • Do not do your battle until both you and your opponent have messaged me and you both know what you’re using.
  • The tier for this will be Gen 6 OU and follow the December usage stats.
  • Please note I will respond to as many PMs as quickly as I possibly can. I do have other things going on both on Smogon and offline – So If I am online and don’t respond immediately please don’t take it as I’m ignoring you.
Tournament lineup

Round 1: Highlander tour - Originally hosted by Birkal
Round 2: Easter Egg Tournament - Originally hosted by Lapras6666
Round 3: The Metagame Tweak - Originally hosted by FireMage
Round 4: Pokemon Freedom Tournament - Originally hosted by Vaz
Round 5: FUK DW - Originally hosted by Steven Snype
Round 6: The Sequels were never good - Originally hosted by Malekith


~Greencore vs Qwilphish
vs King
vs Kavatika
Grey Knight
vs Demist
vs Nozzle
vs Corkscrew
vs bobbyvaporeon
vs Laurel
vs papai noel
Anno nyme
vs -Tsunami-
vs Lasagne
vs XenoBlade911
The Great Mighty Doom vs Sally
Colchonero vs Moonclawz
Hantsuki vs Fuzznip
vs Remedy

February 1ST 10pm GMT
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oh shit, why didn't I join this tour :( Hopefully the eggs are as evil as mine :p

gl to everyone
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Won on time since a server was only 25 people was strangely lagging really badly. Wish we could have finished the game especially since it was so close.


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sally was last seen: Jan 7, 2014. Activity.


The professor?
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my opponent does not respond. sent a vm on thursday. again yesterday. no response. activity. but still. plenty of time to get it done.
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