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Hospital Records recently released "Recognize," the first single of the upcoming Fred V & Grafix album Recognize, and it is absolutely stunning. The Emperor and Panda remixes are almost as good. The tracks from Recognize that I've heard on the Hospital Records podcast ("Recognize," "Sick of All Your Secrets") are hyping me up for it.


Banned deucer.
can anyone please explain to me what was so great about benji? i'm not getting it at all
New Foster the People album is excellent u.u

Standout tracks are Ask Yourself, Coming of Age and Are You What You Want to Be?

I'm also loving the title track from Broken Bells' After the Disco, but I'm still undecided on the album. I think Mercer's alt-pop/rock style is more fitting somehow.
The War on Drugs - Lost In The Dream

If you like Bruce Springsteen I can't recommend this enough. Very Springsteen-esque heartland rock is the basis for this album, but the real winner here is the attention to detail in the production. There is always something new and interesting popping in in the background, maybe some synths, or slide guitar, or a woodwind. The whole thing is drenched in 80s reverb giving the album a hazy and nostalgic feel.


Banned deucer.
Have been listening a lot to Lost in the Dream during the last 2 weeks and it's an excellent album. Probably a contender for AOTY, the first half of the album is amazing but it wears down a bit in the second half.
this clipping. has some cool beats/flow but the lyrics are a bit of a turn-off.

i don't particularly like listening to songs about fucking or whatever.
Really liking all the war on drugs talk here. It's a great album.

New Foster the People album is excellent u.u

Standout tracks are Ask Yourself, Coming of Age and Are You What You Want to Be?
I've been listening to it off and on. I like it so far but it hasn't stuck with me like their first album has and I'm really hoping it will.


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I almost cried listening to Benji the other day.

I kinda dislike everything about the songwriting on that album, except that it's amazing.

I spent a lot of time trying to write music without any irony, and I pretty much failed utterly at that. I decided that it cant really be done, but after this album I changed my mind. It has kinda made me want to do a little more writing. Plus I did promise DM I would.

But yeah:
But I discovered, I cannot shake melancholy
For forty-six years now, I cannot break the spell
I'll carry it throughout my life and probably carry it to hell

Fuck me that's a low blow..

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