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s.p.y is releasing chapter 2 of his back to basics lp sometime soon, and i'm expecting it to be as good as, if not better than chapter 1 of back to basics. the one preview hospital records uploaded ("lost orbit ft. diane charlemagne") is a banger, and it's really hyping me up for the rest of it.

a new high contrast album release is coming later on this year (or was it next year?), and with new releases such as "who's loving you pt. 2 ft. clare maguire" and "when the drums come in ft. wonda", i'm getting a really good feeling (as well as a bit of a true colours vibe) about it.


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I think I'm the only one overly excited for Halo Circus' album coming Q3 or Q4. As a reminder, Halo Circus is Allison Iraheta's (AI Season 8, fourth place) band that formed last year, when they released single "Gone." A couple of weeks ago they released another single - "Do You Believe in Shame?" - and I think they're absolutely stellar. They're gonna go big, I can feel it.

new FKA Twigs album, LP1, is every bit as great as I was hoping for it to be (aka amazing). Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. I linked one of the songs a few posts up if you want to give one of em a listen.
yes, yes, yes. twigs is incredible and I love LP1. I think EP2 is better as a project (even though it's only 4 songs), but LP1 is one of my favourite albums this year. Have been waiting for my vinyl to arrive for awhile.
Alt-J just released their new album, All Is Yours. It's incredible.
idk i don't think it's 'incredible'

i mean it's okay but i'm pretty let down because i was expecting it to be better based on the singles which turned out to be the best songs on the album tbh
idk i don't think it's 'incredible'

i mean it's okay but i'm pretty let down because i was expecting it to be better based on the singles which turned out to be the best songs on the album tbh
Nah I think 'incredible' is justified though I'm a huuuuge Alt-J fan.

As for the pre-released singles, all of them are great (aside from Left Hand Free which is meh) but my favourite songs on the album are Intro, Warm Foothills and The Gospel of John Hurt (Choice Kingdom is also awesome).
bloopy squelchy pretty and freaky. samey towards the end. def not the 5/5 i saw on RA

new kendrick single anyone?
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Thom Yorke dropped a surprise solo album just under a week ago, and did a weird thing wherein it's being sold exclusively through... BitTorrent. It's only $6.00US if you're into Thom Yorke sort of stuff, and if you are then I definitely recommend it. A bit short but still a sweet collection of tracks.

(the album opener - A Brain in a Bottle has a music video)

heyzeus this video is dope
While I had heard that song since it came out, and thought it was good, it's even better in the context of the entire album IMO. I love jazz and jazz fusion, so Flyo's move into fusion territories suits me just fine. You're Dead! is currently one of my favorite albums of the year.
new rtj reminds me of the money store, especially the second track. about halfway through so far, rly enjoying it

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