2014 Music

okay here's my lists, reviews to follow within the next couple weeks hopefully:

01 Woman is the Earth: Depths
02 Arcana Coelestia: Nomas
03 The Great Old Ones: Tekeli-Li
04 Relic Point: XIVI
05 Earth and Pillars: Earth I
06 Blut Aus Nord: Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry
07 Ego Depths: Oligoria Blodd
08 Saor: Aura
09 Darkspace: Darkspace III.I
10 Sguaguarahchristis: Der Nacht

01 Lost in the Tree: Past Life (album of the year)
02 †††: †††
03 Blueneck: King Nine
04 Damien Rice: My Favorite Faded Fantasy
05 Grouper: Ruins
06 Taylor Swift: 1989
07 Run the Jewels: RTJ2
08 Arms and Sleepers: Swim Team
09 Swans: To Be Kind
10 Unteachers: A Human Comedy
wasnt the biggest fan of '14 but heres my top 10

10. swans - to be kind
9. have a nice life - the unnatural world
8. autopsy - tourniquets, hacksaws and graves
7. mastodon - once more 'round the sun
6. overkill - white devil armory
5. darkspace - dark space III I
4. run the jewels - run the jewels 2
3. bloodbath - grand morbid funeral
2. insomnium - shadows of the dying sun
1. goatwhore - constricting rage of the merciless
I haven't heard much of 2014 but I'll try.

1. Taylor Swift - 1989
Yea I fucking love this.
2. Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel
Has all the good things of Portal of I but is more focused and cohesive. A little overproduced maybe, but still great.
3. Flying Lotus - You're Dead!
I listened to this very late in the year but it immediately got me hooked.
4. Aneta Langerová - Na Radosti
Apparently I only listened to new music in the last 3 months or something. This album was an incredibly pleasant surprise.
5. Antemasque - Antemasque
Very fun rock album, can't beat something as simple as that.
6. Ghost Brigade - IV: One With the Storm
Kept their great signature sounds while progressing with their songwriting. Awesome.
7. Steel Panther - All You Can Eat
Another album that is just pure pleasure to listen to.
8. Behemoth - The Satanist
Nergal is a great dude, really.
9. Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together
Best album they've ever made. Did not expect that.
10. Elvenking - The Pagan Manifesto
Didn't know where on the list to put them, but had to include them because it's second only to The Winter Wake in their discography and that has to be weighed heavily.

Disappointments of the year: Insomnium, Sonata Arctica, NehruvianDOOM, Devin Townsend

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