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2017 musics


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Oxbow. Oxbow. Fucking Oxbow. Finally releasing an album they've been working on for like 10 years in April, and so far they've been getting better with every album. I don't know what else is being released this year honestly, haven't seen anything that caught my attention other than the new Xiu Xiu (which already leaked, will report back when I get around to it) so we'll see how this year turns out.


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im pumped for the new the xx album which is out next friday

last 2 albums were really strong, especially the eponymous one, and jamie xx is always good (live dj or recorded tracks) so i am expecting big things.


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im pumped for the new the xx album which is out next friday

last 2 albums were really strong, especially the eponymous one, and jamie xx is always good (live dj or recorded tracks) so i am expecting big things.
the xx are touring europe, get ur tix son
I am super excited for Code Orange's new album. I think it's called Forever... The singles have been absolutely visceral and, while I have grown out of hardcore in a general sense, I still get great joy in abrasive music.

In a similar vein, Counterparts usually puts something out every other year and I still really enjoy Tragedy Will Find Us.

Run the Jewels 3 was released early on Christmas eve, but it's official release is still January. If you l

Fingers crossed that Kendrick gives us a new album, but I'm guessing it will be 2018.


Can't wait for that Blink 182 deluxe album :))
Also for my bb girl Avril Lavigne, i heard she's supposed to have some new stuff.
migos album in 10 days. havent been extremely into them but the bad and boujee hype is pretty strong imo so ill be lookin into that.

new sza single. never listened to her too much either but a nice track overall
yeah, idk how a guy can be legit stoked on a migos release. ive enjoyed singles and features from them on a few occasions, but they just seem so scared of getting forgotten or somethin that they're steered heavy to quantity > quality. recent singles didn't even catch me, t-shirt felt procedural n bad and boujee was mediocre for migos standards with lil uzi very soundin like he just got over a cold only to get his nose broken moments later (or that's just how he sounds all the time now, haven't bothered w/him since he broke).

other end of the spectrum, lil yachty. ive dug almost every single to drop since his summer songs tape, so I'm pretty stoked for what he drops next. other than that, xiu xiu is looking really strong (only heard the singles, really solid, but haven't caught the leak myself), new fleet foxes seems cool b.c im a dad-ass guy, and king gizzard is set to release a boatload of material this year and the singles released thus far have all been quality. morbidly curious about the lupe material, but i feel as tho it's gonna flop heavy.
yall need to get out of here. migos are sick. bad and boujee is fire except for the uzi verse, undeniably so. the hook on the track is insane. so many quotable lines from the verses. the beat is hypnotic yet hard. they also have 3 classic tapes in No Label II and Rich Nigga Timeline. they have some shit tapes too like their first album and last year's mixtape, but no artist only puts out fire.

i am also stoked for this tape
I was planning to make a music blog or something like that to practice my writing, so I made this doc with some 2017 stuff i wanted to talk about.

Said blog will never see the light of the day lol but the archive (which is word online just because I am stupid) is still nice I guess. There is most experimental and a few metal independent artists.

Feel free to add stuff if you want

(By the way, I believe a spotify playlist or a excel online table would be a nice way to catalogize this thread content :])

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i just now found out there's gonna be a new lupe fiasco album out on the 10th and my day is now significantly better

also if you haven't checked out Firewind's new album it's pretty solid
After that Lasers Album by Lupe Fiasco I don't know how someone can really co-sign being hyped about his music now. I understand he did that just to wrap up his deal with the label but that album was such a let down and so whack.
forgot to meniton that i listened to the new lil ugly mane / bedwetter release. thought the production was incredible for the first half but kind of fell off towards the end. liked how emotional the album was overall

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