DOU 2018 Doubles Invitational - Top 8


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Standard Rules and Clauses
  • Endless Battle Clause: Players cannot use any moveset on any Pokémon capable of intentionally causing an endless battle. Thus:
    • A Pokémon may not carry Recycle and hold a Leppa Berry in conjunction with Heal Pulse and Milk Drink, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Recover, Roost, Slack Off, Soft-Boiled, or Wish.
    • A Pokémon may not hold a Leppa Berry while carrying Recycle and Pain Split.
    • A Pokémon may not hold a Leppa Berry while carrying Recycle and Fling.
  • Evasion Clause: Players cannot use the moves Double Team or Minimize.
  • Moody Clause: Players cannot use a Pokémon with the Moody ability.
  • OHKO Clause: Players cannot use the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold.
  • Species Clause: Players cannot have two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number on the same team
  • Pokémon Restrictions
    Players cannot use the following Pokémon:
    • Snorlax
    • Mewtwo
    • Lugia
    • Ho-oh
    • Kyogre
    • Groudon
    • Rayquaza
    • Jirachi
    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Giratina
    • Giratina-Origin
    • Arceus
    • Reshiram
    • Zekrom
    • Kyurem-White
    • Xerneas
    • Yveltal
    • Solgaleo
    • Lunala
    • Magearna
    • Marshadow
    • Necrozma-Dusk Mane
    • Necrozma-Dawn Wings
  • Move Restrictions
    Players cannot use the following moves:
    • Dark Void
    • Swagger
  • Players cannot use the following moves on the same team:
    • Gravity and sleep moves with below one hundred percent accuracy
  • Item Restrictions
    Players cannot use the following items:
    • Eevium Z
    • Gengarite
    • Kangaskhanite
  • Ability Restrictions
    Players cannot use the following abilities:
    • Power Construct

Welcome to the 2018 Doubles Invitational

This tournament is the culmination of each of the tournaments held during the 2018 Doubles OU circuit. The top 16 players will duke it out for the title of 2018 Circuit Champion and a fancy new ribbon!
Top 16
(thanks to rozes for the playoff art!)

(1) SMB vs nvakna (16)

(2) emforbes vs AtmosphereVGC (15)

(3) EmbCPT vs Kaori (14)

(4) Demantoid vs The Cheesen One (13)

(5) AuraRayquaza vs Mr.GX (12)

(6) Mint16 vs Mishimono (11)

(7) lady lumps vs Croven (10)

(8) MajorBowman vs Memoric (9)​

Top 8

(art coming soon)

(2) emforbes vs Croven (10)

(3) EmbCPT vs Mint16 (6)

(5) AuraRayquaza vs The Cheesen One (13)

(8) MajorBowman vs nvakna (16)

As always, replays are required for this tournament. Also, be sure to post your match times so we can watch live and possibly even stream!

This is a single elimination, Best of 3 SM Doubles OU tournament.

The full bracket can be found here:

The deadline for top 16 is Monday, December 10, at 11:59 PM Eastern time (GMT -5).

Good luck to everyone, looking forward to some great games!
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There are some really cool match ups already, should be fun to watch!

(1) SMB vs nvakna (16) - It's hard to predict against the first seed, especially one as consistent as SMB. He has shown his skill several times over and is definitely an easy favorite to take this whole thing. With that being said, he does have very similar styles to all of his teams. Nvakna had to work real hard against good players to reach the top 16, and from his games you can tell he knows how to play doubles. If nvakna can figure out SMB's style and bring some solid positive match ups then he could definitely win this, but its hard to predict against the two time Seasonal champ.

(2) emforbes vs AtmosphereVGC (15) - My favorite to win this whole thing. AtmosphereVGC has shown he can hang with the big boys, but Emilio is the best at the moment.

(3) EmbCPT vs Kaori (14) - Game of the round. Edu is considered by a lot of people as the goat, and for good reason. His consistency, his play, his building! Edu is definitely a complete player, and in my opinion rivals Emilio as best player at the moment. With that being said, Sam is so good when he is motivated. Sam can bring anything and play it top tier, and that is scary. Edu, a lot like Emilio and SMB, has a certain style he typically sicks with and plays masterfully. However, Edu has been changing up his team styles recently, so honestly this match could go anywhere. I am going to go with Edu just due to his sheer consistency, but I would not be shocked if Sam takes this one.

(4) Demantoid vs The Cheesen One (13) - I don't know a lot about The Cheesen One. Demantoid on the other hand is consistent with his wonky teams, and that hard to read style should be able to push him to the next round.

(5) AuraRayquaza vs Mr.GX (12) - I'm a fan of Aray. He has definitely proven to be a top player over the past few months. I don't know what kind of training him and Emilio did with each other, but it definitely pushed Aray onto another level. As for Mr.GX, I've actually only seen him use a hard tr team and Suicune, so I don't think Aray will let himself be weak to either.

(6) Mint16 vs Mishimono (11) - Animus is such a good player, but lacks confidence. I would predict him to win here if I believed he thought he could win. Mishi played real well in the recent seasonal as well, scoring a second place and beating some of the best players to get there. Should be a good match, definitely one of the closer sets.

(7) lady lumps vs Croven (10) - Going to be honest, I think Stax just outclasses here. Croven is real good, but I haven't seen anything crazy out of him this year. Stax has one style and he doesn't ever switch from it, so if Croven can find a way to exploit that then he has a shot. But in the end, I think Stax is one of the few people who can take down Emilio, SMB, or Edu.

(8) MajorBowman vs Memoric (9) - I had a hard time with this one. Memoric is real good and has looked better at the moment. On top of that, Jake struggled in Snake and is real busy. However, I think Jake will work hard for this, and I really do feel he could make a good run in this tour given he has the right amount of time to prep.
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(1) SMB vs nvakna (16)
(2) emforbes vs AtmosphereVGC (15)
(3) EmbCPT vs Kaori (14)
(4) Demantoid vs The Cheesen One (13)
(5) AuraRayquaza vs Mr.GX (12)
(6) Mint16 vs Mishimono (11)
(7) lady lumps vs Croven (10)
(8) MajorBowman vs Memoric (9)

suuuuper hype tour, left side is stacked as heck. sadly edu and emi can't match in finals, but rooting for u both!
(1) SMB vs nvakna (16)
(2) emforbes vs AtmosphereVGC (15)
(3) EmbCPT vs Kaori (14)
(4) Demantoid vs The Cheesen One (13)
(5) AuraRayquaza vs Mr.GX (12)
(6) Mint16 vs Mishimono (11)
(7) lady lumps vs Croven (10)
(8) MajorBowman vs Memoric (9)


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2. emforbes vs 10. Croven - Highlight of the round for me, I'm picking what I think is somewhat of an upset because I'd usually favor emforbes, but Croven's been using solid teams that catch opponents off guard and piloting them well; I think he wins a close one fairly, loses a blowout, and steals a win, not necessarily in that order. (not just picking you because you asked to see predictions)
3. EmbCPT vs 6. Mint16 - Edu has the creativity and flexibility to prep more strongly for Mint than Mint will for him. I was impressed by Mint for the most part in his first round, but I think Edu has the edge in pretty much every area here. Certainly not one-sided, none of these are, but I think this one has more of a favorite than the seed differential would otherwise show.
5. AuraRayquaza vs 13. The Cheesen One - ARay looked more solid in the first round, but TCO had a tougher opponent to deal with so I don't want to rely on that too much. If I'm being entirely honest I rarely understand all of the plays ARay chooses to make but they tend to turn out well for him and his unique take on the meta that's made him the subject of some memes in the past makes him tough to pin down.
8. MajorBowman vs 16. nvakna - Going with the guy who I've seen sometime in the months between April and November, but after watching nvakna's three set wins so far I'm much less certain of this outcome than I would've been before seeing him. nvakna still knows how to play and his teams have never really been standard enough to make him struggle with metagame shifts - what's slightly more popular won't affect his building style as much, so missing out on a few months hasn't hurt him too badly. Still, MajorBowman is motivated to do well after a shaky Snake draft and I think he'll take this one.

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