Announcement 2018 Little Cup Tournament Circuit

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If you haven't already seen in this thread, the winner of the 2018 LC Tour circuit will win a ribbon for their badgeset. If you're interested in competing for this, there will be 6 tournaments to earn points in. At the end of the year, the top 16 point earners will move on to a best of three, double elimination bracket to determine the winner.

The schedule will be (roughly) as follows:
Spring Seasonal: February 18th - End of May
Swiss Tournament: March
Summer Seasonal: Start of June - End of August
LC Open: July - September
Fall Seasonal: Start of September - End of November
Single Elimination Tour: October
LC Championship Playoffs: Start December 1st

Single elimination tours will use this for scoring and double elimination tours will use this.

I'll post in this thread when tournament signups go live and after tournaments to update points. Best of luck to everyone!
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