2020-21 NBA Season

well, guess the rockets are finally dead; how the sixers whiffed on landing harden is anyone's guess lol.


edit2: this league has gone insane

outtakes: rockets swap harden for oladipo, fillers and 8 picks (bucks 2022, nets 2022, 2024 and 2026, swap rights to the nets 2021, 2023, 2025, 2027 all unprotected), pacers deal oladipo for levert and almost 4 years of team control, cavs get their likely future center in jarrett allen and eat a filler salary in taurean prince, and the nets get to see whether three ball-dominant score-first superstars can effectively co-exist.
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I don't think they're dead tbh. They seem like a perfect candidate to be like the Thunder from last year. Plus, Oladipo and John Wall seems like a okayish core. So it doesn't look all that bad imo. But the thing is, are the Rockets going to make the pieces they have fit together...
well yeah, the rockets can be a playoff team obviously (wall and oladipo fit together sneakily well, wood is phenomenal, the bench might start clicking if they realign to play more shooters), and it works for them to keep the push going since they owe this year's first to okc anyhow. but in the macro-sense, they're dead, the harden era is over and whatever window they have is closed, and honestly, they're kind of obligated to bottom out after this year (the alternative is committing to competing for the play-ins with wall and wood, only to watch them walk in 2023 and leave the team destitute just as sam presti swings by to collect the picks he was promised for westbrook, honestly this timeline couldn't have lined up any better for okc if they'd scripted it). that said; feels weird that the harden era is over in houston for good, the western conference and the league as a whole won't be the same.

side note; its kinda annoying to see that it took barely a year after the warriors broke up we're back to the superteam era. not sure whether this is the equilibrium state now or whether it's possible for some sort of long-term parity to be restored, even artificially (don't want to have to debate the lakers fans but it's definitely unhealthy and destabilising for players to force their way to big markets and build loaded rosters that conventional teambuilding methods can't compete with).
From the 2017-18 season to the 2019-20 season, the trio of John Wall, Victor Oladipo, and Dante Exum played a grand total of 294 regular season games out of a possible 694. Here's hoping they stay healthy for the Rockets...


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well, guess the rockets are finally dead; how the sixers whiffed on landing harden is anyone's guess lol.
I personally didn't want Harden. Dude's a problem. Besides, Sixers look pretty good so far. Our first loss was on the back end of a back-to-back where Embiid didn't play, and then the other three there were COVID shenanigans happening. I don't think we've played a good team at full strength yet but I'm very pleased with our rotation.

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