2021 smogoff rands (BAD END: EVERYONE LOST)


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enjoying the heat one last time as summer ends (in the hemisphere of relevance). a friend got me the entire king crimson discography for my birthday and this is my favorite among them so far. thank you for reading my blog

It's september 11th and everyone knows what that means. Yep, it's been exactly 1 year since the 2020 inaugural smogoff randbats tour! just in time for the next one :)

The zany twist this time is that you can now choose among any gen 1-8 randbat format for your challenges (no repeats). coin toss the first one if you can't decide and then it's loser's choice thereon.

As per tradition, games will be best of 5. the tour is single elimination. post in here to sign up (and only post if you're going to play. don't flake). let's freaking go! Replays not required but always welcomed

Winner receives the same type of user banner that pokeblade101 has. Godspeed and good luck.

post In to enter!!
signups end a week from now or whenever we get a sexy power of 2.
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