CAP 2021 Summer Seasonals - Round 8


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2021 CAP Summer Seasonal

Winner's bracket:

 vs  SHSP
crying  vs  arn.av136

Loser's bracket:

 vs  Dj Breloominati♬
Maxouille vs snake_rattler

1st: 16 points
2nd: 13 points
3rd: 11 points
4th: 10 points
5th-6th: 9 points
7th-8th: 8 points
9th-12th: 7 points
13th-16th: 6 points
17th-24th: 5 points
25th-32nd: 4 points
33rd-48th: 3 points
49th-64th: 2 points
65th-96th: 1 points

  • This is a standard SS CAP tournament.
  • The format is best of three, double elimination.
  • Changing teams in between matches is allowed.
  • You are required to post your replays.
  • All Smogon tournament rules apply.
  • Any change in tiering will not take effect until the following round.
  • Matches must be played on Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours.
  • Please use this guide while scheduling with your opponent.

Round 6 will end Sunday, August 1st at 11:59pm GMT-3.

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