2022 Spring Scramble! Top Cut Round 5


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You can see the bracket in its entirety AND view open teamlist on the tournament spreadsheet, located here. Here's the pairings for round 5

Winners Finals
vs ToastNoButter

Losers Semi-Finals
vs DarkJorch

Losers Finals
ToastNoButter vs Clipperz

The Deadline for Winners Finals & Losers Semi-Finals will be Tuesday the 28th
Losers Finals will have a deadline of Sunday the 3rd

These are very generous deadlines, get them done
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Mish Mish
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Welcome back to my predictions, its down to top 8! Last week i got 5/6 predictions correctly, becoming a Mystic that I am B-)

We are now down to TOP 4!

Winners Finals
InkVGC vs ToastNoButter - hard to choose on this one but INK has not lost any set this Scramble! , so if we're going with the storyline then InkVGC is going for the golden road.

Losers Semi-Finals
Clipperz vs DarkJorch - The Scramble! Top 3 Rematch is now playing in Top 4 with 2 different teams , Jorch had Clipperz's number before but again , this is different.

Losers Finals
Loser of Ink & Toast
vs Winner of Clipp & Jorch - If prediction goes right its gonna be a runback between Toast & Clipperz and we have seen the story before and I dont think it would be different

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