2022 Spring Scramble! Top Cut


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Spreadsheet is here, be sure to tab over to the Top Cut bracket page


Congratulations to the 28 players who are moving on to the Top Cut of the 2022 Spring Scramble!!

They are as follows:
1. InkVGC
2. Clipperz
3. ToastNoButter
4. Roversombra
5. Crunchman
6. DarkJorch
7. Mr.GX
8. Hervalt
9. Yourwelcomethanku
10. raisedintyo
11. Spurrific
12. Snorlaxsmash
13. DomarpVGC
14. TyphoeusVGC
15. KarthikVGC
16. WheretheWest
17. mattiemoomoo
18. darkmaster491
19. TechnoZ
20. Arekusabi
21. YoshiandLugia
22. Yale_
23. TemporalVGC
24. radical.fruit
25. Sole Survivor
26. Finabas
27. Maxijuegas
28. Helios of Sun

I would like to once again thank zee , Jashsmash and yuki for helping this tournament run so smoothly through the use of Smogon forums, and to our assistant TO's in Aldrich and EclipseOwlVGC for helping!

We will begin the Team Locking process. From the time this post goes live, all 28 players will have until Sunday May 22nd at 11:59pm GMT+-0 to submit their team for Top Cut using the following Google Form:

Top Cut Team Locking Form

Any player who has not submitted a team before the end of the Team Lock deadline will receive a Game 1 Loss in Round 1 of Top Cut, and an additional loss for each day that you are late submitting. So if you are 4 days late submitting your team, that is 4 game losses which is an elimination from the Top Cut bracket. You can resubmit your team as many times as you would like up until the end of the Team Locking Process, we will take whatever is the most recent submission as your official lock. It is highly suggested that you lock in a team immediately, just to ensure you don't forget, remember, you can change as many times as you like before the deadline.
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