1v1 2023 1v1 Circuit Championship [Won by DripLegend]

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Welcome to the fourth 1v1 Circuit Championship! The top 16 1v1 players of the year worked hard to reach this point, and now the best of them will receive the 1v1 Circuit Champion banner and their choice between a custom avatar, a disabled username, or a color change courtesy of PS staff! Final standings of the 1v1 Circuit can be found here.

Tournament Rules:

Squirtell 1v1 (1) vs Urfgurgle (16)
delemon (2) vs Baleblaze (15)
DripLegend (3) vs Go greeninja (14)
mrextrazy (4) vs DEG (13)
LittEleven (5) vs Mishlef (12)
lolebruh (6) vs Itchy (11)
gorilaa (7) vs XanderUrBoi (10)
bo_bobson27 (8) vs cold illusions (9)
Round Three:


 vs  Itchy
mrextrazy  vs  delemon
XanderUrBoi  vs  Mishlef
 vs gorilaa
Squirtell 1v1 (1) vs Urfgurgle (16)
DripLegend (3) vs DEG (13)
mrextrazy (4) vs Mishlef (12)
lolebruh (6) vs cold illusions (9)
DripLegend (3) vs Urfgurgle (16)
cold illusions (9) vs Mishlef (12)


(3) vs cold illusions (9)

The deadline is Sunday, February 11th at 11:59 PM GMT-5
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Round 1 Predictions: (Happy New Year!!)

Squirtell vs Urfgurgle
Delemon vs Baleblze
DripLegend vs Go greeninja
mrextrazy vs DEG
vs Mishelf
lolebruh vs Itchy
gorilaa vs XanderUrBoi
bo_bobson27 vs cold illusion


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happy new yeAR

Squirtell 1v1 vs Urfgurgle (mainer vs non-mainer dilemma)
delemon vs Baleblaze (blah blah blah something something he's not washed i forgot honestly i'm just obligated to always bold baleblaze)
DripLegend vs Go greeninja (realistically)
mrextrazy vs DEG (i lowkey kinda feel bad for mrex since after the majors win he's fallen off, but i still think he got a chance at redemption here)
LittEleven vs Mishlef (i have not seen litteleven play sv since pl)
lolebruh vs Itchy (pretty sure these two already played in masters, we'll just have to see how the new dlc treats them)
gorilaa vs XanderUrBoi (same thing i said above but even more important and stuff)
bo_bobson27 vs cold illusions (pg is kinda similar to mrex for me, maybe a one-hit wonder but he's got all of india to back him up so we'll see)
bo_bobson27 vs cold illusion (both are my goats but I think cold is winning, Lmk if you want any help with test games or building @Pg I'd be glad to help)


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squirtell v urf hate having to pick a side but squirtells had more involvement with SV and had a demon LT run asw as getting second in masters
delemon v bale not as onesided as one would seem. obvious to favor the defending champ but bale is a strong player and had a great showing in WC despite not rly being super involved in the tier before that. definitely looking forward to watching this
mrex v deg deg's had a hotstreak lately (two rings in a year ok bud) so hard to not bold him even tho mrex got a trophy this year as well
litt v mish idrk how to gauge this one, def a hyperventilation sesh prob slightly leaning litt tho 60/40
lolebruh v itchy lolebruh won an indiv and itchy hasn't rip ;w;
bo bub v pg this is bo's series to lose rly i think he has the upperhand in most aspects just needs 2 follow through
Round 2:


cold illusions  vs  Itchy
DEG  vs  gorilaa
DripLegend vs  Mishlef
Squirtell 1v1  vs  delemon


LittEleven  vs  mrextrazy
 vs  Go greeninja
bo_bobson27  vs  Urfgurgle
lolebruh  vs  Baleblaze


The deadline is Sunday, January 14th at 11:59 PM GMT-5
The deadline for extensions is Wednesday, January 10th at 11:59 PM GMT-5

Meloetta, Cinderace, and Necrozma will be banned for this round and future rounds. There was a mistake in the OP saying the tour as a whole is locked, when it is supposed to say the meta will be locked for each week. This is now fixed.
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