Monotype 2023 Monotype Spring Seasonals - Round Three (Losers' Bracket)

calling act, I started to schedule after my extend to avoid problem, my oppo want to play at 4without even telling me his gmt, I proposed him thursday but he never responded, and texting me this night to tell me that he can play today, i was waiting him during all day long ... guess who never showed up ? thanks !


come on barbie
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Cherbou  vs  Jojo8868
jeza.p  vs  Perc Angle
TeamCharm  vs  wkxkevin
style.css  vs  Drakiwi

Extensions (please get these done by Wednesday, February 1st at 11:59pm gmt-5):
MTB  vs  Plunder
Pajamazz  vs  ShadowSheep

Attribute  vs  tier
SpeedyBlu  vs  Milo
Nick  vs  TheSerotoninVibes
shadowtime2000  vs  King Billu
Presidentialfist  vs  ADF Test
Daruma  vs  bob le plombier
Kaguya Lys  vs  Rex69
jcbc  vs  Hax Believer
Toy Time King  vs  Vonols
Trouser Snakes  vs  Perish Song
SiceXV  vs  velvet

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