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We're here to announce the 2023 Ubers circuit! The circuit is a collection of individual tournaments spread throughout the year with varying classifications, generations, with and formats all coming together to allow players to earn points for the final showdown - the Ubers Championship, where the top 16 performers will battle to earn the Ubers Ribbon (
)! This ribbon displays on a user's profile complete with hover text to showcasing their achievement as the top Ubers player of 2023. This thread will also give information on the details behind the tournaments that have been revamped from 2022.

Tournament Name | Classification - Signups Start Date - Expected Finals Date (host)

2023 Ubers Tournament Schedule

Winter (January / February)
Ubers Winter Seasonal VIII | Type A - January 9th - April 16th - Hosted by Theia
RBY Ubers Tournament II | Type C - January 23rd - February 26th - Hosted by Takatk

Spring (March / April / May)

Ubers Classic VII | Type B Playoffs (Bo5) - hosted by keys
(March 6th - June 4th)

USM Ubers Cup IV - March 6th - Hosted by LBN
ORAS Ubers Cup VI - March 13th- Hosted by Drifting
BW2 Ubers Cup VII - March 13th- Hosted by Frozoid
DPP Ubers Cup VII - March 20th- Hosted by Fc
ADV Ubers Cup VII - March 20th- Hosted by LBDC

Ubers Ladder Tournament V | Type A - April 10th - May 21st - Hosted by 7u9i2

Ubers Open IX | Type A - May 8th - July 9th - Hosted by Eledyr

DPP Farceus Tour | Type C - May 22nd - July 2nd - Hosted by Seldanna

Summer (June / July / August)

Homefield Advantage V | Type B - June 19th - August 6th - Hosted by Theia
Ubers Summer Seasonal VIII | Type A - July 17th - October 29th - Hosted by Frozoid
Flying Economy III | Type C - July 31st - September 17th - Hosted by Lasen
SS Cup I | Type C - August 14th - September 25th - Hosted by MTB

Autumn (September / October / November)

Ubers Retro Cup II | Type C - September 4th - October 15th - Hosted by MTB
Ubers Pentathlon VII | Type B - October 2nd - November 19th - Hosted by Theia
GSC Ubers Cup III | Type C - October 16th - November 27th - Hosted by SparksBlade
Last Chance Qualifier No Johns | Type B - November 6th - December 3rd - GeniusFromHoenn

Ubers Championship V
(hosted by keys)

Ubers Team Tournaments
(Participation doesn't earn circuit points)

Ubers Premier League XI - starting in Mid May - Hosted by Theia
Ubers Winter League III - starting January 2024 - Hosted by Eledyr
Ubers Generations Team Tournament - starting September 18th - GeniusFromHoenn

Note that some dates may be subject to change.

Visual Spreadsheet of Schedule


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Changes from 2022 to 2023 circuit
Quite a few tournaments were shifted back a week or two, just giving more room overall for the larger restructures. Ubers Ladder Tournament was moved much earlier to start before Ubers Open and conclude within the early rounds, allowing for more meta development and less overlap between early cycles of ULT with more participants and later rounds of Ubers Open.

Ubers Live Tours have been removed due to a lack of participants as well as a small number of hosts, making running the tournament difficult for little payoff due to low turnout most weeks. Instead of this, due to its lack of representation outside of homefield, SS Ubers Cup is making its first appearance in the circuit as a type C tournament to keep SS involved.

Ubers World Cup has been removed from the circuit this year. There have been logistical issues with regions during both editions, and with it being an inherently imbalanced tour we figured it was the best one to be removed as to not overwhelm the schedule. With ubers being in SCL, having 2 ubers subforum team tours, and UGTT, we figured trying to cut down the team tour load this year would be valid to try.

Finally, UWTT has a new name! Not a change, but "ubers winter team tournament" doesn't exactly flow, so it's now Ubers Winter League.

Tournament Information (Type A)
Seasonals: Large double elimination tournaments that feature the current generation of Ubers. Straightforward and simple.

Ladder Tournament: This tournament aims to give exposure to both upcoming players and veterans alike by having them compete to the top of the leaderboard on the Ubers Showdown ladder on newly made accounts. There will be 2 cycles, where the top 8 from both of them will enter a single elimination bracket to earn circuit points.

Ubers Open: Large single elimination tournament that is a part of the official Smogon Grand Slam, netting points for Grand Slam playoffs as well as the Ubers circuit.

Tournament Information (Type B)
Classic: A tournament featuring five single elimination cups of old generation (USM / ORAS / BW2 / DPP / ADV) Ubers. The individual cups will not give points and will instead be scored in the form of a playoffs run, where those that make it in compete in a best of five series for Type B points.

Pentathlon: A Bo5 featuring the main older generations: USM / ORAS / BW2 / DPP / ADV. The loser of the first match, which is fixed to USM unless both players agree to a different generation, will then decide on the next generation to be played. All 5 generations must be played in a series, so there can be no repeats.

Homefield Advantage: Players sign up with a generation of their choice for a Bo3 single elimination tournament, with the first game locked to SS Ubers. The loser of that game then plays their opponent in the generation they signed up with - giving the "homefield advantage".

Last Chance Qualifier No Johns: A fast paced tournament with short deadlines featuring the current generation of Ubers.

Tournament Information (Type C)
RBY Ubers: A shorter type C tournament including RBY ubers. It will be best of 3, single elimination, and will represent the lesser played oldest metagame.

DPP Farceus Tournament: After being removed from the tier, this single elimination tournament gives players a chance to gain points from the DPP metagame where Arceus is legal.

Flying Economy: A tournament based on strategically building teams with limited "credits" to spend on high value Pokemon, rewarding smart teambuilding and creativity within the current generation.

Ubers Retro Cup: A best of 3 single elimination tournament featuring generations 1-3 of Ubers, hoping to give the oldest 3 more exposure and play in our circuit.

SS Ubers Cup: A best of 3 single elimination tournament played in generation 8 ubers, giving some representation for the generation in our circuit.

GSC Ubers Cup: After a year break to give RBY chances at a tournament, GSC Ubers Cup is back as a type C best of 3 single elimination tournament to represent our second oldest generation.

More Type Cs may be added as the year goes on!

Type A: Tournaments given a signficant weight in the circuit, with around one per season of the year. Doing well in Type A tournaments will be of the greatest help to a budding Championship contender.

Type B: Tournaments that tend to feature older generations of Ubers and can offer alternative metagames to gain circuit points in. Some Type B tournaments may still feature the current generation, but in a less weighted way than equivalent Type A tournaments. Successful play in Type B tournaments is still a good way to get extra points for entry to the Ubers Championship.

Type C: Type C tournaments aim to be a catch-all for tournaments in our circuit that feature Ubers play at its core. Live tournaments and other tournaments created with little advance warning such as a suspect tournament are also likely to be classed as Type C. Unofficial formats, ideas, and metagames may feature here. Type C tournaments should be seen as a small bonus towards a Championship run.


Our circuit will need hosts to run the tournaments! Those looking to contribute to Ubers via tournament hosting should enquire with the Ubers moderation team. Contributors are eligible for the "Tournaments Contributor" role in the Ubers Discord as well as the Pre-Contributor / Community Contributor badges on Smogon if done consistently well.
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re: Hugo Barrington

Hugo Barrington has self-reported to being involved in ghosting during previous editions of UPL and Most Wanted. Since these tournaments happened over a year ago and it was self-reported the punishment will be lighter than a normal ghosting incident, and he will be banned from the Ubers circuit until the closing of signups for our next team tournament in January 2024, as well as infracted for unsportsmanlike conduct.
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