NOC 2d3 Mafia - Game Over, Town Win!

Page 1-2 thoughts:
Viper does appear to foreshadow a Hal push right before the game begins. Dusk touches on this point and puts a vote on him.
Heal claims VT, some people say they think it's genuine, you already know how I feel about that. With the Heal flip though, this part does seem to hold some significance. Scum wouldn't attack Heal if they thought he was telling the truth. This does make me think that Texas and Nuxl are more likely to be town as a result but there's an element of WIFOM to be had about that.
Hal asks about scum having daytalk which is a bit odd. The fact that this is on his mind would hint towards him being scummy and the previous games I've played with him are evidence of this. Town Hal has no reason to do this pretty sure... then again, Scum Hal should ask privately.
Heal talks about Hal being crazy as well but there's a key difference between how he talks about it and how Viper talks about it. Heal only comments on what Hal has already done this game while Viper talks about how he is likely to be paranoid by Hal's future actions.
IFML voices his concern over the day 1 VT claim. He also says he is likely to be rusty. While this isn't entirely AI, it could be forming an excuse for a future mislynch.
At the end of these pages, Hal and Viper look bad while Nuxl looks good. Everybody else (that is still alive) is null.

Page 3 thoughts:
Hal attempts to wagon Viper without providing a reason as to why. This combined with his previous behaviour about daytalk is particularly shady.
Nuxl puts in effort to find out what everybody is and voices his thoughts on the game fairly regularly. Hal claims that he saw Nuxl go through previous games for player meta info. This would suggest that Nuxl's efforts are genuine.
Viper retaliates to the wagon on him by voting Hal for not explaining his reasoning. There are however a few things in his post which don't make sense.
the bias post was half a meme and half me pointing out that
1) hal has a good scum game
2) i know hal well outside of this game
3) hal has done smth that he did in his last scum game and that seems sus

also if you think getting hal out is easy idk what is going on in ur brain lol. he will kick and scream until you get your vote off him lmao
Viper claims that his posts about reading Hal as scum all game was a half meme and half pointing out 3 facts about Hal that we can hardly infer from his post.
is no1 else a little put off by these posts?? he has not once given reasoning most of this stuff only thing i think he gave reasoning for was a nuxl town read
The tone here is that of "It is obvious this person is scum and you're all idiots for not noticing". I have learned that this tone is not a town tone.
an excuse for what? i never said that i would be reading him as scum purely because of a different game i said that since i know how he plays i will be on the lookout for it
While technically correct, it is a bit shady that Viper would talk about his paranoia then backtrack on it like this. Viper is raising suspicion against Hal then distancing himself from these suspicions.
At the end of this Viper looks very bad. My position on Hal has not changed as a result but it would be a bit weird if both Viper and Hal were scum at this point (despite something I said earlier)

Page 4 thoughts:
Neither of these three things will happen. But if you vote heal I might join you.
Hal has started making deals. This is exactly what happened last game I played. It is very likely that my vote pool is going to consist of Hal and Viper by the end of this. I think one of them is scum for sure right now.
Heal makes a post vocalising his thoughts then Hal votes for him immediately afterwards without giving a reason.
IFML posts a read list. The read list makes sense for the game's developments thus far. I am a slight town lean on Dusk at this point but it's foggy.
Hal changes his vote to IFML which indicates a trend. Hal seems to vote anybody who mentions that he might be scum. Bit weird.
IFML seems more towny to me at this stage. Hal and Viper are still where my attention is.

Page 5 thoughts:
Texas gets a read on IFML but does not explain it. A wagon builds on IFML for being overly defensive. IFML seems to defend Heal a bit and I don't really see anything wrong with this.

Page 6 thoughts:
Hal tries to stop the wagon on IFML due to a "god read" on IFML. He changes to Heal. This may be jumping to conclusions but I think that this may be scum Hal pushing for a potential mislynch on a power role. Heal was killed in the previous cycle and this to me feels like evidence of a player thinking Heal's a pr. Again, may be jumping.
Hal vs Viper resumes with both of them still looking shady.

Gonna take a small break now then resume on Page 7. Feel free to poke at everything I've said. Right now Hal and Viper are my two biggest scum candidates but I think only one of them is scum. My biggest suspicion is Hal.
Vote: Hal
Nuxl is almost definitely town... either that or really good scum.
No sorry, which of my posts indicated that?
the wagon is: texas, heal, apricity, caffeine, you.

if you TR texas/apricity based on the past page, obviously TR yourself, and are neutral/"i'm not sure on caffeine" then this suggests you must believe that there can potentially be 2 scum outside of this wagon

Why are you asking me to tunnel?

this is not what i implied, it was moreso annoyance to the fact that at EoD i was hard town read, then became SRd -> "im not sure" -> SLd -> "not confident on either of these are scum" within literally the past 2 pages

but i'll let you think this out; you're not even creating pressure on those who you think are scum as well

Not a chance imo.
so start thinking and figure this out
fixing quotes

Why are you asking me to tunnel?
this is not what i implied, it was moreso annoyance to the fact that at EoD i was hard town read, then became SRd -> "im not sure" -> SLd -> "not confident on either of these are scum" within literally the past 2 pages

but i'll let you think this out; you're not even creating pressure on those who you think are scum as well

so start thinking and figure this out
this apricity vote bothers me because this is a vote caffeine made at when he admittedly is at the 7th page of the game lol
i don't think texas is pushing a wagon here
but i think dusk no longer feels strongly about apricity

That's L-1 for hal now, even if he was confirmed town, which he isn't it's a waste for him to not add to discussion.
you suggest a policy, but then this whole quote implies you no longer strongly feel that apricity is a TR for you, which feels contradictory to someone you scumread to policy them

what changed on your thoughts on apricity?
Page 7:
Duskfall states that he doesn't think that Heal is VT and starts to think that Heal isn't scummy enough to warrant further investigation lest he is forced to reclaim as a power role. In the context of the N1 kill, this actually implicates Dusk a decent amount as it shows what I think is a scum mindset trying to figure out the wifom behind the VT claim (the wifom being in his own head). Dusk also fails to present much of an opinion on other players who have shown a variety of playstyles. He's definitely been active enough to have just a small idea on who's what.
Texas and IFML have another interaction which seems a bit bland on Texas's behalf. He hasn't said all that much in his posts thus far and seems to not care for IFML's responses. This may just be due to Texas's tiredness though.
At the end of this, I'm actually going to suggest that Duskfall is very likely to be scum. He hasn't provided many opinions on other players despite showing obvious activity and/or lurking. He accuses me but does so in a way that makes it easy for him to deny it if I get mislynched.

Page 8:
Texas returns and provides a very solid post indicating that he is probably the town Texas I saw in Greek Myth Mafia. He states a potential slip up that IFML has made and chases it.
Some Heal vs Viper action and Viper does come off a bit worse from it. His responses are fairly weak as he continues to backtrack on what he said about his paranoia.

Page 9:
Mainly the Nuxl show tbh. My opinion on him does not change. He's attacking with solid arguments and discussing reasonably and that's good.
The wagon shifts to Hal and I can't really comment on that since I do think Hal is amongst the top 3 most likely scum candidates number 2 will shock you.

Page 10:
I've noticed that Hal tends to ask people for reasons as to why they think something yet says he has a reason himself. This is a pretty weak argument for scum Hal since I do think Hal is capable of coming up with actual reasons to falsely accuse somebody and seem genuine but it's worth noting. I could be wrong. He seems to be quizzing people about stuff he should be quizzed on.
Duskfall is on me a bit which I guess is fair. Still think he's probably scum looking for an easy mislynch this cycle given the previous context.

Page 11:
honestly though, dusk and nuxl are echoing my posts so much this game. if you are scumreading me and townreading the other two you need to do a hard stop and reevaluate what the fuck you're doing this game
Anyways I'll sheep a viper/caffeine vote, whichever one is more popular. At this point I'm happy enough to hammer viper too because he hasn't done anything to change my mind since the start of the game.
Distancing despite being fairly on me and Viper earlier.
vote caffeineboost
This immediately follows it which may indicate a coordinated attack on me. This does make sense from my POV since both Dusk and Hal are in my scum pool.
Most of this page though is just memes and vote counts.

So my current pool for people I think are scum are:
  1. Hal
  2. Duskfall
  3. Viper
Nuxl is hard town, Texas is town lean, IFML is null but basically a town lean due to the confidence I have in my scum pool. I am convinced that they're both in there.

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