NOC 2d3 Mafia - Postgame (Mafia Win)

I like how panic posted the link that one time like it solved anything, I thought it was an hour ish away caff made me check again to be sure.

I'm not especially happy with any of these wagons. I don't like lynching D1 Haruno for being D1 Haruno but like, I get it. I also don't like lynching Laurel for like, policy I guess? Just the kind of behavior that's easy to brush off of you get wrong.

I think BGB joining the laurel wagon because it's "safe" is the one that tips me off the most

vote bgb


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Votecount whereisevery.1
Haruno [2]: Celever, realiti
Laurel [2]: Haruno, BGB
bluegummybear [2]: Panic Station, Blazade
Panic Station [1]: CaffeineBoost

since we're not getting any votecounts for a bit.

I'm currently regretting a chicken tikka madras and the fact that over half the playerbase isn't here makes me a sad panda.

I thought it was an hour ish away caff made me check again to be sure.

SLI- hang on...
Ok this is admittedly more interesting. These conclusions aren't so obvious to me, what led you to them?
The isn't much heat between the two on Laurel's Side. But on Panic side, there is at least some heat even if it's coming from one side of the spectrum.

realiti votes Haruno

Haruno looks like they are soft bussing/distancing from panic. Don't recall much on Panic side. But Who knows

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