NOC 2d3 Mafia - Postgame (Mafia Win)

Hatenna (AKA Haruno) has died in the night.
Hello Haruno, welcome to the game! You are Hatenna.:ss/hatenna:
Your role is a Town Doctor.
Heal Pulse: Each night phase, you may target a player. That player will be protected from one kill that night.
Alignment and Wincon:
You are Town. You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Day 2 Begins! Here's the timer:

Tagging remaining players:
CaffeineBoost realiti Laurel Blazade LittEleven Celever bluegummybear
First order of business, we have two questions for four players:

realiti Laurel LittEleven Celever where were you :psycry:

and what do you think about the events that transpired during your absence?
question 1: I was asleep :]

question 2: I think the events that transpired during my absence were very cool because as a result there's probably one scum in Laurel, Litt and realiti and I TR realiti so I think we win

Vote Litt hi
All PRs have posted their actions, i'm p sure it's ok to end night early like this but tell me if there's a problem

Also I think it's fine in this case because it was long enough but this can only be done sparingly because it can cause activity angleshoots. Like if you had resolved night early only an hour after deadline, it basically would have cleared realiti, laurel, Litt and I since none of us would have been able to sub the kill and probably wouldn't suddenly arrive right after deadline (esp me since it was early hours of the morning in UK)

But it was what like 16 hours? That's fine


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blaz probably pretty hard town since there's nothing stopping a PS self preserve scumclaim when 3 people are off since plur would be secured regardless of actions

caff is only smth to think about in lylo, but there's enough red flags i think with manner of play to not make this a hard clear in the same sense; though those are worlds for people in lylo to analyse

i haven't read enough of content to make active judgements, i'll retract hal/realiti spewread but i think it's like somewhat selling and it should be difficult to interact with hal situation from ps pov as a w/w

i'd be glad if cel flipped scum but i'm unsold atm on [who scum is], just poe


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narrative wise i don't think PS was foiling for someone, or setting up someone else's gameplay intentionally; rather vibing with thread so i don't think their reads on stuff are of as much value to solve so i'll stay a bit hedgy
but from that pov it's really hard to think w!caff is a thing too especially because PS's gameplay does not line up with a high postcount scum partner, which is nice i guess?

should've just self preserved but is a decent throw to not i think, i'd rule that wagon as pure even though there was no self pres or an attempt

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