2k Threads are a pain in the ass (a 2k thread)

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Hello and welcome to my 2k thread. I’ve always wanted to write one, ever since I checked out Heysup’s 3K thread, but when I actually started working on it I realized that they are a massive pain in the ass.

Here's a brief history of my time on Smogon.

I heard of Smogon shortly before DP was released in the US, although I wasn’t really interested in the site because competitive pokemon confused me at the time. (I just couldn’t sit myself down and get into it) My friends did get into competitive Pokemon and I had no choice but to tag along. I still didn't care about Smogon and I was sorta mad that Garchomp got banned (its super cool) Eventually, my friends got bored of Pokemon and moved onto CoD (typical) I on the other hand stayed because I fell in love with game. Teambuilding, battling... it was so fun! I wanted to join up ASAP! I heard from Gamefaqs that it was a “scary place” and it was ruled by power hungry mods. I didn’t believe any of that and plunged right in. Smogon was (and still is) an awesome forum and I spent hours (and I still do!) browsing the site and uselessly memorizing every analysis. The analysis’ on this site are amazing and it’s the prime reason why I considered Smogon significantly better than Serebii at the time. However things went downhill shortly after I joined. I just didn’t “get it.” I was new to posting on forums (I rarely posted on gamefaqs & other forums) and I didn’t have the proper forum ettiquette. To put it bluntly, I was a naive and arrogant as well as a major noob. I posted a lot (and I mean A LOT) and before I knew it, I had 667 posts in less than a year. I knew that wasn’t normal but I couldn’t help myself I was addicted to Smogon. My posting etiquette got me bad rep and it sucked, but I didn’t really care. I didn’t “want” to be a part of the community anyway (initially) Things went up when I got on the shoddy leaderboard, but nothing progressed from there. I wasn’t really much of a battler (Today I’m still not that good) I was still the same lousy with a big mouth and limited knowledge of the metagame. I was just about to quit Smogon altogether when I finally clicked on the IRC tab (out of sheer curiousity) I didn’t “know” what IRC was at the time so I was curious to try it out before quitting Smogon. Things started to pick up after I downloaded mIRC and I integrated myself with the community. IRC was like a eutopia, and #stark was an awesome community where you could learn about competitive Pokemon and chat with others who shared your passion. I learned more about Pokemon on IRC in a day than I did spending a month reading Smogon threads. Its THAT GOOD. No longer did I have to talk to people via forums or Shoddy, I could do it daily on IRC! If it wasn’t for IRC, I’d still be the grubby noob I was way back then. My personality hasn’t changed much and i'm still somewhat arrogant and annoying but my forum etiquette has improved tremendously.

I told myself that my XK thread gimmick would be to mention everyone on my friend list, and some more! (Thats over 100 shout outs!) It took me 3 days and 3 nights, but I finally finished it! Grab some popcorn, a comfy couch and some your favourite song and relax while you read (or skim read) this entire thread.

Keep in mind I didn’t proofread any of this so expect a ton of grammatical mistakes. You'll also notice that I reuse a lot of the same words / phrases. (Bad habit!) Also, if I could give everyone Smogon a shout out I would. If you feel like getting a shout out, feel free to leave a post about it.

Edit: I'll even slowly edit some people in! (tired atm)

A2ZOMG: You barely post on Smogon, but I remember you being a solid Smash Bros player and a good debater.

Aerrow: Awesome username, awesome battler and an awesome guy in general. We've had some fun building a BW UU hail team but I think we should go for something bigger & better. I like how you wanted me on your SPL team (I wasn't anything special though XD)

Ala: AKA the super sub who won the Sharks their trophy. (j/k) A funny person and an awesome guy in general. I feel bad for calling you out in that suspect thread a while back but thats ancient history now. One of the few people I know who joined Smogon in 2004.

Alan: The one & only Breloom! It’s a shame you quit pokemon and IRC because I enjoyed your presence. Hopefully you’ll re-ignite that love for pokemon someday.

Alchemator: A friendly person and dedicated mod to Smeargle studios. It was nice having you around on IRC and your “farewell” post spooked me. Its okay though since you’re back and livelier than ever. I gotta say though, you seem like you’re waaaay older than you actually are.

Aldaron: One of the biggest influences I had on Smogon. The person who gave me my badge. I’ve got massive respect for you and it sucks that you left Smogon. Although, Wishmakr’s an awesome site.


Ace Matador: A fellow BIGS member, crazy, abrasive and a solid Pokemon battler. Despite popular belief, he’s actually a level headed person and he gives good advice. I respect you as a person, and I definitely want to prove myself to you one day though!

Annoying Old Party Man: Who are you again? (J/K) I remember getting into a ton of arguments with you in the NU megathread dude. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure I was in the wrong 90% and you were a cool guy. I preferred your old username.

Armed Fro: Sorry, I can’t remember anything about you.

Atticus: Its Atticus, a fellow BIGS member and Canadian extraordinaire. A very cool guy in general, I could instantly recognize you as a really good battler but very approachable. You know... you should do a bunch of Youtube Pokemon battle narrations! J/K... partially. I love that classic Garchomp avatar.

sugust: The guy who made a UU team with Articuno and peaked with a #1 ranking on Shoddy. How could I NOT mention you? I remember you frequented IRC in the past but you disappeared at one point and I haven’t seen you since. You should definitely come back!

Bad Ass: Channel head of #underused and a long time friend. You were always an awesome guy to talk to on IRC and a remember battling you a ton in DP UU, OU (most of the time I got my grass kicked) Your Eo X Cicada erotic story was amazing, I’m eagerly awaiting a sequel. I haven’t seen you in a while though, and BW UU just started. Where did you go dude?!?

Ballabrown24: Despite the stupid as fuck username and you not liking me very much, I do respect you as a player. Contrary the popular belief he’s not as “punkish” as he leads on and he's not“CSB & lolumad” type of guy. I don’t get why acts that way nor do I get why he lacks to ladder so much. (4 hours of laddering is too LONG!) Also you hang out in #genvuu which makes you cool in my books.
PS: Pttp was a better username!

Bharmalam: A nice person who I don’t see often. If I ever make a team with Tropius, I promise to name it after you.

Bloo: One of my closest friends on Smogon, Bloo’s a really awesome guy. He’s an ace who can do pretty much anything! A top notch QC member, a solid battler, a tutor, smog contributer, GP checker(?)... the list goes on. Bloo has helped me out a ton with my QC checks wouldn’t be a fraction as good if wasn’t for Bloo. He's also tested a bunch of BW teams and has actually gotten pretty damn high on leaderboard with them. (score) We’re going to finish QC checking the gen 5 subforum and we will do it... for madden.

Bluewind: Another person who frequented #underused and a longtime friend. One of the first people who rated my UU team, I knew you as the "Perry the Platypus guy." Hands down one of the best DP UU players in the entire forum. It’s a shame I never got to play you much though, I wanted to test my skills against yours. I still can’t get over the staggering amount of tournament wins you have under your belt. You also made it to finals of the ST11 which says a lot about you. Man you gotta start playing BW UU, I can’t wait!

Bologo: Canadian extraordinaire, although I rarely see you on Smogon. The first time I actually noticed you was when you posted that Deoxys-D thread a looooong time ago. Its too bad that never went anywhere. I’m super jealous of your Final Fantasy project, since when could you do anything cool at school?

Bugmaniacbob: I’ve never seen someone with more detailed and beautifully written Pokemon analysis'. Your dedication to bug Pokemon is inspiring and also I massively appreciate your 5th gen OU index thread. Its extremely useful and I like how you update it frequently. You also have an awesome art thread, although it’s a shame you haven’t updated. Awesome guy, though I rarely see you.

Calm Pokemaster: You’re really, really, really, really dedicated to 5th gen C&C. Keep on trucking dude, one day you’ll be recognized & respected. Congratulations on the new badge!

Capefeather: An old friend of mind. I saw you post infrequently in the older UU megathreads but it wasn’t until I got on IRC that I really got to know you. Although I find your posts a bit "wordy" & "confusing" you're a swell guy in general and a person I truly consider “underrated” on Smogon.

Cathy: A top tier programmer and a person who provided us with Shoddy and its successor Pokemon Lab. Shoddy was one of the most influential simulators, and a lot of my time was spent building teams and battling on Shoddy. I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but there are a lot of people who appreciated your work you did for Smogon.

chaos: Site head and someone who I regularly beat at Challenge Cup. ITS ALL SKILL (j/k) chaos is an extremely friendly guy and I massively appreciate the work he’s done for this site. (Like bringing it back up like twice) Sony should do what chaos does in regards to PSN. Very accessible too.
PS: I lose the majority of my CC matches with chaos

chazn: Another up and coming C&C user. Keep up the good work, I’m sure you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in the future!

Cherub Agent: A person who frequented the Uncharted Forums and WASN’T a horrible poster. Just your everyday cool guy who made good posts.

ChouToshio: A super duper awesome guy. You have and your “warstory” was one of the best things I’ve ever read on Smogon (no joke, it had me on the edge of my seat haha) You’re also a solid artist and top tier GP checker too! I’m impressed by your Japanese Smogon translation project and I hope you succeed.

Chris is Me: Head of the smogcast and a fierce debater. Man you pissed off a lot of people, but you had good intentions (most of the time) Its too bad you quit dude.

Cookie: Arguably the funniest guy on Smogon. Cookie is really talented at making jokes and his comedic timing is incredible. His April fools joke ranks on my top 5 best things I have ever witnessed on Smogon. A nice guy in general, just don’t post stupid threads. (I’m looking at you xxxxkav) A great a:forum mode too!

Colonel_M: C&C leader, jokester and an all-round cool guy. Your antics on IRC are pretty funny and you’re always there. We've had some good times y’know? I’ll admit, I laugh when I see you “seriously” post on IS because the difference in personality is HUGE. You’ve got this bad habit of beating up on yourself though, nobody hates you dude!!!
PS: Is it sad that I sometimes read your name as “Ko-low-nell-M?

Coyotte508: The man with unnecessary numbers at the end of his username? No, the person who created the Pokemon Online simulator and of the most influential members on Smogon. I can’t thank you enough for setting up the gen V simulator so quickly. I had a blast on the Beta server. (Choice Scarf Meloatta-S... good times :D) Even though I dislike PO’s rating system, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you.

Delko: I remember you from your zany avatar and frequent posts in the UU megathread. It seems that you have a penchant for making good hail teams. I hope I see you around in the BW UU megathread.

Delta 2777: A chill guy who I hung out with #underused, although I remember you only started talking in early 2010, after school started. Delta’s a solid player, who totally came out of nowhere (for me at least, I wasn’t really paying attention to the St10 standings so I didn’t notice his wins) with that doppy (yet classic) Quagsire avatar and won the 10th Smogon tour. Versatile (he can play in pretty much any tier/gen) and my fellow QC member, its impossible to hate this guy. I’ve got one issue with you though... why aren’t you using Quagsire in BW OU!?!

Destiny Warrior: I’ve seen you around on IRC & Smogon every now and then. We’ve really go to talk more.

DoomVendingMachine: AKA DVM or DoomVM (I wonder how you choose that username) Solid user in general who I’ve had the pleasure to talk & battle with on numerous occasions. Is active in pretty much all tiers and usually does well in them.

Elevator Music: A LC & OU player and solid battler too. Even though I’ve had little interactions with you in the passed, the few times I managed to talk to you were pretty memorable. You should come talk on IRC more often.

Eo ut Mortus: Someone who I’ve known for a long time. Eo frequented UU megathread and usually hung out in #underused so I’ve had plenty of interactions with him. I’ve also battled him a ton of times in most tiers and I’ve trolled him my share of times.
Trolling examples: The Cicada X Eo, poking fun at Eostall (and Eotomb) and taking his random quotes and inserting them into our signatures. Despite that, Eo is one of my closest friends on Smogon and I have mad respect for him. He’s one of the best players on this site and he’s proficient with a lot of tiers and i've got a lot respect for him.

Eos: I've seen you around on PO a couple of times but I can't say I know you personally, sorry!

EspyJoel: AKA Joel incase you didn’t know. Joel was one of first few I met on IRC, although my interactions with him back then were limited. Nowadays my interactions with Joel include: Racing to see who could ban the first troll, general chat & watching him get trolled by Jibaku or C_M. Remember that one time where I tricked you into making me an AOP on IRC... good times :D

Fabbles: The manager of team BIGS. Even though I’ve had limited interactions with you it was an honour to be on the BIGS team, even if I didn’t prove my worth... I’m really sorry about that. Good luck next year though! With your managing skills I’m 101% sure you’ll win SPL3! BIGS 4 EVER!

Fatecrashers: A famous artist on Smogon, GP checker, forum mod and contributer all rolled up into one person. I still remember that thread I made about learning how to draw a couple of months ago and that helpful post you made. Don’t worry I haven’t given up on becoming an artist. I still practice whenever I get the chance and whenever I get good enough to actually draw, I’ll be sure to take your request first :)

Fiction: Um, another person on my friend list I completely forgot about. Although, the last time you posted was in April 2010... 0_o. Come back to Smogon dude!

FlareBlitz: Arcanine used...! I definitely remember you dude. You were a top notch UU battler and a kind person in general. For some reason you vanished though... it’s a shame you should definitely come back, especially now that BW UU has been formed. I guess technically your around since you still post in a forum, but its still not the same D:

Flashbolt: ANOTHER User who just got up and disappeared, it was a shame too because I remember you were a cool guy and a great UU player.

Flora: A really nice person and a top notch GP checker. Flora has her worked her butt off to keep the gen IV UU subforum from clogging up by constantly GP checking analysis. Hi five!

Floppy: In my haste I totally forgot you bro. Gorgie! A fellow BIGS member with a killer ADV game, easily one of the best ADV players on this site. (heh i'll beat you one day!) We've had some good times, especially all of those DBZ discussions. I'd like to practice with you in ADV so I could mindset down.
Sorry about the late shout out buddy!

Folgorio: Folgorio is a... FRIEND! Another user who I’ve known for just about forever. While he rarely posted in the megathread he talked a bunch on IRC. A really solid player in general who can play a ton of different tiers. I remember having a ton of fun with you and talking, teambuilding and trolling Eo with you and some others. For some odd reason you’re not confident in your DP UU skills... DOES NOT COMPUTE!!! I will surpass you on the BW UU ladder, though so watch out!

Franky: Frank Delaghetto, or better known as; good friend, topnotch battler & mentor. My first post on Smogon was a RMT, and I wanted to make a good impression so I worked my butt off on making it (it wasn’t anything special though) Franky was the first person who gave my team a thorough rate and still remember it to this day. (SD Lucario > Scizor) I was personally touched when you got off drugs and got your life back together... good job man.

Gen Empoleon: AKA Matthew or Genny. Nice guy, but I can’t say I know too much about you at all. I know we have vastly different opinions on the BW metagame, I still respect your opinions. You should get the prize for most diligent player, you ladder like every day!
PS: Did you ever have an empoleon avatar?

GMLW: I remembered you as LonelyWolf####... I think. You posted a ton of in the UU megathread, in fact I think you were #3 (only outdone by yours truly :P) I haven’t got much to say because I barely knew you from before. Nice guy though.

Haunter: You actually deleted a couple of my posts deleted way back when, which scared me into thinking before posting and got me on the path of being a good poster. I appreciate how you keep the suspect mega thread in check by deleting bad posts, keep up the good work! Glad to see you feeling better.

Head Smash: An old IRC friend who I used to talk to everyday. Eventually he disappeared though I wonder why. I will never forget the fun we had on IRC with other #UU regulars. ROLLINGSTEEL FOREVER!

Heysup: Another person who posted regularly in the UU megathread and someone who hung out on IRC (but he RARELY talked, but he wasn’t AFK because you could call out his name and he'd respond) I got into about 2000 arguments with you and you won most of them heh. I also remember we battled a lot on the ladder. I’m glad you came out of hibernation to play BW UU, good job. LC what?

Ice-eyes: Just like Garythegengar, I’ve gotten into a couple of arguments with you in the NU megathread. A good guy, but I rarely see nowadays on smogon or IRC.

Iconic: Another Canadian extraordinaire and is a really good player just like Atticus. (Goddamn I should just copy past Atticus’ entry) Iconic was the first to use Rotom-W competitively while simultaneously making it popular with his RMT. He also did the same with SD Poison Heal Gliscor although some sources claim that isn’t true. I’ve got mad respect for you dude and I want nothing more than to beat you in BW OU match. Accept my challenge!

IFM: A fellow BIGs member and a very cool guy in general. You were one of our trump cards because you were surprisingly solid at BW OU and Reuniclus was like your secret weapon haha. Truth be told, before we were on the same team I barely knew anything about you (which was a shame you’re an awesome guy) IFM you embody the BIGS fighting spirit.

Indra: Lakers?

Insomniac: ANOTHER person who I knew way back when in the UU megathread. I remember getting into a couple of arguments with you, but thats all in the past now. I haven’t seen posting on Smogon recently, where have you been?
PS: You've got a creepy avatar.

IronBullet93: Ibanez! An old friend of mind who sometimes posted in the UU megathread and typically hung out in #underused (notice a pattern yet?) Amazing fellow, I enjoyed battling on Shoddy, I got in a ton of practice & experience from you. You got to the finals of ST7 which really says a lot about your skill. It’s a shame you didn’t win it all, but you did well making it that far. Come join us at #genvuu dude, BW UU is awesome.

JabbaTheGriffin: JabbaTheGriffin saved my life once. Just kidding, but he did help me get on thethe right path. Like I said earlier, I posted a ton in UU megathread, many of those posts were terrible. I was naive and said things I shouldn’t have said. When I finally got on IRC, Jabba put in my place by berating and calling me a bad user (which I was) At the time I was left with 2 choices: Continue on this path to failure, or change as a user and join the safety patrol. Obviously I choose the latter. ANYWAY, Jabba’s a very cool guy in general and was a regular in #underused AND the leader for UU & its affairs. He’s also great battler and a good friend in general. Like with many other users, I’ve got a ton of respect for this guy. Extremely impressed in the way he handled BW UU
PS: it’s the best gen V tier atm

Jibaku: Someone I didn’t become acquainted with until very recently, Jibaku’s a cool cat who never ceases the impress me. He’s got an early join date and is one of the few users who joined up in 05 that still semi consistently posts today. Did I mention he’s a solid BW OU player and is killer in Ubers?

JSND: Truth be told, I think you can improve as a user. Stop posting in the suspect thread and start coming on IRC to truly “learn” BW OU. You’ll learn more in a week on IRC than a year of posting in that thread. I think you’re selling yourself short.

Jumpluff: A really close friend of mind. Jumpluff has been consistently awesome, even on the day 1, when I first met her. Jumpluff was one of my first true friends on IRC and was one of the main reasons I stayed. Most of my 2010 summer was spent chatting on IRC and the majority of that time has been spent chatting with her/hanging out in #underused. Some of most best experiences on IRC happened because of you (Eo X The Cicada... man I mentioned it a few times before, but if you haven’t read it you’ll love it.) I also had a lot of fun replaying the games I recommended to you, like Devil Survivors (I finally beat Lucifer... score!) and 999. Speaking of 999, I’m still hanging onto this avatar because its like the best thing ever. BW UU started up and I really hope you start playing it with me & the rest of the gang. To sums thing up, Jumpluff you’re an awesome gal and taste in video games is incredible :D

Jumpman16: The guy with the coolest signature in all of smogon, hands down. I knew him from his legendary set (EspyJump) and iconic avatar, but I’ve always wanted to know him personally too. Despite being super busy in real life, he drops by IRC from time to time and enters discussion and offers his own spin on things. A nice person too.

KD24: A good friend of mine and resident bad ass. KD24 was a BIGs member and he hung out in #underused so you could imagine how close we were. His UU teams were totally awesome and he managed to get a solid record in the SPL too. He’s going through some tough times so wish him good luck whenever you get the chance.

Kevin Garret: A good guy, a great battler and solid artist on top of that too. I actually ended watching most of your youtube narrations and you should definitely upload BW narrations. Another person who should get an award for constant laddering. There’s no way I could ever have the willpower to do that.

Lady Bug: AKA top tier player. I know we haven’t interacted much, but those early BW battles are cool and I like what you did Cecil’s team. (Good stuff)

Lakers: Indra?

Legacy Raider: Another person I know who frequented the subforum. Legacy Raider was the king of coming up with awesome pokemon sets and posting his experiences with them. I looked up to you back then and I wanted to be a well respected user & popular just like yourself. It looks you disappeared again though :(

locopoke: If you haven’t heard of Locopoke you’ve either been living under a rock all your life or you just don't care. This guy is a massive troll and will berate or give snide comments to just about anyone indiscriminately (meaning he doesn’t just pick on “noobs”) still, Locopokes a valuable friend to have, mostly because he’s extremely funny. Even if you loath the man, there is no denying that Locopoke is a damn good player who can play just about any tier (except LC...) Oftentimes in #BIGS he’d offer up silly advice before a big battle and for some reason that helped me calmed down. Locopoke truly is a “one of a kind.”

Lord Liam: An old friend and rival. I used to hang with this guy in the “good ole days” and play a ton of NU matches with him. He was my go-to guy for advice on NU related questions and practise battles. You disappeared for a while, but its cool that you came back and started on chatting on IRC semi frequently.
Also a Canadian extraordinaire,

LonelyNess: My brother from another Mother. LonelyNess is to PKGaming as PK Fire64 is to CuriousPaula. (If you don’t get it, don’t worry I’m not making any sort of sense.) I don’t really know LN personally and I can’t say I liked the way he managed the SPL but he’s a cool guy and is dedicated to all forms of UU. Funny story, I got into UU because he made a post about Sunny Typhlosion dominating in UU and I got hyped.

M Blade: A person I knew from the old UU megathread (I bet you didn’t see that one coming!) He posted semi frequently and mostly about gimmick sets, but he was a good person to have around and a kind person in general. I hope you come back and play BW OU!

M Dragon: M blade, M Dragon, Mnight shyamalan... A cool guy and a solid battler that sometimes hung out #underused. I SHOULD have the same postcount as him, but I post way too much gibberish so its understandable that I don’t.

Magic Toaster: I feel like I know you from somewhere (probably the UU or NU megathread) but I can’t remember anything about you. Sorry! If you do happen to look into this thread, feel free the refresh my memory.

Metagross66: An OLDDDDDDD friend of mind from the UU megathread era. I remember building a ton of UU joint teams with you and let me tell you they were a ton of fun to build. I don’t know what happened though, after a while you just disappeared...! (Although I did see you post in the suspect LC thread) Hopefully you come back and start posting in the BW UU megathread and maybe we can build a team together.

mingot: The person who helped orchestrate the greatest prank online prank I have ever seen. Dude you are one good actor. Like I remember he actually banned someone to keep up with his charade! Other than that, I don’t know much about you but I remember you were one who updated my profile with my badge.

Morm: Another Canadian extraordinair and the biggest wild card in Firebot/A forum. A lot of people considered you a troll, but I thought of you as a very strange person who always gave his opinion on everything. I’m impressed that you hooked up with someone on the internet.

MoP: Resident jackass or wise elder? Its hard to tell with MoP, but honestly he’s a good guy. He’s good at playing pretty much any tier but he’s got his own style (used sun when everyone used rain/sand etc) I WANTED to make 2 thread where I compare each user to a Pokemon, but MoP already had that covered >_>
PS: Your posts in the BW OU suspect thread are amazing haha.

MrE: I'm convinced your nuts and you're almost as deluded as Curtains, but at least you're a nice guy. A very nice guy in fact, i've never seen you call out or directly insult someone on IRC. But instead of theorymoning and calling people out you should play some more BW instead.
PS: Borat > You in GSC :P

Nails: Someone I just met, Nails is a chill dude and a solid player who plays a variety of different metagame. Heh we gotta work on that team eventually dude!

Nastyjungle: Super artist and a hero of mine. NJ helped me out by doing me a huge favor. To say that her art is good is an understatement, NJ’s art is amazing. While I enjoy your pokemon sketches, your comics are amazing. If you haven’t seen them you should definitely check them out.

Natgeo: Just some random. (J/k) Natgeo’s one chill dude... who can also GP check pretty well. While you might be thinking “dude why is my mention so weak”I can’t really say much else because atm you’re “one chill dude.” Thanks for introducing me to Code Ment & None Piece (awesome abridges by purpleeyeswtf!)

Oglemi: I remember when you were just “some guy” who cared about UU analysis'. I remember saying “wtf” IRL when you got badged and I thought to myself “this guy really cares about UU” Now a good friend I see on IRC from time to time, Oglemi has changed from “that guy who got mods” to “a friend who is a mod.” Oglemi you’re an awesome guy and I hope you’re passionate about BW UU as well.

Philip7086: How embarrassing, I’ve memorized those 4 numbers and I use them as my PIN number. Phil is arguably the biggest user on Smogon, what with like 11 badges (2 rows now haha)The strange thing about him was that he was easily approachable and you could ask him anything. I liked the way you handle BWs suspect tests, you managed to advance metagame a lot in a short amount of time. It’s a shame he’s gone now, but he snagged a dream job (I’d give up a leg for that job, seriously!) and he now works for Sony. Try to get in a commercial with Kevin Butler dude!

RaikouLover: A cool guy in general that I barely knew until recently. I like the way you help out other analysis’ in C&C and you created your fair share of good analysis’ yourself. Maybe I should change my nick to RaichuLover...

Ramblin Wreck: The best avatar ever? Possibly. You’ve got an awesome sense of humour and possibly the best timing ever. I don't see you around on IRC usually, but when I do its always a treat.

Raseri: Erm, I think I know you but I can’t remember anything about you at the moment. Sorry :/

reachzero: The one and only pastor of Smogon. Truth be told, I thought you were some serious/mysterious person who only kept you himself, but you’re actually the complete opposite. A great guy all around and a top notch battler (who like many others can play in a variety of tiers) reach is just a good person at heart. A still can’t thank you enough for recommending Aura Sphere Raikou in BW UU (it’s a beast)

reyscarface: Reyscarface was another person I initially met on IRC. I remember a few people got him to watch Bleach, and we’d spend like 45 minutes talking about bleach in general. A cool guy team builder and a solid battler although infamous for his “whining.” I hope your kidney issues clear up dude! By the way how do you pronounce your username? I used to pronounce it like “ray-scarf-ace” but now I say “ray-scar-face”

Rising Dusk: An awesome person that I recently got acquainted with. Rising Dusk is like a game developer to me. No, he’s a SUPER game dev because he provided us with the BW UU ladder (AND STATS!) Lets not forget he temporarily hosted the Smogon server (which killed his own internet access in the middle of the day... oh god) and the numerous other things he’s done for this site. Rising Dusk, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rolf: Yet another a person I knew from the old UU megathread and an old enemy of mine...! Just kidding. I was a huge fan of your posts in general because you always recommended odd yet effective sets (SUCKER PUNCH UMBREON, which still works to this day.) and your "Enders game" team was brilliant. Its sad that you rarely post, you should start becoming active on Smogon, you have the potential to make a name for yourself if you really try (just like in the old days) It was nice meeting you old friend and hopefully you start playing BW UU.

SatiSuicune: Someone who hung out with in the old #underused channel and battled occasionally. He should post more.

Seven Deadly Sins: Fellow BIGS & QC member A.K.A my blood brother. (No we’re not related, regardless we’re still blood brothers ) SDS is another one of my closest friends on Smogon and he's someone who I spend a great deal of time talking too. He’s a great battler (jedi mind tricks ~ inside joke) a good team builder and a top notch QCer. While to some he may be arrogant and a bit intimidating he actually cares about this site a lot and is willing to help anyone. (Unlike a certain other someone who claimed to care about this site but in actuality just enjoyed putting other people down. You know who you are.)
PS: You’ve got good taste in anime

Shace: Who’s this guy again? No seriously Shace was an awesome guy who frequently joined #underused and had a great sense of humour. He randomly disappeared though (goddammit) and he hasn’t shown up in a while now. D:

Silent Verse: An old friend of mind who I faced a lot on the UU ladder. I never saw you post in the UU megathread or at all really, but man you were a damn good battler. Your UU teams were a massive pain in the ass to deal with back in the day. Its good to see you coming out of hibernation to play BW UU and from the looks of it your BW UU team is absolutely killer! You should come join #genvuu on IRC.

SJCrew: Yet another person who I knew from the old UU megathread. SJCrew is a complicated case. Arrogant and a tad egoistical with a habit of shooting himself in the foot (repeatedly) but on the other hand, he’s a great battler and is well versed in BW UU / OU. A fierce debater but also a nice person. You’re a cool guy dude and another person who I consider underrated on Smogon.

Slotted Pig: AKA ThePowerWithin. I remembered you tried writing up a Raichu set for gen IV UU but it never got uploaded. Hehe, I remember trying to get it uploaded for you and I even got infracted for it (XD) Its too bad you stopped posting, you were an awesome user. Your old username was way better T-T.

Smith: TOXIC SPORK! Hah I bet you didn’t think I’d remember that username (because I do XD) I remember you posted a lot of RMT’s and was active in the forum back in the day. Nowadays your Smith “that guy who can team rate a whole heck of a lot of metagames”

Smurf.: Smurf’s a good friend of mine, a fellow #underused regular and someone who I got to battle A LOT. Smurf was a solid battler and a genius when it came to building to UU teams (he’s got a lot of them) I know I’ve said this before, but we have got to build a BW UU team together on of these days.

Snorlaxe: An excellent GP checker and an old rival (me Snorlaxe were competing to see who could continually change their avatars... I lost obviously.) A great user who’s unusually nice to everyone on Smogon. When I change my avatar (Its hard, its just so good) the game will start again!

Snunch: Gone are the days when I looked at you as a fad (!Snunch doesn’t work on DW unfortunately) I know respect you now as a player & a user, that and the fact that you hang out in #genvuu makes you dandy.

Solace: A fellow member of the BIGS and specifically one of our VGC aces. Despite seeing you everyday I’ve had limited experiences with you which is a shame because you’re a cool guy. Maybe one day I’ll start playing VGC so we can build a team together or something like that.

Sprinkles: Uh, I had no idea Sprinkles was a nut when I befriended him, honest! J/K but seriously, he’s the butt of a lot of jokes but he’s not that bad of a person. A weird guy sure but he’s not terrible. Semi-stall is dumb term though.

Steven Snype: A resident of #Underused and a cool friend of mine. I remember spending hours playing & practice YGO against you. (Of course I’d lose 90% of the time but still) you should have won the whole tournament man!

Super: The guy who hosted the server before Rising Dusk did and Smogon’s ace programmer. Its sad that you left the forums (we’re in good hands now though) but its cool that you still hang out on IRC. I’ve gotta say, your avatar is amazing (its like your signature avatar...) By the way, do you have a smashboards account?

supermarth64: I met supermarth64 on my first day of IRC and I still remember his greeting. Well sorta, it was more of a response, since I yelled "AH DON'T GRAB ME" and he replied with "come closer." Anywho, its been fun hanging out, and I think you've got the potentially to become a great artist.Its a shame we couldn't finish any Days of Ruin matches. SORRY for the late shout out.

Swaggersaurus: A great guy and a cool a:forum mod. Like with many others, i've had limited experiences with you in general but when I do see you on IRC, its always been a pleasure. I also really happen to like your art too, so keep it up!

symphonyx64: How many times do I say “A xxx person.” Anyway, xymphonyx64 is a fellow BIGS member, our OU player specifically. Again, I see you every day but I don't really talk to you much. Maybe you can help with my DP OU game, I suck XD.

Tegen Toppa Raichu:
Me: How can this be... where are you drawing all of this power from?
TTR: We evolve, beyond the person we were a minute before. Little by little we advance a bit further with each turn! Thats how a drill works!
Me: That is the path that leads to extinction! Why can you see the pathetic limitation of the spiral race?

A fellow Raichu fan, who kindly let me write the BW Raichu analysis (although that was before SDS' list came into effect XD)

TheFourthChaser: There is a 105% chance of TFC being excellent. A very cool & laidback person who’s a solid battler and a nice guy. Hhe’s also on IRC nearly every day so you can always strike up a conversation (about anything) and he’ll offer his (useful) input on it. One day we’ll get perma weather banned. Rock on brother!

The Iron Kenyan: I barely know this guy, but his a forum posts always crack me up. Incredibly witty and is capable of turning any of your quotes into a joke (seriously) Some may say his jokes go too far, but I think they’re appropriate. 100X better than Curtains.

Thund91: Wake up in the morning feeling like KICKING ASS! That takes me back... ANOTHER person who I knew from UU megathread & shoddy ladder (I’ve got good taste in friends) although he never hung out on IRC :( I hope you start playing BW UU, that would be fun.

Theorymon: I love your long winded posts and analysis' on certain Pokemon. Although i've never seen you talk about Wobbuffet though (weird)I'll definitely try to get into Streetmons (Machoke is the greatest) and the sky's the limits! Possibly the least hostile user ever. Its a shame you've run into some bad luck (health problems & your brother has gone through hell too) I hope things turn out better for you.
PS: You've got some awesome taste in games.

uragg: My first & best friend on Smogon. Uragg is THE user who helped me turn it around. So I mentioned before I liked playing on Shoddy ladder, but aside from a couple of teams I didn’t have much luck. One day I was approached by Uragg (or did I approach him?) and he helped me build a team (with Raichu of all things) and it did pretty good. This was a long time too back when I was I nobody and nobody would give me a second thought. Uragg gave me a chance and I’m super thankful for that. He also helped my out on IRC by giving me advice (learning how to identify, etc) among other things. He’s been my go too guy for testing out teams (mostly UU) and talking about the metagame. I consider him an expert In UU and a solid battler in general. If I wanted to test out ANYTHING (like Choice Scarf Typhlosion w/ Healing Wish support) Uragg would be the first person I’d talk too. You and I have got to build a BW UU team one day man, it’ll be awesome.

wilson46: KING WILSON! Truth be told, when you started dominating in tournaments, I didn’t see you as a person, but as a fad/symbol. Someone who came out of nowhere with a wacky username (needs more numbers) but nonetheless is very good. Nowadays King Wilson is dead, because I don’t see you as a symbol anymore dude, you’re my friend.

Yagami Light: I have absolutely 0 idea what kind of a person you are on Smogon, but I remember you were an awesome Ike main who understood the smash metagame pretty well.

Yondie: Yet another person who I know from the old UU megathreads. I remember you had a that cute absol avatar (wait that was Yam) to be honest, I can’t remember a lick about you in the past, but you hang out and #genvuu and you’re a cool guy so all is well.

ZapdosBlitz: I promise this will be the last person who I forget about. >_> He stopped posting too.

Zeph: I remember battling you a ton a on the BW OU smogon server (and I still manage to battle you on alts from time to time) an awesome guy and a good battler in general.

zfs: It was nice talking to you (and disagreeing with your policies) and competing against you in the SPL. You disappeared though.

Zystral: One of the first people I met on IRC. It’s a shame you’re always off to boarding school
and have limited access on Smogon. Hopefully this summer you can help us get #DW cup moving.

Meru: You’re a douche. To everyone. All the time! But even if you piss me off I have to admit, you’re a good battler. You’re definitely better than the following people.

Curtains: I think you’re a very deluded individual. Its bad enough that you stink up a forum with your terrible, TERRIBLE arguments but now you’re posting bullshit in DT too. You have absolutely no redeeming qualities and I hope you get banned in the future. However, you’re not as bad as...

Phatkav: The worst user on Smogon by far. Phatkav really sucks and he will never amount to anything. I also have 705 wins over him in DPP he only beats me via hax. I’ve made references to this guy before and he truly is the worst user on Smogon, trust me. I DEMAND that this person gets banned immediately!!!

PS: I forgot to bold each name, so I had to go back and individually bold them. D:


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i love you man...real talk

too many unforgettable memories to name, it's been awesome PK. you've really grown into an awesome user, and you're just a cool as fuk dude overall. thanks a bunch for the shoutout, LET'S GET CRACKING ON THAT BW UU TEAM


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Yeah I used to use an Empoleon avatar, don't even worry about it!! But yeah today I was 1445 on the ladder until an unfortunate 4 games that brought me back down to below it. :C

Anyway PKGaming it was actually really cool meeting you recently, you're a pretty nice guy and I enjoy chatting with you. Maybe, one day, I can convince you about not banning weather. Until then happy 2K!


but really where is my most diligent battler trophy.


I mean meeting online obv!
If I remember correctly Genny had the Empoleon avatar shortly after I joined. PK Gaming, cant say I know you but I respect the posts you've made in the forums. Peace Out brother.
Toxic Spork*, I thought it would sound like toxic spikes and people would get the reference because I was knew and trying too hard.

Damn close though, thanks! Great 2k and geez that is a shit-load of shoutouts. :) You're a good bro bro


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LOL ok, that's so funny that you said that I was just "that one guy who got mods" because when I first saw you get a badge I was like "wtf they gave a badge to that dork who makes incredibly stupid posts in the NU thread/stark."

I think I actually joined when I did so I could post something in one of the threads you were having an argument in and make you look stupid, but somebody ninja'd me by the time I could (what else is new).

Anyway, congrats PK, you're awesome now, and I'm glad you stepped up to the plate to help out C&C!!!

EDIT: Oh and PS, hell yes I'm passionate about BW UU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Garrett

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Thanks for making life challenging by having all your lines come up when I use Ctrl + F to see who highlighted me. You are a cool person, though, so I'll overlook it.
hah thanks for what you said, it made me smile :D.

Not only did I hook up with her, I stole her from a guy that looks like Dwight Schrute who later followed her onto smogon under the name Bulbabulbabulbasaur to bitch at her up to two months after she told him to fuck off.


PK you are one of my favorite badge holders.
Woot I finally get a shout-out in one of these! I knew if I stuck around long enough it would eventually happen! All kidding aside, grats on 2k PK Gaming!
That's because you almost never posted on the forums or on IRC, therefore nobody except for people that frequented PO's (and Shoddy's and Pokelab's) chat really got to know you.


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Oh man I remember the old PKGaming... I thought he was a scrub who should go crawl down a hole.

I still think that way.

jk ilu <3

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