Singles 2nd Annual BSS Secret Santa!

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Almost everything stolen from last year's thread (here)

Sign up Deadline: December 14
Building Deadline: January 1
How to join: So, I'm pretty sure that most of you know what the concept of Secret Santa is, it's basically anonymous gift giving; in our case all the gifts are all replaced with Pokemon teams, think of it as a Teambuilding Workshop only everyone asks for and contributes teams, and it's all anonymous (until the very end). If you'd like to join in on the fun, make sure to send me a private message on Smogon writing about what core you'd like somebody to build around and a simple reply to this message. Please feel free to drop a post saying anything here in this thread to let others know that you will be participating, just remember if you don't send me that PM I'll pretend you don't exist! Sending in a request also means that you'll be building around someone else's core as well, so please don't sign up if you're not going to actually be able to finish the team, because you're just making things less enjoyable for others as well as making things more difficult for me. So please, don't do that! Anyways, once we reach the sign up deadline you'll get a PM from me containing the core you'll need to build around, which upon completion you'll need to send back to me. Yup, it's as simple as that!

General Rules:
-The request/finished team must be sent via forum PM to me,Moose And Goose -Letting me know on Discord/IRC/ won't do the trick!

-Do NOT tell anybody what request you got, or what request you sent - Please don't do this it's called Secret Santa for a reason

-You may change your request at any time, until sign ups deadline - So you don't have to tear your hair out thinking of something. However, Once the deadline for sign ups has transpired, it'll be too late for any changes!
-:mad:Get your team done!!!:mad: - As I've already said, don't join if you can't actually finish your team in time. there is someone else trying hard to finish the the team that you have requested, so try to respect their effort as well as the person whose request you received.

-If you want to be really awesome and cover up for any slackers feel free to send me a PM!

-Just so everyone knows a BSS core is made up 2 (or possibly 3) Pokemon. No more than 3 though!

-And please don't be afraid to join in, if you don't think your team building skills are good enough, I'm always there to help, and I really enjoy building, so send me updates when you feel like it.

-After the building deadline I will compile all of the teams into a single post with all of the pastes of the teams.

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Well it looks like signups are over! Make sure to check your conversations for the core and person you have!

Team Submissions are due January 1st so get building!

When you're finished with the team make sure to send me an importable over conversation for the big post during new years!

Also if you have any questions or want teambuilding advice feel free to message me, so I can help you out!
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Here's everyone's presents, feel free to reveal who you made a team for and give a little explanation of the team you made! (make sure to check pokepastes because lot of them have info)
Thick Fat Azumarill

The Squash





Leader Wallace




Starting point was Sticky Web Araq + m-Meta.
Mamoswine was of immediate interest for a team focusing on webs to me as Ice Shard is effective against many of the unaffected threats (Mence, scarf Lando etc). Ground/Ice stab is also god like and with its speed tier somewhat alleviated it can become a terror.
Koko, we still need something naturally fast, in particular something faster than Meta/Gren. Can't always bring webs so natural speed remains important, and even when we do opposing Meta ignore them through clear body before m-evo. Koko+Meta is strong and provides a solid offensive core that's resistant to sleep shenanigans. Because it's for Theorymon I decided on using a much more interesting Koko set than normal. The Boyt classic mixed Koko. z-Wild Charge is able to KO Lele in psychic terrain, and also provides surprise burst damage to many highly spdef mons such as AV Heatran and Chansey. Having access to both sides of the physical/special binary can offer some interesting flexibility.
Salamence has great synergy with the current members and offers a strong setup option and resist to many key threats. Likewise P2 similarly blends in well to the team and provides a broad matchup spread while essentially playing anchor.

Some alt options:
Bullet Punch on Metagross can be very nice. But my current preference was with Thunder Punch, terrain combos where effective in the games I was able to play with them.
Physical Araquanid, particularly with Liquidation and Lunge and then Icy Wind / Toxic in 3rd.
If Toxic is on Araq then there's consideration to changing Toxic on P2 to Shadow Ball or Foul Play.
Though less interesting, Specs or LO/Z+Taunt Koko (probably with HP Fire), z Mamo, special Mence. There's a lot of stuff I just didn't have time to test.

Puff Killa
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Noved's team explanation/build process:

Hey Noved,

So I created your team and here’s some flavour text for its construction and my time testing it. Obviously with the hippo/snorlax grouping, there’s a few ways you can go with it, the most obvious being double phasers (though I've seen phaser lax with curse hippo on a top nouthuca team). Unfortunately you were paired with me and I refuse to acknowledge that yawn and whirlwind are moves on snorlax. That’s where I decided; contrary to all nouthuca advice I saw (which all used yawn, fire punch, eq, self destruct) to try out curse normalium-z self destruct lax.

The earliest rendition of the team was as follows:

Hippowdon, Snorlax, Koko, Aegi, Mence, Mimikyu/Gren/Kart 6th

Mimikyu can be traded out for Scarf protean or sash/waterium-z torrent gren or scarf kart and all variants worked well in practice. This is mainly because of how solid hippo/koko/aegi/mence core is. Snorlax works as your greninja check and a breaker through fat shit, either ability is fine, though I tend to prefer immunity over thick fat.

This took me about three minutes or so to make and whilst it is probably the most solid variant of such a team that I came up with off the top of my head, I kind of wanted to make something a bit different.

Then basically what happened was I added Cloyster and Kommo-o. I’m not sure entirely why I did this, but I just thought it would be cool. Finally the team had no lele switchin and needed a semblence of a backbone so I added mimikyu + heatran, which provide checks to a variety of threats the other 4 can’t really handle. It went through a load of variants, most of which were crap and performed bad on the ladder. This one was probably the best that I ended up with and managed to get to 1500 with it somehow. The highlight was winning a tour room’s bss tournament finals vs. bobochan turn 2:

Some of the sets I should probably explain.

Hippo – very standard mixed hippo lead

Snorlax – Evs allow you to eat three timid lele’s psychics other than on one roll. Max adamant for most power, rest dumped in defence. Curse can be useful for negating lando/mence intimidate or setting up on greninja for even stronger booms. Thick fat or immunity is fine dependent on preference, thick fat is better vs. zard y and volcarona, immunity for aegislash and porygon2.

Cloyster – Cloyster set allows you to set up on adamant mimikyus lsf -> sneak and outspeed zard/volc/blaz at +1 after a smash. Hydro pump is there for koing stuff that you might not wanna proc 50% berry, also KOs shit like fatass hippo, most heatran guaranteed and does more to certain physical tanks like stakataka. There are some non-sash cloyster sets such as the barrier one that might perform better in this role but sash on cloyster is mostly too good to give up

Heatran – Standard spdef tran spread with just enough speed to speed creep 4 speed base 80s. I was considering rock tomb, but given this team has sash cloyster and snorlax it doesnt have too much problem with volc/zard y.

Kommo-o – The kommo-o spread is whack, Im sorry in advance. Its overcoat cause otherwise the team is very breloom weak. 140 attack allows kommo-o to 2hko non-bulky mimikyu with iron head also helps with 1v1ing porygon2 at +1, 36 hp/4 spdef allows you to take protean ice beam from LO gren or ice beam into shuriken from non-lo. Speed outspeed ada mimi, rest dumped in spa

Mimikyu – Very standard Mimikyu spread, I was considering a lead mimikyu set for a short while, but seemed a bit of overkill.


The main things you are gonna have to be worried about in the top 20 usage are bulky mons: porygon2, tapu fini. The probably hardest pokemon for this team to deal with is Tapu Fini, you are gonna want to break that with snorlax-z or mimikyu-z otherwise you will lose. snorlax-z into sd will ko fini or +1 z-self destruct. Bulky waters in general can be annoying but most of them you have an extra out in kommo-o who can set up on suicune. Taunt mega gyara is a pain, the other sets cannot beat snorlax or kommo-o (tho fly-z beats kommo-o). Bring hippo or mimikyu vs. blaziken, though lead cloyster can counter lead lead blaziken and win from t1 as silly as that sounds. Casinogar can be hella annoying, you just hope he misses and bring mimikyu. Gar will die to one hit to most of the team. Lastly Breloom, you need kommo-o so spore doesn't wreck you, kommo-o also kinda your kart check, tho heatran can take one hit and KO back.

In terms of vs. opposing cores. Vs. Screens, I just like starting to hard setup whilst the screener is doing their thing. Vs. Trick room, generally snorlax is extremely solid as long as you can deal with breloom and loves the rooms, suropoke and the like also loathe heatran. Vs. koko aegi mence, the team is generally solid vs. the core, just depends on what their other mons are. Cloyster can work very well otherwise immunity lax is a nightmare for this core. Vs. Meta Fini Lando, you wanna bring lax or mimikyu or both. Hippo is also a great switchin to gross. Vs. Blazpass or bp, I've talked a bit about blaziken above, blazpass/baton pass hates hippo, kommo-o can destroy celesteela variants. Vs. hippo mence, cloyster can be extremely annoying for mence to deal with as can mimikyu. Hippo still hella annoying, but cloyster can kinda break through it with pump. Vs. stall, everything is kinda amazing. Vs. lele zard cloyster loves psychic terrain, also snorlax can pretty much take any hit and z-boom into boom.

Also thanks to whoever built my secret santa team, I'll be sure to use it on ladder. originally I wanted a snowman team as it was christmas, but I needed to choose a core to help narrow down for builders hence why trick room is there, standard mimikyu is perfectly fine.
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