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2v2 Classic II

Welcome to 2v2 Classic II! This tournament consists of three separate cups: The SM, the ORAS, and the BW Cup. Each cup is a single-elimination, best of five tournament in which the most successful players will enter a single-elimination playoffs bracket to compete for the title of this year's 2v2 Classic Champion.

Signups for each cup will last one week. Hosts of each cup are allowed to play in the tournament they are hosting because the Smogon bracket maker can't be rigged. Here are the hosts for each tournament:
  • SM 2v2 Cup - Hosted by Arai, October 24th
  • ORAS 2v2 Cup - Hosted by Morgan, October 31st
  • BW 2v2 Cup - Hosted by TBD, October 31st
  • The point system will be the same as the one used in Smogon Classic.
  • Playoffs will feature the top 8 highest seeded players. Each series will be a Bo3o5 (Best of three of five) (change from last classic) with the person that wins two series being the winner.
  • In playoffs, Top seed picks the first meta, afterward loser counter picks to play all 3. You cannot revisit a meta once it has been played.

SM 2v2 Doubles
ORAS 2v2 Doubles
BW 2v2 Doubles
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