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Welcome to 2v2 Pool League I!

The 2v2 Pool league is a unique format of team tournament brought with demand for a secondary team tournament in the 2v2 Doubles sphere. We already have a Premier League and attempts at a World Cup with the distribution of our player base has grown to be unsuccessful to this point, so we've decided to merge elements of both those tournaments into one, which gives us this!

The 2v2 Doubles Pool League is an auction draft-based team tour that features 4 teams that compete in World Cup Style pools which last for 3 weeks. The two highest seeded teams will face off against each other in the finals to decide the winner. A shorter type of tournament that will ideally bring some high-level gameplay and development in the various 2v2 metagames.

Manager Signups: August 1st - August 8th
Player Signups: August 9th - August 22nd
Draft Day: TBD
Round 1: August 16th - September 5th

Regarding Draft, Managers, and Teams:
  • The amount of credits has not been decided yet, but it would likely be anything from 80k-100k credits
  • Each team can have 2 managers, who can buy themselves for 10,000 credits if they so choose.
  • Each team will have 8 players min: 6 starters and 2 substitutes.
  • The tournament is likely to last 4 to 5 weeks.

[Gen 8] 2v2 Doubles Resources:
[Gen 7] 2v2 Doubles Resources:
[Gen 6] 2v2 Doubles Resources:
[Gen 5] 2v2 Doubles Resources:

Other resources will be collected and this post updated as we reach the player signups phase.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. We're doing a prize pool for this tournament:
  • Every player on the winning team of this tournament will be gifted a month of Discord Nitro Classic ($4.99 USD). That totals up to about 60$, as every team will have 12 players.

SS 2v2 Bo5
SS 2v2 Bo5
SS 2v2 Bo5
SM 2v2 Bo5
ORAS 2v2 Bo5
BW 2v2 Bo5
A topic for discussion: There has been a growing desire for the removal of ORAS 2v2 Doubles from our team tournaments, primarily due to it being seen as an inferior version of SM. While I am hesitant to outright remove a generation that has been in 2v2 Doubles since it's inception, I would like to hear the thoughts of all of you with regards to this topic. Make sure to join the 2v2 Discord Server for live updates.
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ORAS 2v2 council member writing a post at 11 pm, to comment on potentially removing gen6 from 2v2 team tours.

As it stands currently, there really doesn’t seem to be much difference in g6 and g7 especially from a spectators perspective. The only real standout I can think of that gen62v2 features is the pool of viable mons which does impact team building to some degree, and different system mechanics such as mega speed tiers which imo actually don’t really mean too much given how turn 1s usually play out. tbqh if you know how to play sm 2v2 at a fairly competent level, you can probably make the adjustment to playing oras 2v2.

Another thing I want to point out that in my opinion has contributed to the feeling of oras and sm 2v2 feeling very similar is the fact that defining factors of gen7 don’t exactly really come into too much play in 2v2. Two very big notable bans exist in sm2v2 which are z moves and tapu lele. Z moves in 2v2 are like actually stupid and I’m sure y’all can figure out why but tapu lele being banned removes the only psychic terrain setter which in the context of doubles is incredibly significant again I’m sure y’all are smart to reason why that would be the case.

Basically SM 2v2 effectively just has everything gen6 has outside of the vr but in an environment that most people are more comfortable with and the stuff that sm has that makes it unique either is not really in play or makes it feel like everything that oras has that’s unique feel just not as good. Until a super significant change is made to either gen6 or 7 2v2 this is likely going to continue and keeping g6 purely in classic and maybe pl for legacy reasons is for the best. Also if you really want to keep oras in this tour just make in bo3 or smth that’s probably a good compromise.
I’m in the 2v2 discord so if you want to yell at me for being wrong about something do it there.
Oh also wtf why does this team tour have 4 SS slots, 2v2pl only had 3
Hey All, Scott Here! As a two-time winner+manager of 2v2PL I’m here to drop my thoughts on ORAS and this format.

ORAS has always had a weird spot in 2v2 in my experience. Most people who spend time learning 2v2 tend to focus on literally any other tier. It’s pretty top heavy with shit like Talon, Zard-Y, and KyuB being fairly centralizing. TR and Ally Switch are also incredibly strong forces a lot of the meta to be revolved around abusing/attempting to counter those moves (imo, Ally Switch should be banned. ORAS AS makes SS AS look childish in comparison.) With the lack of people interested in the tier you end up with a lot of teams drafting someone vaguely familiar with ORAS mechs who’s competent at pokemon and have managers feed teams. I don’t think the tier is bad by any means but it’s incredibly stale and there’s very little interest in the tier. That being said, I don’t see a viable alternative outside of maybe multigen. Stacking more SS/SM doesn’t make sense to me seeing how teams already struggle to fill slots. Maybe this could be the debut tour for DPP but personally I think you’d have an even harder time finding players for that as it’s hardly developed. I say keep ORAS but if there’s enough interest for multigen or DPP I’m not opposed to removing it.

Something else I’d like to add is to agree w pqs that 12 forced players in auction seems strange. I don’t see a reason to not stick with 10 min and no max. As someone who has managed a lot (maybe I’m abnormal here) but I don’t consider more than one or two subs before an auction. I think limiting credit/team flexibility during an auction is lame personally and I’d prefer to see 10 min no max.

e: tkt posted while I was writing this up and I don’t agree at all that gen6 is a carbon copy of gen7. Tapus, Mega Speed, and Gale Wings all make a huge difference. I don’t believe another SM would be a better alternative as you further stretch out the player and builder pool.
A few changes:
  • The amount of manager slots have been expanded from 4 to 6, In accordance with popular demand.
  • The amount of player slots has been decreased to 6, two substitutes, with no cap on players on a given team, in accordance to both popular demand and the change of manager slots.
    • More of an informal ask, but don't draft too many players, I only have so much money..
  • ORAS 2v2 Doubles will be kept in. Discussions on this thread and on other hubs of discussion do convince me that it is worth keeping in. Ideally it will be developed more and gain more popularity with it's continued inclusion.
SS 2v2 Bo5
SS 2v2 Bo5
SS 2v2 Bo5
SM 2v2 Bo5
ORAS 2v2 Bo5
BW 2v2 Bo5
Manager pairings are decided, will be up soon. Player signups will begin shortly.

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