3rd Ubers Cast - 9 PM GMT Saturday 28/9

There will be a third Ubers Cast this Saturday at 9PM GMT. We will be discussing the state of the current metagame as well as speculating on the future XY metagame. Our panelists will be Sweep, Blim, Blackstardust, Hugendugen, Shrang, and myself. Feel free to post questions you'd like to ask here. (Keep in mind that google hangouts now has a built in Q&A!)

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-Any good Pokemon that are underrated or have any underused sets? (ie I dont want to hear about Charizard), specifically I want Sweep to convince me about why Dialga should be S-Rank. Yes its very versatile but is it really the best at anything? TRalkia?

-How do you do to not get destroyed by the two scariest threats out there, Ho-Oh and Latios (Palkia without Chansey)? I would like Melee Mewtwo(stall player) on how he handles Band Ho-OH on rain-stall without Arceus-Rock, is it possible or is stall dead?

-What moves do you run on your scarf Genesect more than U-tun and ice beam? Explosion,Iron Head, Flamthrower or even Bug Buzz to ohko Mewtwo?
Now that steel no longer resists ghost and dark, when does the construction for the shrine dedicated to the all-powerful Arceus-Ghost begin?
The cast was delayed a bit and we missed out on Blackstardust but things still went well I want to thank everybody for participating. (and edgar for trying)

For those who missed it you can watch it here


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Thanks for organising Melee Mewtwo and thanks Ace Emerald for helping us get it up on YouTube. I enjoyed that, I think we covered most of the stuff we wanted to and the chemistry worked well. Hopefully the viewers enjoyed it too.


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Just a note about me being quiet - It was like 7-8am on a Sunday where I live, and I have about 7-8 housemates, most of whom were still sleeping. :(


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Sorry for not being able to make it but there was an unexpected issue with my car and had to wait for 2 hours in the middle of nowhere, again, sorry for delaying this..
Nah, it wasn't you who delayed it. It turns out the NU cast was scheduled an hour before ours and their cast lasted for an hour and a half.
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gonna listen to it today for sure! thank you guys so much for getting this done, and bs edgar missing out :(

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This cast had some pretty good discussion and I learned a lot about you guys just from seeing you talk in person

Melee_Mewtwo no offense but you have the squeakiest nerdiest voice I've ever heard lol


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That was rather interesting! I enjoyed listening to the discussion and I hope there'll be more Ubers Smogcasts when X and Y come out. I'm gonna test Gliscor when I have the time - it better be incredible, seeing as it was brought up about 100 times.

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