4th Gen battler wanting to get back onto the scene

Well, its now been 2 years now since i've played pokemon, therefore I don't remember as much from my battling days. My university roommate suggested i get back into it, and well... I am. slowly, though. I thought i would build a team that can easily be transferred on to black/white later on (small edits though), and so I post my first RMT in a long time. please bare with me, as i possibly fail (Also, I do RNG breed, so assume that all IV's are 31 unless i state a certain IV change). The team I'll be making is a Bulky offense team

Team Layout


Lead Lucario
@Focus sash
Ability: Inner focus
Nature: Lonely (+Atk,-Def)
Ev's: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
IV's: 0
-Close Combat

Alright, so here we have a good ol' basic lead lucario (sorry, not very good at the whole "be creative with EV's" thing, so they'll be the sets posted on smogon). I always did have a liking for Lucario, what with his sandstorm/poison/flinch resistance, and weakened stealth rock. Close Combat for STAB against most pokemon, Crunch for hitting psychic/ghost leads, Extremespeed for priority against others, and Counter to OHKO pokemon who use physical super effective moves (Infernape, Metagross, Bronzong, swampert, Machamp, etc. the list is decently long). keep using him till he dies.

(Sorry,couldn't find the correct sprite)
Bulky Rotom-C
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Bold (+Def,-Atk)
Ev's: 252 HP / 208 Def / 48 Spe
-Thunderbolt/Discharge (yet to decide)
-Shadow Ball

Next, we have our Special bulky tank, Rotom-C. I thank gamefreak for levitate, as it can fight the common ground types and actually stand a decent chance. Thunderbolt for stronger STAB, or I could use Discharge to try spreading paralysis among the opponents team (may do that. My team isn't exactly the fastest). Shadow Ball for dual STAB, and killing off Psychic and ghosts, Will-o-wisp to cripple physical pokemon, in which it will make it even hard to kill my defensive team. Leafstorm is there for a trong grass move to kill off ground/rock/water pokemon that thunderbolt/discharge can't, such as quagsire and swampert. Leftovers to heal as much as i can.

Tank Swampert
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Relaxed (+Def,-Spe)
Ev's: 252 HP / 216 Def / 40 SpD
-Stealth Rock
-Ice Beam

Ah, Swampert. I've used you before, at least. great Defense pokemon indeed. Electric defense, SR support, able to kill multiple common pokemon such as tyranitar and heatran. Stealth rock for... well, rocks. Derp. Earthquake for a STAB move, and Ice beam to kill grass, and flying pokemon who are immune to earthquake. Again, I've reached a toss up between roar, where i can switch the opponents pokemon to rack up SR damage, or protect for scouting moves.

Revenge Killer Gyarados
@Choice Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Adamant (may change for speed purposes)
Ev's: 72 HP / 252 Atk / 184 Spe (again, may change)
-Stone Edge
-Earthquake/Ice Fang

Ok, so here is a tricky one to build for my team. Originally, this was going to be celebi, but due to alot of weaknesses overall (and the fact that i can't just get a celebi that easily), we bring in a Choice scarfed gyarados. the reason why this is tricky is because im not entirely sure what to use to my advantage. Waterfall for STAB, Stone edge to hit flying pokemon such as Zapdos for damage, as well as fire and grass pokemon who are immune to waterfall. the hard part is the last two move slots. Payback can be used to do double damage if it by faster choice users like gengar, Earthquake hits non-flying electric users hard, and steel pokemon as well. Ice fang can be used to hit grass, flying, and ground pokemon who resist my other moves. If someone has a better opinion of what i should do, pleeaase help me. I'll give you a cookie.

Wish support Umbreon
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Carfeul (+SpD,-SpA)
Ev's: 252 HP / 120 Def / 136 SpD

Alright, I am now jumping into dangerous waters here. Back in the day, Umbreon was my favorite pokemon to play around with... actually, it still is. On smogon, your going to only find this set in the ruby/sapphire section. this is actually a set that was on the site, but then removed as they only see umbreon as a mean look passer... which hes not.continuing on, Payback is a STAB dark move, and since umbreon will have low speed, it will do double damage nearly most of the time. Wish is essential, otherwise it wouldn't be wish support. Toxic for poisoning the enemy, in which i can stall the battle with protect. Protect to scout, and also heal myself after using wish. Taunt is an option, but not a likely one as umbreon is already slow, meaning i won't have a chance of using it before I myself get taunted

Bulky DD Dragonite
@Leftovers/Life Orb
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Adamant (+Atk,-SpA)
Ev's: 252 HP / 44 Atk / 212 Spe
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw/Outrage
-Fire Punch

And so, we reach the last pokemon on the team. Dragon Dance to power-up Atk/Spe, followed by either Dragon claw/outrage for STAB. Roost for self healing damage recieved from either the opponent, life orb, or confusion damage from outrage. Fire punch on this moveset to deal with multiple steel pokemon that my team would noramlly have troubles with (skarmory, forretress.) only toss up is between a dragon attack and item. Leftovers to heal the bulky dragon, or life orb to do more damage but at a cost of HP. Dragon Claw For a decent STAB, or Outrage for much stronger STAB but then being locked into the move, followed by confusion. tough choice indeed.


So, I now come to my conclusion after typing this for nearly an hour and a half. This team is not meant to be the best, but to help my abilities for teambuilding, as well as a basic team for getting back into competitive play. As i mentioned before, if this team works out I will be trying to bring this into a 5th Gen. team with only slight conversions in the process (multiscale dragonite, Moxie Gyarados, etc.). If you have any suggestions, tips, advice, threats, etc, please comment below. your thoughts are always welcome. However, please give a full explanation. do not just make a simple statement such as "Needs more scizor", or something along those lines.

Nice team, it wasn't easy to identify threats. the choice scarf gyarados was a little weird to me though. Opposing Gyarados looks like trouble, since after a DD, offensive gyarados outspeeds your team and bulky gyara will speed tie. You could whittle it down with Intimidate, but it still does a lot to your team. Bulky gyara can taunt your swampert and umbreon, and your own Gyarados isn't strong enough to KO it, and it could even miss. Your main hope would be Rotom, but carelessness could lead to it dying from dark types.

The main thing I think would be dragon types. You don't have any steel types (except lucario, who can't take a hit anyway). The rare Choice Band Dragonite could punch some serious holes in this team, and so will mixed Dragonite. Flygon could also possibly clean up in the late game once your team is weakened.

A Choice Scarf Jirachi could help greatly as it can take out Gyarados, Dragonite, Flygon, and generally be a pain in the ass, especially if the opponent lacks Heatran. I've had a team with a Roar Swampert and CS Jirachi. Simply with these two, Flygon had never been a problem. Jirachi has great type synergy with the rest of your team. It can also use Trick to mess with the opposing team.

Choice Scarf Heatran is also a great choice, since you lack reliability in revenge killing and you need a dragon-type resistance. Heatran, unlike Jirachi, has raw power and still has enough speed and movepool to effectively revenge kill. Hidden Power Electric or Dragon Pulse depending on the threat, and Explosion to take care of annoyances like Suicune and Blissey.

Can I have a cookie?

Edit: I just noticed an Umbreon on your team, I'd suggest using Vaporeon since he has better typing and can do pretty much the same thing better. Plus, Umbreon is weak to too many things (Scizor) and is way too easy to get set up on without Taunt or Mean Look. Vaporeon also provides a more reliable Infernape counter for your team, since different variants of Infernape carry moves that can hit every member of your team super effectively (except Rotom).
I completely agree with Smiles, Gyarados isn't exactly an ideal scarfer. A huge weakness I see is that you have no reliable answer to Shaymin (Especially HP Ice variants), A life orb Shaymin can hypothetically (Given the opponent has SR set up) OHKO every single Poke with on your team with the exception of Umbreon whom can do very little back especially with a Spec. Def drop.. Another threat is SD Lucario, the only counter you have is Gyarados but without reliable recovery it can easily be worn down and you'd be in a very vulnerable position against a +2 Lucario (Having to rely on winning a speed tie or a low damge role). I suggest replacing ScarfGyarados with Scarftran as it provides a reliable counter (check at the very least) to shaymin while also strengthening your weakness to SD Lucario. Special mixed apes are also somewhat dangerous imo, as a LO'd grass knot is capable of OHKOing Swampert and HP ice can KO Dnite respectively. Therefore I recommend switching Umbreon with Vaporeon as Smiles suggested, not only does it do a good job countering Infernape but provides extra assurance to Suicune, which your team is also susceptible to. A set with Surf/Wish/Protect/Toxic should suffice. All in all, very nice team.
Thanks for the comments! I'll take a look at scarftran, scarfrachi, and vaporeon right now. I've also been suggested Skarmbliss combo over umbreon and dragonite, but it didn't work too well (I hate fire) I'll edit once i have an update
I decided to take a look at this team again, and I think you should patch up some other weak spots in this team as well.
Seeing as Lucario is a suicide lead and you have Swampert, defensive Rotom-a, and Vaporeon, I think he will just slow the team down. Without constant offensive presence, any damage done by Lucario will not be as significant if the rest of your team cannot take advantage.

Swampert has some great lead match ups, although the low speed is somewhat a letdown. If you moved Swampert up to the lead slot, Lucario would be pretty much useless and you could replace him with a different member. A blissey on your team in place of Lucario could work, especially to help patch up some trouble with Starmie.

Another possiblity is replacing Lucario with Machamp and leading with him. An Infernape lead could also help to deal with Forretress, since it seems like you currently have no immediate way to deal with him.

Any additional Pokemon that can deal with Empoleon and Heatran (blissey, machamp, infernape) can be beneficial to this team since Dragonite cannot sweep with them in the way.

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