$500 Prize Pool BW Doubles OU Tour - Round 2 (A)

Activity post were going to play on Saturday, but didn't show up. I showed up for same time Sunday and also wasn't there. Hasn't messaged since they said yes to the battle time.


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all
Acitivity calls / flips:
all flips are recorded in doubles ps room

Jucherz vs TUO TUO did not respond to the vm
innovamania vs Mix innovamania didn't respond to vm
b1akey vs Bdlc no vms, flip goes to bdlc
StarChar vs Tom Copson Tom didn't make the agreed time and didn't make an attempt to reschedule
Lionyx vs BLINGAS no vms, flip goes to lionyx
Yuichii vs Chill Shadow no vm response from Yuichii
cb aaron judge vs Pais extended to Tuesday
shaian vs zugubu royale extended to Tuesday
Birkal vs Lashum No vm response from Birkal
SocialSocialSocial vs Zhro no vms, flip goes to Zhro

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