$500 Prize Pool BW Doubles OU Tour - Round 2 B


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Calling act, opp responded just once during scheduling and gave me an impossible time and vanished, and is not responding to further messages.


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all
Activity Calls / Logs (logs of flips are in PS room):

Akaru Kokuyo vs Trace extension granted
Mindnight vs Bughouse vms seem to imply Mindnight gave the win to Bughouse
nightcore vs miltankmilk nightcore was granted win in vms
The Kyle vs xJoelituh seems to be poor scheduling on both sides + maybe it was scheduled outside vms.... The Kyle gets this based on having made a time
The Idiot Ninja vs ceraa The Idiot Ninja gets act for kind've making the time and no vm response from ceraa
neomon vs Kurukaito noo response from Kurukaito
@[Herv] Vegeto vs Kaori Vegeto didn't respond to my vm... this one's a little up in the air but I did vm him/her personally to let them know they had a matchup
Yellow Paint vs Darkdevil extension granted
Z strats vs Jaystorm027 no response from Jay
finally vs xray no vms either way, flip goes to xray
Mr.GX vs Dr Nibs Mr.GX wins act on being there
Level 56 vs Will-I-am no response from 56
DragonWhale vs cielbakasan no response to DragonWhale's followup vm
Level 51 vs TempleVGC no vms, flip goes to Level 51
Lancers vs So Noisy this is either a dq or a win, pending the arrival of replays
Sneakers vs Kory2600 no vms, flip goes to Kory

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