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5th Gen OU Analysis Index/Reservations

This thread will hopefully keep track of everybody's movements, and will make it clear which analyses are available for reservation and which are not, so you don't have to keep trawling through the subforum to see if what you want is available.

Now, it's quite possible that I may have missed somebody or something in the colossal mass of threads collected here, so if I have, feel free to drop me a PM or post in the thread, and I will endeavour to correct it. If there is a clash between two people who seem to have reserved the same analysis or similar, please take it to a C&C mod as I cannot really sort that out myself. Also, big thanks to Setsuna who is helping me keep this thread up to date (and is also making my job a lot easier by sorting out the forum itself).

Also, if you happen to reserve a Pokemon, post a placeholder, or finish a write-up, please do post here so that I can edit the OP, just in case I miss it otherwise.

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Useful Links

The following may be of use to anybody interested in writing an analysis:
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Important information about OU analyses - Read before posting a reservation here:

--- This is the OU subforum, and we are ONLY writing/reserving analyses for "competitive" Pokemon in OU. As much as you may want to reserve a Delcatty analysis, it really is a waste of everybody's time, not just yours.

--- If you believe that a Pokemon is viable for use in OU that hasn't had an OU analysis written about it yet, then feel free to post a skeleton analysis with your proposed sets. However, bear in mind that it may well end up being rejected by the Quality Control team.

--- If you really, really want to write an analysis for one of these lower Pokemon, and it doesn't deserve an OU analysis, then go here and you may write it for UU, or here to reserve it for RU, or failing that, go here to reserve it for NU. Please note that the UU and RU subforums have their own restrictions on Pokemon, however.

--- If you wish to contribute a new set to an analysis that is already on-site, you may post a new thread for it, but it must conform to Smogon's standard format. However, make sure that your set has not been posted before, otherwise you may receive a warning. To see all sets that have been rejected in the past, go here.

--- RE: Naming threads. If you are writing an analysis from scratch with nothing previously on-site, the title should have (Analysis) in it. If you are updating a currently on-site analysis, the title should have (Full Revamp) in it. Finally, if you are writing a single set for an existing analysis, then the title should have (Set Name) in it, where the name is whatever you happen to be calling your set. No custom names, though.

--- If you have any doubts about the effectiveness or legality of your new set or proposed analysis, you can speak with a member of the Quality Control team by PM to gauge their opinion on whether it is viable or not; the advice they give is often invaluable, and they will (almost) always be happy to help.

--- Please make absolutely sure that your analysis is legal before posting.

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A Guide to Analysis Tags, Categories, and the OU C&C Process

The analyses are categorised below as follows:

- The analysis has been reserved in the official reservations thread― that's to say, this thread ―and is hence marked down as that member's responsibility to complete.

- Once your analysis has been reserved, you should write up and post a skeleton analysis. A skeleton analysis is an analysis where you just note down the essential points on how each set works, teammates, etc. as a bullet point list, rather than comments written up in full. This way, it is easier for others to comment on content, and if a set ends up being rejected, you do not lose (much) valuable work. We highly recommend to use skeletons during the first stages of an analysis. We also recommend that you display the number of Quality Control checks (see below) that you have received in the thread title as well.

A typical thread title for this stage would be: (Quality Control) Scizor (Analysis) [QC 0/3]

- Feel free to write up your analyses formally once you believe you have enough knowledge and material to work with. However, we again recommend waiting until your thread has been fully approved by Quality Control before progressing onto this stage. Once your analysis has been fully approved by Quality Control, you may change the tag to "Copyediting". This shows that it has passed Quality Control, even if you have not written it yet. We also recommend that you display the number of Grammar-Prose Team checks your analysis has received in the title, once you have fully written it.

A typical thread title for this stage would be: (Copyediting) Scizor (Analysis) [GP 0/2]

- Once your skeleton analysis has been posted, the Quality Control team will descend upon your analysis and after testing, will use their in-depth competitive knowledge to make your analysis as informative and accurate as possible. Please respect their judgment at all times. After it has been approved by three different Quality Control members, your analysis is ready to move on to the next stage. At this point, change the thread tag to "Copyediting" and you can begin writing your analysis up. However, if your analysis is not competitively viable, it will be QC REJECTED, so be warned.

The Quality Control team members for OU are listed here (feel free to PM them for a check-up).

- Once your analysis is approved by the Quality Control team, and you have finished writing it up, the final touch will be provided by the Grammar-Prose team, who will run through your analysis correcting anything out of place. Please remember that in order to get your analysis checked by the Grammar-Prose Team, you need to post in the Grammar-Prose Team Queue Thread. Make sure that you have the correct format before you do so, however. Once your analysis has been approved by a minimum of two different Grammar-Prose team members, you can at last call your analysis 'finished'. At this stage, please change your thread tag to "Done". Grammar-Prose team members can also approve the grammar checks of non-GP team members to make them count as full GP checks.

The Grammar-Prose team members are listed here (feel free to PM them for a check-up).

- Once your analysis has has received both of its Grammar-Prose checks, and the last has been implemented, please change the thread tag to "Done", and you can sit back and feel good about it. You may also wish to contact a C&C moderator to push your analysis to the final stage.

A typical thread title for this stage would be: (Done) Scizor (Analysis)

- Last, but by no means least, a C&C moderator will give your analysis a final check, upload it to the SCMS, and move your analysis thread to the Uploaded Analyses subforum of the Archives. Once it's there, a Site Staff member will cache your analysis so it appears on the site. And then it's all done. Post here so that I know, and I'll move your analysis entry in this index to uploaded analysis archive.

Good luck!

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Current Analysis Index

These are the analyses either being worked on or up for reservation at this time. If you really must insist on writing a Purugly analysis or whatever, then go visit the UU or RU or NU analysis indexes, but please do not bother posting it here. Make sure what you're posting is actually usable (refer to the above for other things you must make sure of).
Black 2 / White 2 Analyses, Revamps, and Updates

High Priority

Mid Priority

Low Priority
Breloom (Small Update) - Seven Deadly Sins SKELETON
Cofagrigus (BW2 Revamp) - Rohail
Gastrodon (Update) - Gary2346
Gengar (Update) - alexwolf SKELETON
Liepard (BW2 Analysis) - Katakiri SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Magneton (BW2 Revamp) - Magcargo 2 SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Meloetta (BW2 Revamp) - Halcyon of Light SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Mew (Update) - PK Gaming SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Porygon2 (BW2 Revamp) - Agent Gibbs SKELETON
Sawsbuck (BW2 Revamp) - Halcyon of Light SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Scizor (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Sharpedo (BW2 Revamp) - Icecream SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Tangrowth (BW2 Revamp) - blazeVA SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Ferrothorn (BW Rewrite) - Delta 2777 WRITTEN

Peer Edits and New Sets

Celebi (Baton Pass Update) - jc104 SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Dragonite (Agility Rain Sweeper) - AccidentalGreed SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Heatran (Flame Charge) - BKC
Jirachi (Mixed Set Revamp) - Jukain
Seismitoad (Offensive) - Alfalfa SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]
Victini (Special Attacker) - Fuzznip SKELETON QC APPROVED [2/3]




Analyses by OP

AccidentalGreed - Dragonite (Agility Rain Sweeper)
Agent Gibbs - Porygon2 (BW2 Revamp)
alexwolf - Scizor (BW2 Revamp), Gengar (Update)
Alfalfa - Seismitoad (Offensive)
BKC - Heatran (Flame Charge)
blazeVA - Tangrowth (BW2 Revamp)
Delta 2777 - Ferrothorn (BW2 Rewrite)
Fuzznip - Victini (Special Attacker)
Gary2346 - Gastrodon (Update)
Halcyon of Light - Sawsbuck (BW2 Revamp)
Icecream - Meloetta (BW2 Revamp), Sharpedo (BW2 Revamp)
jc104 - Celebi (Baton Pass Update)
jukain - Jirachi (Mixed Attacker Revamp)
Katakiri - Liepard (BW2 Analysis)
Magcargo 2 - Magneton (BW2 Revamp)
PK Gaming - Mew (Update)
Rohail - Cofagrigus (BW2 Revamp)
Seven Deadly Sins - Breloom (Small Update)

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Analysis Archive

This place used to be used to keep tabs on who has dibs on what, for when UU analyses were not allowed. However, due to the
massive influx of reservations on opening these analyses (and the matter slipping the administration's mind) all previous reservations are null and void. Sorry about that. For a link to the UU subforum's index thread, please go here. RU's is located here. NU's is located here. Most unfortunately, all of these indexes are greatly aesthetically and functionally inferior to this one, but please don't say so or it will upset their feelings.

Anyway, this place is used to store all the uploaded analyses now that the site is ready to take them. They have all been given the immensely satisfying tag, ON SITE. Please feel free to check out all the completed analyses here. Alternatively, just look at them on-site.
Uploaded Analyses

Abomasnow (BW2 Revamp) - Pokemazter ON SITE
Accelgor (BW2 Revamp) - Governess ON SITE
Aerodactyl (BW2 Revamp) - ballabrown24 ON SITE
Alakazam (BW2 Revamp) - ballabrown24 ON SITE
Amoonguss (BW2 Revamp) - ballabrown24 ON SITE
Aron (Analysis) - Jukain ON SITE
Azelf (BW2 Revamp) - Governess ON SITE
Azumarill (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Breloom (BW2 Revamp) - Seven Deadly Sins ON SITE
Bronzong (BW2 Revamp) - ScraftyIsTheBest ON SITE
Celebi (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Crawdaunt (BW2 Revamp) - Rohail17 ON SITE
Cobalion (BW2 Revamp) - Husky ON SITE
Conkeldurr (All-Out Attacker) - Vertex ON SITE
Cresselia (BW2 Revamp) - Icevream ON SITE
Darmanitan (BW2 Revamp) - Gary2346 ON SITE
Ditto (BW2 Analysis) - ballabrown24 ON SITE
Donphan (BW2 Analysis) - Gary2346 ON SITE
Dragonite (BW2 Update) - Jukain ON SITE
Dugtrio (BW2 Revamp) - papai noel ON SITE
Durant (BW2 Revamp) - Swamp-Rocket ON SITE
Empoleon (BW2 Update) - Jukain ON SITE
Espeon (BW2 Revamp) - ballabrown24 ON SITE
Espeon (Offensive Magic Bounce) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Feraligatr (BW2 Revamp) - gr8astard ON SITE
Forretress (BW2 Revamp) - ThePillsburyDoughBoy ON SITE
Forretress (Custap Lead) - Harsha ON SITE
Froslass (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Garchomp (BW2 Analysis) - LucaroarkZ ON SITE
Gastrodon (BW2 Revamp) - Joim ON SITE
Gliscor (BW2 Revamp) - Halcyon of Light ON SITE
Genesect (BW2 Analysis) - PK Gaming BANNED
Golurk (BW2 Revamp) - Husky ON SITE
Gothitelle (BW2 Analysis) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Gyarados (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Haxorus (BW2 Revamp) - PK Gaming ON SITE
Heatran (BW2 Revamp) - Icecream ON SITE
Heracross (BW2 Revamp) - Husky ON SITE
Hippowdon (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Hitmontop (BW2 Revamp) - Governess ON SITE
Hydreigon (BW2 Revamp) - PK Gaming ON SITE
Infernape (BW2 Revamp) - PK Gaming ON SITE
Jirachi (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Jolteon (BW2 Revamp) - papai noel ON SITE
Jumpluff (BW2 Analysis) - The Unlucky one ON SITE
Kabutops (BW2 Revamp) - Governess ON SITE
Keldeo (BW2 Analysis) - Harsha ON SITE
Kingdra (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Kyurem (BW2 Revamp) - jc104 ON SITE
Kyurem-B (BW2 Revamp) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Landorus (BW2 Revamp) - jc104 BANNED
Landorus-T (BW2 Analysis) - Seven Deadly Sins ON SITE
Latias (BW2 Revamp) - shrang ON SITE
Latios (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Latios (Dragon Dance) - Jukain ON SITE
Lilligant (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Lucario (BW2 Revamp) - LucaroarkZ ON SITE
Ludicolo (BW2 Revamp) - Icecream ON SITE
Magnezone (BW2 Revamp) - Governess ON SITE
Mamoswine (BW2 Revamp) - Woodchuck ON SITE
Meloetta (BW2 Analysis) - shrang ON SITE
Metagross (BW2 Revamp) - religiousjedi ON SITE
Mienshao (BW2 Revamp) - Gary2346 ON SITE
Moltres (BW2 Analysis) - alexwolf REPLACED
Moltres (General Update) - alexwolf ON SITE
Mr Mime (BW2 Analysis) - jc104 ON SITE
Ninetales (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Ninjask (BW2 Revamp) - NixHex ON SITE
Omastar (BW2 Revamp) - Chillarmy ON SITE
Politoed (BW2 Revamp) - SJCrew ON SITE
Probopass (BW2 Analysis) - kloms ON SITE
Quagsire (BW2 Revamp) - ScraftyIsTheBest ON SITE
Raikou (BW2 Revamp) - Agent Gibbs ON SITE
Reuniclus (BW2 Revamp) - Swamp-Rocket ON SITE
Riolu (BW2 Analysis) - Trinitrotoluene ON SITE
Roserade (BW2 Revamp) - Arcticblast ON SITE
Rotom-H (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Rotom-W (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Sableye (BW2 Revamp) - tehy ON SITE
Salamence (BW2 Revamp) - LucaroarkZON SITE
Sandslash (BW2 Analysis) - Chillarmy REPLACED
Sandslash (General Update) - SlimMan ON SITE
Sceptile (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Scrafty (General Update) - ScarfyIsTheBest ON SITE
Seismitoad (BW2 Analysis) - Chillarmy ON SITE
Shaymin (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Shiftry (BW2 Revamp) - Gary2346 ON SITE
Slowbro (BW2 Revamp) - Governess ON SITE
Slowking (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Smeargle (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Snorlax (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Staraptor (BW2 Revamp) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Starmie (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Stoutland (BW2 Revamp) - Swamp-Rocket ON SITE
Suicune (BW2 Revamp) - ScraftyIsTheBest
Swampert (BW2 Revamp) - Expert Physics ON SITE
Tentacruel (BW2 Revamp) - Dark Fallen Angel ON SITE
Thundurus-T (BW2 Analysis) - Dark Fallen Angel ON SITE
Thundurus-T (BW2 Revamp) - BKC ON SITE
Tornadus (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Tornadus-T (BW2 Analysis) - Tobes BANNED
Toxicroak (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Tyranitar (BW2 Revamp) - Trinitrotoluene ON SITE
Venusaur (BW2 Revamp) - Icecream ON SITE
Victini (BW2 Revamp) - LucaroarkZ ON SITE
Volcarona (BW2 Revamp) - Seven Deadly Sins ON SITE
Weavile (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Wobbuffet (BW2 Revamp) - Jukain ON SITE
Xatu (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf REPLACED
Xatu (General Revamp) - Cygnis ON SITE
Zapdos (BW2 Revamp) - alexwolf ON SITE
Zoroark (BW2 Update) - Katakiri ON SITE

Venusaur (Analysis) - Tobes REPLACED
Charizard (Analysis) - Honko REMOVED
Nidoqueen (Analysis) - Meru ON SITE
Nidoking (Analysis) - religiousjedi REMOVED
Ninetales (Analysis) – zdrup15 REPLACED
Parasect (Analysis) - Calm Pokemaster REMOVED
Venomoth (Analysis) – Moo ON SITE
Dugtrio (Analysis) - am zane ok. REPLACED
Arcanine (Analysis) - Birkal REMOVED
Alakazam (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Machamp (Analysis) - Snorlaxe ON SITE
Victreebel (Analysis) - New World Order ON SITE
Tentacruel (Analysis) - Limewire REPLACED
Slowbro (Analysis) - CBManBearPig REPLACED
Magneton (Analysis) - Arcticblast ON SITE
Cloyster (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Cloyster (Full Revamp) - complete legitimacy ON SITE
Gengar (Analysis) - franky ON SITE
Exeggutor (Analysis) - ThePillsburyDoughBoy ON SITE
Chansey (Analysis) - Snorlaxe ON SITE
Starmie (Analysis) - bugmaniacbob REPLACED
Starmie (Full Revamp) - Harsha REPLACED
Jynx (Analysis) - BTzz ON SITE
Gyarados (Analysis) - DropTheNuke REPLACED
Vaporeon (Analysis) – supermarth64 ON SITE
Jolteon (Analysis) – Snorlaxe REPLACED
Omastar (Analysis) - GtM REPLACED
Kabutops (Analysis) - Limewire REPLACED
Aerodactyl (Analysis) - Molk REPLACED
Snorlax (Analysis) - Erebyssial REPLACED
Zapdos (Analysis) – NatGeo REPLACED
Zapdos (Full Revamp) - NatGeo REPLACED
Dragonite (Analysis) - capefeather REPLACED
Dragonite (Update) - yee REPLACED
Mew (Analysis) - PK Gaming ON SITE


Feraligatr (Analysis) - zarator REPLACED
Crobat (Analysis) - elDino ON SITE
Xatu (Analysis) - Zystral REPLACED
Azumarill (Analysis) – Raikaria REPLACED
Politoed (Analysis) – AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Quagsire (Analysis) – Don Honchkrorleone REPLACED
Espeon (Analysis) - Venser REPLACED
Slowking (Analysis) - SJCrew REPLACED
Wobbuffet (Analysis) - Berserker Lord REPLACED
Forretress (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Scizor (Analysis) - elDino ON SITE
Heracross (Analysis) - Majora_younglink REPLACED
Skarmory (Analysis) - Colonel_M ON SITE
Kingdra (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Donphan (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Porygon2 (Analysis) - capefeather ON SITE
Smeargle (Analysis) - Zystral REPLACED
Hitmontop (Analysis) - supermarth64 REPLACED
Blissey (Analysis) – supermarth64 ON SITE
Raikou (Analysis) - Omicron REPLACED
Suicune (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Tyranitar (Analysis) – Ray Jay REPLACED
Celebi (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED


Sceptile (Analysis) - bugmaniacbob REPLACED
Blaziken (Analysis) - Calm Pokemaster BANNED
Swampert (Analysis) - elDino REPLACED
Ludicolo (Analysis) - elDino REPLACED
Shiftry (Analysis) - Don Honchkrorleone ON SITE
Breloom (Analysis) – Seven Deadly Sins REPLACED
Ninjask (Analysis) – smashlloyd20 REPLACED
Sableye (Analysis) - Scorpio ON SITE
Medicham (Analysis) - jc104 ON SITE
Volbeat (Analysis) - Omicron ON SITE
Sharpedo (Analysis)- AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Flygon (Analysis) - shrang REMOVED
Crawdaunt (Analysis) - SJCrew ON SITE
Cradily (Analysis) - The3DOstrich REMOVED
Cradily (Full Revamp) - Pocket REMOVED
Milotic (Analysis) – Cipher Admin Lovrina REMOVED
Dusclops (Analysis)- Husky REMOVED
Huntail (Analysis) - Sir REMOVED
Gorebyss (Analysis) – Limewire ON SITE
Salamence (Analysis) – Delta 2777 REPLACED
Salamence (Update) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Metagross (Analysis) - Moo REPLACED
Latias (Analysis) - NatGeo REPLACED
Latios (Analysis) - Aerrow REPLACED
Jirachi (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Deoxys-A (Analysis) - smashlloyd20 BANNED
Deoxys-D (Analysis) - elDino BANNED
Deoxys-S (Analysis) – Deinosaur BANNED


Infernape (Analysis) - Aerrow REPLACED
Empoleon (Analysis) - Parachomp REPLACED
Staraptor (Analysis) – AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Roserade (Analysis) - Fatecrashers REPLACED
Gastrodon (Analysis) - GtM REPLACED
Bronzong (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Spiritomb (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed REMOVED
Lucario (Analysis) - supermarth64 REPLACED
Lucario (Full Revamp) - sirndpt REPLACED
Hippowdon (Analysis) - Snorlaxe REPLACED
Hippowdon (Update) - Badal REPLACED
Drapion (Analysis) - Komodo REMOVED
Toxicroak (Analysis) – Omicron REPLACED
Abomasnow (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Weavile (Analysis) - SJCrew ON SITE
Magnezone (Analysis) - SOMALIA REPLACED
Tangrowth (Analysis) - Benlisted ON SITE
Electivire (Analysis) - NixHex REMOVED
Togekiss (Analysis)– AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Yanmega (Analysis) - Omicron REMOVED
Gliscor (Analysis) – Iconic ON SITE
Mamoswine (Analysis) - NatGeo REPLACED
Gallade (Analysis) - Galladiator REMOVED
Dusknoir (Analysis) - religiousjedi REMOVED
Froslass (Analysis) - elDino REPLACED
Rotom (Analysis) - shrang ON SITE
Rotom-C (Analysis) - Husky REPLACED
Rotom-C (Full Revamp) - Harsha ON SITE
Rotom-H (Analysis) - elDino REPLACED
Rotom-W (Analysis) - Iconic REPLACED
Azelf (Analysis) – Moo/zdrup15 REPLACED
Uxie (Analysis) - Limewire REMOVED
Heatran (Analysis) - Limewire ON SITE
Cresselia (Analysis) - Noog REPLACED
Manaphy (Analysis) - Ditto BANNED
Darkrai (Analysis) - Chou Toshio BANNED
Shaymin (Analysis) - elDino REPLACED


Victini (Analysis) - SJCrew REPLACED
Stoutland (Analysis) – Badal REPLACED
Excadrill (Analysis) – Rising_Dusk BANNED
Conkeldurr (Analysis) – The3DOstrich ON SITE
Throh (Analysis) - Diana REMOVED
Scolipede (Analysis) - Zystral REPLACED
Scolipede (Full Revamp) - V0x ON SITE
Whimsicott (Analysis) - Rising_Dusk ON SITE
Lilligant (Analysis) – Chillarmy REPLACED
Krookodile (Analysis) - Trinitrotoluene REMOVED
Darmanitan (Analysis) - NatGeo REPLACED
Crustle (Analysis) – bugmaniacbob REMOVED
Scrafty (Analysis) – Delta 2777 ON SITE
Sigilyph (Analysis) - MackTheKnife ON SITE
Cofagrigus (Analysis) - Delta 2777 REMOVED
Carracosta (Analysis) - religiousjedi REMOVED
Archeops (Analysis) - Lamppost REMOVED
Zoroark (Analysis) - PK Gaming REPLACED
Reuniclus (Analysis) - Iconic REPLACED
Sawsbuck (Analysis) - Charmander ON SITE
Escavalier (Analysis) - religiousjedi REMOVED
Amoonguss (Analysis) - Moo REPLACED
Jellicent (Analysis) - Ray Jay ON SITE
Galvantula (Analysis) – bugmaniacbob REMOVED
Ferrothorn (Analysis) - Delta 2777 ON SITE
Klinklang (Analysis) – Wild Eep REMOVED
Eelektross (Analysis) – bugmaniacbob REMOVED
Chandelure (Analysis) – capefeather ON SITE
Haxorus (Analysis) - Iconic REPLACED
Accelgor (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Mienshao (Analysis) – AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Golurk (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Bisharp (Analysis) - Galladiator REMOVED
Bouffalant (Analysis) - Charmander REMOVED
Mandibuzz (Analysis) - Moo REMOVED
Durant (Analysis) – Rising_Dusk REPLACED
Hydreigon (Analysis) - Calm Pokemaster REPLACED
Volcarona (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Cobalion (Analysis) - Husky REPLACED
Terrakion (Analysis) - JabbaTheGriffin ON SITE
Virizion (Analysis) - zdrup15 REPLACED
Virizion (Update) - shrang ON SITE
Tornadus (Analysis) – Omicron REPLACED
Thundurus (Analysis) – Calm Pokemaster BANNED
Landorus (Analysis) – Berserker Lord REPLACED
Kyurem (Analysis) - religiousjedi REPLACED
Kyurem (Full Revamp) - jc104 REPLACED
Abomasnow (Choice Band) - Knight of Cydonia ON SITE
Abomasnow (Mixed Attacker) - Blue_Star ON SITE
Abomasnow (Physical Attacker) - JellyOs ON SITE
Azelf (Dual Screens) - Sir REPLACED
Azelf (Physical Stealth Rock) - Harsha REMOVED
Breloom (Bulk Up) - Blue_Star REMOVED
Celebi (Baton Pass) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Celebi (Special Attacker + U-turn) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Celebi (Specially Defensive) - NatGeo REPLACED
Chandelure (Sunny Day) - BTzz ON SITE
Cloyster (Utility) - yee ON SITE
Cobalion (Defensive) - Katakiri ON SITE
Cobalion (Mixed Attacker) - alexwolf ON SITE
Conkeldurr (Status Orb) - waterwarrior ON SITE
Deoxys-D (Fast Spiker) - Myzozoa REPLACED
Deoxys-D (Suicide Lead) - Harsha REPLACED
Dragonite (Substitute + Dragon Dance) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Dragonite (Tank) - BTzz ON SITE
Dragonite (Wallbreaker) - Jimera0 REMOVED
Dugtrio (Reversal) - Tobes REPLACED
Espeon (Baton Pass) - Omicron ON SITE
Espeon (EspySun)
Espeon (Offensive Magic Bounce) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Gengar (Choice Scarf) - LucaroarkZ ON SITE
Gengar (Offensive 3 Attacks) - Katakiri ON SITE
Gliscor (Acrobatics) - elDino ON SITE
Gliscor (SubPass) - Thundur ON SITE
Gothitelle (Non-Choice Attacker) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Gyarados (Choice) - NatGeo REPLACED
Gyarados (Bulky Support) - Harsha REMOVED
Gyarados (Substitute + Dragon Dance) - Woodchuck REPLACED
Haxorus (Double Dance) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Heatran (Magma Storm) - Harsha ON SITE
Heatran (Substitute) - Tomohawk9 ON SITE
Heatran (Sunny Day) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Heatran (Weather Trapper) - Tobes ON SITE
Hippowdon (Life Orb Tank) - complete legitimacy REMOVED
Hydreigon (Mixed) - ThunderBlunder REPLACED
Hydreigon (Substitute) - Blue_Star REPLACED
Infernape (Choice Scarf) - New World Order ON SITE
Jellicent (Choice Specs) - shrang ON SITE
Jellicent (Special Wall) - JellyOs ON SITE
Jirachi (Mixed Attacker) - Thundur ON SITE
Jolteon (Baton Pass) - yee ON SITE
Keldeo (Choice Scarf) - jc104 ON SITE
Keldeo (Non-Choice Attacker) - Jukain ON SITE
Kingdra (Special Rain Dance) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Kyurem (Substitute + 3 Attacks) - Delko REMOVED
Landorus (Choice Band) - Cherub Agent REMOVED
Landorus (Expert Belt) - Iconic ON SITE
Landorus (Physical Attacker) - prem REMOVED
Landorus-T (Double Booster) - gr8astard ON SITE
Latias (Dual Screens) - Harsha REPLACED
Latias (Defensive Calm Mind) - twash REMOVED
Latias (Life Orb Tank) - RaikouLover REPLACED
Latios (Dragon Dance) - Jukain ON SITE
Lilligant (Sun Utility) - Katakiri ON SITE
Magnezone (Choice Specs) - Lord of Bays REPLACED
Metagross (Trick + Iron Ball) - Cherub Agent REMOVED
Mew (Stealth Rock) - religiousjedi ON SITE
Mienshao (Substitute) - Thundur ON SITE
Ninetales (Sunny Day) - New World Order REMOVED
Politoed (3 Attacks) - Harsha REPLACED
Roserade (Offensive) - Arcticblast ON SITE
Rotom-W (SubSplit) - ThePillsburyDoughBoy ON SITE
Salamence (Moxie Lure) - AccidentalGreed REMOVED
Scizor (Baton Pass) - Icecream ON SITE
Scizor (Choice Scarf) - twash ON SITE
Scizor (Trapper) - Tomahawk9 ON SITE
Sharpedo (Physical Speed Boost) - Iconic ON SITE
Shiftry (Mixed) - BTzz ON SITE
Skarmory (Custap Lead) - Trinitrotoluene ON SITE
Slowking (Offensive Trick Room) - alexwolf ON SITE
Smeargle (Lead) - Gary2346 ON SITE
Starmie (Defensive Rapid Spin) - dragonboy52 ON SITE
Starmie (Rain Dance Spinner) - Harsha ON SITE
Tangrowth (OU Tank Revamp) - Jimera0 ON SITE
Terrakion (Stealth Rock) - Jukain ON SITE
Tentacruel (SubToxic) - Mynism REPLACED
Terrakion (Substitute + Swords Dance) - New World Order ON SITE
Tornadus (Acrobatics) - ShakeItUp REPLACED
Toxicroak (Toxic Stall) - alexwolf ON SITE
Tyranitar (Lead) - LilOuOn ON SITE
Vaporeon (Hydration Tank) - AccidentalGreed ON SITE
Vaporeon (Hydration Wall) - Jimera0 ON SITE
Venusaur (Sunny Day) - alexwolf REPLACED
Victini (Offensive Choice Scarf) - AccidentalGreed REPLACED
Victini (Trick Room) - NixHex REPLACED
Virizion (Dual Screens) - Harsha ON SITE
Virizion (Work Up) - New World Order ON SITE
Volcarona (Rain) - shrang REPLACED
Volcarona (Substitute) - NatGeo REMOVED
Wobbuffet (Bulky) - Berserker Lord REPLACED
AccidentalGreed - Staraptor (Analysis), Togekiss (Analysis), Jirachi (Analysis), Kingdra (Analysis), Politoed (Analysis), Mienshao (Analysis), Sharpedo (Analysis), Celebi (Analysis), Spiritomb (Analysis), Victini (Offensive Choice Scarf), Donphan (Analysis), Haxorus (Double Dance), Alakazam (Analysis), Vaporeon (Hydration Tank), Dragonite (Substitute + Dragon Dance), Kingdra (Special Rain Dance), Heatran (Sunny Day), Celebi (Special Attacker + U-turn), Salamence (Update), Salamence (Moxie Lure), Celebi (Baton Pass), Gothitelle (Non-Choice Attacker), Kyurem-B (BW2 Analysis), Staraptor (BW2 Revamp), Espeon (Offensive Magic Bounce)
Aerrow - Latios (Analysis), Infernape (Analysis), Gothitelle (BW2 Analysis)
Agent Gibbs - Raikou (BW2 Revamp)
alexwolf - Venusaur (Sunny Day), Cobalion (Mixed Attacker), Rotom-W (BW2 Revamp), Xatu (BW2 Revamp), Celebi (BW2 Revamp), Moltres (BW2 Analysis), Slowking (Offensive Trick Room), Rotom-H (BW2 Revamp), Toxicroak (BW2 Revamp), Shaymin (BW2 Revamp), Hippowdon (BW2 Revamp), Latios (BW2 Revamp), Tornadus (BW2 Revamp), Toxicroak (Toxic Stall), Froslass (BW2 Revamp), Azumarill (BW2 Revamp), Moltres (General Update), Starmie (BW2 Update), Zapdos (BW2 Revamp), Weavile (BW2 Revamp)
am zane ok. - Dugtrio (Analysis)
Arcticblast - Magneton (Analysis), Roserade (Offensive), Roserade (BW2 Revamp)
Badal - Stoutland (Analysis), Hippowdon (Update)
ballabrown24 - Alakazam (BW2 Revamp), Ditto (BW2 Revamp), Amoonguss (BW2 Revamp), Espeon (BW2 Revamp), Aerodactyl (BW2 Revamp), Deoxys-D (BW2 Revamp)
Benlisted - Tangrowth (Analysis)
Berserker Lord - Landorus (Analysis), Wobbuffet (Analysis), Wobbuffet (Bulky)
Birkal - Arcanine (Analysis)
BKC - Thundurus-T (BW2 Revamp)
Blue_Star - Breloom (Bulk Up), Hydreigon (Substitute), Abomasnow (Mixed Attacker)
BTzz - Dragonite (Tank), Jynx (Analysis), Shiftry (Mixed), Chandelure (Sunny Day)
bugmaniacbob - Starmie (Analysis), Crustle (Analysis), Galvantula (Analysis), Eelektross (Analysis), Sceptile (Analysis)
Calm Pokemaster - Blaziken (Analysis), Thundurus (Analysis), Hydreigon (Analysis), Parasect (Analysis)
capefeather - Porygon2 (Analysis), Chandelure (Analysis), Dragonite (Analysis)
CBManBearPig - Slowbro (Analysis)
Charmander - Sawsbuck (Analysis), Bouffalant (Analysis)
Cherub Agent - Landorus (Choice Band), Metagross (Trick + Iron Ball)
Chillarmy - Lilligant (Analysis), Sandslash (BW2 Analysis), Seismitoad (BW2 Analysis), Omastar (BW2 Revamp)
Cipher Admin Lovrina - Milotic (Analysis)
Colonel_M - Skarmory (Analysis)
complete legitimacy - Hippowdon (Life Orb Tank), Cloyster (Full Revamp)
Cygnis - Xatu (General Update)
Dark Fallen Angel - Thundurus-T (BW2 Analysis), Tentacruel (BW2 Revamp)
Deinosaur - Deoxys-S (Analysis)
Delko - Kyurem (Substitute + 3 Attacks), Espeon (EspySun)
Delta 2777 – Scrafty (Analysis), Alomomola (Analysis), Ferrothorn (Analysis), Cofagrigus (Analysis), Salamence (Analysis)
Diana - Throh (Analysis)
Don Honchkrorleone - Quagsire (Analysis), Shiftry (Analysis)
dragonboy52 - Starmie (Defensive Rapid Spin)
DropTheNuke - Gyarados (Analysis)
elDino - Ludicolo (Analysis), Rotom-H (Analysis), Shaymin (Analysis), Scizor (Analysis), Deoxys-D (Analysis), Crobat (Analysis), Froslass (Analysis), Swampert (Analysis), Gliscor (Acrobatics)
Erebyssial - Snorlax (Analysis)
Expert Physics - Swampert (BW2 Revamp)
Fatecrashers - Roserade (Analysis)
franky - Gengar (Analysis)
Galladiator - Gallade (Analysis), Bisharp (Analysis)
Gary2346 - Donphan (BW2 Revamp), Darmanitan (BW2 Revamp), Mienshao (BW2 Revamp), Smeargle (Lead), Shiftry (BW2 Revamp)
Governess - Hitmontop (BW2 Revamp), Azelf (BW2 Revamp), Magnezone (BW2 Revamp), Accelgor (BW2 Revamp), Kabutops (BW2 Revamp), Slowbro (BW2 Revamp)
gr8astard - Feraligatr (BW2 Revamp), Landorus-T (Double Booster)
GtM - Gastrodon (Analysis), Omastar (Analysis)
Halcyon of Light - Gliscor (BW2 Revamp)
Harsha - Politoed (3 Attacks), Starmie (Full Revamp), Gyarados (Bulky Support), Azelf (Physical Stealth Rock), Rotom-C (Full Revamp), Virizion (Dual Screens), Latias (Dual Screens), Heatran (Magma Storm), Starmie (Rain Dance Spinner), Deoxys-D (Suicide Lead), Keldeo (BW2 Analysis), Forretress (Custap Lead)
Honko - Charizard (Analysis)
Husky - Cobalion (Analysis), Rotom-C (Analysis), Dusclops (Analysis), Heracross (BW2 Revamp), Golurk (BW2 Revamp), Cobalion (BW2 Revamp)
Icecream - Venusaur (BW2 Revamp), Ludicolo (BW2 Revamp), Scizor (Baton Pass), Cresselia (BW2 Revamp), Heatran (BW2 Revamp)
Iconic - Rotom-W (Analysis), Reuniclus (Analysis), Gliscor (Analysis), Haxorus (Analysis), Sharpedo (Physical Speed Boost), Landorus (Expert Belt)
JabbaTheGriffin - Terrakion (Analysis)
JellyOs - Jellicent (Special Wall), Abomasnow (Physical Attacker)
jc104 - Medicham (OU Analysis), Kyurem (Full Revamp), Kyurem (BW2 Revamp), Landorus (BW2 Revamp), Keldeo (Choice Scarf), Mr. Mime (Analysis)
Jimera0 - Vaporeon (Hydration Wall), Tangrowth (OU Tank Revamp), Dragonite (Wallbreaker)
Joim - Unown (Joke Analysis), Gastrodon (BW2 Revamp)
Jukain - Slowking (BW2 Revamp), Smeargle (BW2 Revamp), Lilligant (BW2 Revamp), Dragonite (BW2 Update), Terrakion (Stealth Rock), Empoleon (BW2 Revamp), Wobbuffet (BW2 Revamp), Ninetales (BW2 Revamp), Kingdra (BW2 Revamp), Snorlax (BW2 Revamp), Jirachi (BW2 Revamp), Gyarados (BW2 Revamp), Keldeo (Non-Choice Attacker), Sceptile (BW2 Revamp), Aron (Analysis), Latios (Dragon Dance)
Katakiri - Lilligant (Sun Utility), Cobalion (Defensive), Gengar (Offensive 3 Attacks), Zoroark (BW2 Update)
kloms - Probopass (Analysis)
Knight of Cydonia - Abomasnow (Choice Band)
Komodo - Drapion (Analysis)
Lamppost - Archeops (Analysis)
LilOuOn - Tyranitar (Lead)
Limewire - Kabutops (Analysis), Gorebyss (Analysis), Tentacruel (Analysis), Heatran (Analysis), Uxie (Analysis)
Lord of Bays - Magnezone (Choice Specs)
LucaroarkZ - Lucario (BW2 Revamp), Victini (BW2 Revamp), Salamence (BW2 Revamp), Garchomp (BW2 Analysis), Gengar (Choice Scarf)
MackTheKnife - Sigilyph (Analysis)
Majora_younglink - Heracross (Analysis)
Meru - Nidoqueen (Analysis)
Molk – Aerodactyl (Analysis)
Moo - Venomoth (Analysis), Mandibuzz (Analysis), Amoonguss (Analysis), Azelf (Analysis), Metagross (Analysis)
Mynism - Tentacruel (SubToxic)
Myzozoa - Deoxys-D (Fast Spiker)
NatGeo - Zapdos (Analysis), Mamoswine (Analysis), Latias (Analysis), Darmanitan (Analysis), Volcarona (Substitute), Zapdos (Full Revamp), Gyarados (Choice), Celebi (Specially Defensive)
New World Order - Ninetales (Sunny Day), Virizion (Work Up), Terrakion (Substitute + Swords Dance), Infernape (Choice Scarf), Victreebel (Analysis)
NixHex - Electivire (Analysis), Victini (Trick Room), Ninjask (BW2 Revamp)
Noog - Cresselia (Analysis)
Omicron - Toxicroak (Analysis), Tornadus (Analysis), Raikou (Analysis), Espeon (Baton Pass), Yanmega (Analysis)
papai noel - Dugtrio (BW2 Revamp), Jolteon (BW2 Revamp)
Parachomp - Empoleon (Analysis)
PK Gaming - Mew (Analysis), Zoroark (Analysis), Hydreigon (BW2 Revamp), Genesect (BW2 Analysis), Haxorus (BW2 Revamp), Infernape (BW2 Revamp)
Pocket - Cradily (Full Revamp)
Pokemazter - Abomasnow (BW2 Revamp)
prem - Landorus (Physical Attacker)
Raikaria - Azumarill (Analysis)
RaikouLover - Latias (Life Orb Tank)
Ray Jay - Tyranitar (Analysis), Jellicent (Analysis)
religiousjedi - Carracosta (Analysis), Nidoking (Analysis), Dusknoir (Analysis), Kyurem (Analysis), Escavalier (Analysis), Metagross (BW2 Revamp), Mew (Stealth Rock)
Rising_Dusk – Excadrill (Analysis), Durant (Analysis), Whimsicott (Analysis)
Rohail17 - Crwadaunt (Update)
Scorpio - Sableye (Analysis)
ScraftyIsTheBest - Bronzong (BW2 Revamp), Quagsire (BW2 Revamp), Suicune (BW2 Revamp), Scrafty (General Update)
Seven Deadly Sins - Breloom (Analysis), Breloom (BW2 Revamp), Landorus-T (BW2 Analysis), Volcarona (BW2 Revamp)
ShakeItUp - Tornadus (Acrobatics)
shrang - Jellicent (Choice Specs), Volcarona (Rain), Rotom (Analysis), Flygon (Analysis), Virizion (Update), Latias (BW2 Revamp)
Sir - Azelf (Dual Screens), Huntail (Analysis)
sirndpt - Lucario (Full Revamp)
SJCrew - Weavile (Analysis), Victini (Analysis), Slowking (Analysis), Crawdaunt (Analysis), Politoed (BW2 Revamp)
SlimMan - Sandslash (General Update)
smashlloyd20 - Ninjask (Analysis)
Snorlaxe - Jolteon (Analysis), Hippowdon (Analysis), Machamp (Analysis), Chansey (Analysis)
SOMALIA - Magnezone (Analysis)
supermarth64 - Vaporeon (Analysis), Blissey (Analysis), Lucario (Analysis), Hitmontop (Analysis)
Swamp-Rocket - Stoutland (BW2 Revamp), Durant (BW2 Revamp), Reuniclus (BW2 Revamp)
tehy - Sableye (BW2 Revamp)
The Unlucky one - Jumpluff (BW2 Analysis)
The3DOstrich - Cradily (Analysis), Conkeldurr (Analysis), Lapras (Analysis)
ThePillsburyDoughBoy - Rotom-W (SubSplit), Exeggutor (Analysis), Forretress (BW2 Revamp)
ThunderBlunder - Hydreigon (Mixed)
Thundur - Jirachi (Mixed Attacker), Mienshao (Substitute), Gliscor (SubPass)
Tobes – Venusaur (Analysis), Dugtrio (Reversal), Heatran (Weather Trapper), Tornadus-T (BW2 Analysis)
Tomahawk9 - Scizor (Trapper), Heatran (Substitute)
Trinitrotoluene - Krookodile (Analysis), Tyranitar (BW2 Revamp), Riolu (BW2 Analysis), Skarmory (Custap Lead)
twash - Latias (Defensive Calm Mind), Scizor (Choice Scarf)
V0x - Scolipede (Full Revamp)
Venser - Keldeo (Analysis), Espeon (Analysis)
Vertex - Conkeldurr (All-Out Attacker)
waterwarrior - Conkeldurr (Status Orb)
Wild Eep - Klinklang (Analysis)
Woodchuck - Gyarados (Substitute + Dragon Dance), Mamoswine (BW2 Revamp)
yee - Jolteon (Baton Pass), Cloyster (Utility), Dragonite (Update)
zarator - Feraligatr (Analysis)
zdrup15 - Golurk (Analysis), Abomasnow (Analysis), Virizion (Analysis), Suicune (Analysis), Accelgor (Analysis), Bronzong (Analysis), Volcarona (Analysis), Cloyster (Analysis), Ninetales (Analysis), Forretress (Analysis)
Zystral - Scolipede (Analysis), Xatu (Analysis), Smeargle (Analysis)

Other Stuff

Absol (Analysis) - MixedCalibur QC REJECTED
Aggron (Analysis) - PK Gaming QC REJECTED
Aggron (BW2 Analysis) - Chillarmy QC REJECTED
Alomomola (Analysis) - Delta 2777 REMOVED
Audino (Analysis) - coolking49 QC REJECTED
Arcanine (Analysis) - Auraknight REMOVED
Archeops (Analysis) - Lamppost REMOVED
Banette (Analysis) - Don Honchkrorleone QC REJECTED
Basculin (Analysis) - Bluewind QC REJECTED
Bayleef (Analysis) - Superpower QC REJECTED
Beartic (Analysis) - B-Lulz QC REJECTED
Beeheeyem (Analysis) - Fireburn QC REJECTED
Bibarel (Analysis) - sax king QC REJECTED
Bisharp (BW2 Analysis) - alexwolf QC REJECTED
Blastoise (Analysis) - iDunno QC REJECTED
Bouffalant (Analysis) - Charmander REMOVED
Braviary (Analysis) - bugmaniacbob QC REJECTED
Breloom (Focus Sash Lead) - The Unlucky one QC REJECTED
Carracosta (Analysis) - religiousjedi REMOVED
Chandelure (Suicide Trick Room Lead) - Explorer QC REJECTED
Charizard (Analysis) - Honko REMOVED
Claydol (Analysis) - Sir QC REJECTED
Cofagrigus (Analysis) - Delta 2777 REMOVED
Cradily (Analysis) - The3DOstrich REMOVED
Cradily (Full Revamp) - Pocket REMOVED
Crustle (Analysis) - bugmaniacbob REMOVED
Cryogonal (Analysis) - Zystral QC REJECTED
Dragonite (Mixed) - Equator QC REJECTED
Drapion (Analysis) - Komodo REMOVED
Druddigon (Analysis) - Lee QC REJECTED
Dugtrio (Life Orb) - Vertex QC REJECTED
Dusclops (Analysis) - Husky REMOVED
Dusclops (Analysis) - sasukewins QC REJECTED
Dusknoir (Analysis) - religiousjedi REMOVED
Eelektross (Analysis) - bugmaniacbob REMOVED
Electivire (Analysis) - NixHex REMOVED
Electrode (Analysis) - Donny Mae. QC REJECTED
Emboar (Analysis) - The3DOstrich QC REJECTED
Emolga (Analysis) - Zystral QC REJECTED
Entei (Analysis) - Venser QC REJECTED
Escavalier (Analysis) - religiousjedi REMOVED
Exeggutor (Specially based Trick Room + Mixed Trick Room) - Sciztar QC REJECTED
Fearow (Analysis) - Alonsoforever QC REJECTED
Ferrothorn (Curse) - dragonpokeZ QC REJECTED
Flygon (Analysis) - ENZ0 QC REJECTED
Flygon (Analysis) - shrang REMOVED
Furret (Analysis) - gamer boy QC REJECTED
Gallade (Analysis) - Galladiator REMOVED
Garbodor (Analysis) - Waffleman54 QC REJECTED
Gardevoir (Analysis) - GtM QC REJECTED
Gigalith (Analysis) - reyscarface QC REJECTED
Golbat (Analysis) - AasTmo QC REJECTED
Golduck (Analysis) - B-Lulz QC REJECTED
Golem (Analysis) - timetwister QC REJECTED
Hariyama (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed QC REJECTED
Heatmor (Analysis) - Fireburn QC REJECTED
Honchkrow (Analysis) - Don Honchkrorleone QC REJECTED
Huntail (Analysis) - Sir REMOVED
Hydreigon (Choice Band) - epikkyogre78 QC REJECTED
Jirachi (All-Out Physical Attacker) - A dude QC REJECTED
Jumpluff (Analysis) - Benlisted QC REJECTED
Klinklang (Analysis) - Wild Eep REMOVED
Krookodile (Analysis) - Trinitrotoluene REMOVED
Landorus (Update) - jc104 BANNED
Lanturn (Analysis) - Steeli QC REJECTED
Lapras (Analysis) - The3DOstrich REMOVED
Leafeon (Analysis) - Venser QC REJECTED
Leafeon (BW2 Analysis) - SuperChillarmy QC REJECTED
Leavanny (Analysis) - macle QC REJECTED
Liepard (Analysis) - shrang QC REJECTED
Luxray (Analysis) - Galladiator QC REJECTED
Machamp (BW2 Revamp) - A dude QC RECECTED
Mandibuzz (Analysis) - Moo REMOVED
Manectric (Analysis) - Husky QC REJECTED
Maractus (Analysis) - The3DOstrich QC REJECTED
Marowak (Analysis) - Xav QC REJECTED
Masquerain (Analysis) - SilentVerse QC REJECTED
Moltres (Analysis) - The3DOstrich QC REJECTED
Murkrow (Analysis) - Bologo QC REJECTED
Musharna (Analysis) - Snorlaxe QC REJECTED
Parasect (BW2 Revamp) - Cygnis QC REJECTED
Poliwrath (Analysis) - sax king QC REJECTED
Porygon-Z (Analysis) - Petsinwinter QC REJECTED
Probopass (Analysis) - Heist QC REJECTED
Qwilfish (Analysis) - Zeph QC REJECTED
Raichu (Analysis) - Tegen Toppa Raichu Lagann QC REJECTED
Rhyperior (Analysis) - SOMALIA QC REJECTED
Roselia (Analysis) - Afti QC REJECTED
Rotom-S (Analysis) - Don Honchkrorleone QC REJECTED
Rotom-W (Dual Screens) - Leafeoniscute QC REJECTED
Samurott (Analysis) - NatGeo QC REJECTED
Sawk (Analysis) - Colonel M QC REJECTED
Sceptile (Choice Scarf) - kloms QC REJECTED
Scizor (SubLiechi) - kloms QC REJECTED
Seismitoad (Analysis) - Ancien Régime QC REJECTED
Serperior (Analysis) - shrang QC REJECTED
Seviper (Analysis) - Glacia QC REJECTED
Sharpedo (Choice Band) - Vertex QC REJECTED
Shuckle (Analysis) - Baydren QC REJECTED
Simipour (Analysis) - The3DOstrich QC REJECTED
Simisage (Analysis) - KnightoftheWind QC REJECTED
Simisear (Analysis) - Badal QC REJECTED
Skarmory (Choice Band) - Leafeoniscute QC REJECTED
Spiritomb (Analysis) - AccidentalGreed REMOVED
Stunfisk (Analysis) - B-Lulz QC REJECTED
Swellow (Analysis) - Erebyssial QC REJECTED
Swanna (Analysis) - shrang QC REJECTED
Swoobat (Analysis) - Katakiri QC REJECTED
Tauros (Analysis) - Calm Pokemaster QC REJECTED
Throh (Analysis) - Diana REMOVED
Typhlosion (Analysis) - Scorpio QC REJECTED
Umbreon (Analysis) - Umbreon Dan QC REJECTED
Unfezant (Analysis) - Roserade Raider QC REJECTED
Uxie (Analysis) - supermarth64 REMOVED
Vanilluxe (Analysis) - Colonel M QC REJECTED
Vileplume (Analysis) - Glacia QC REJECTED
Virizion (OU SubSalac) - Gronkspike9348 QC REJECTED
Watchog (Analysis) - Delta 2777 QC REJECTED
Yanmega (Analysis) - Omicron REMOVED
Zangoose (Analysis) - Lady Gaga QC REJECTED
Zebstrika (Analysis) - PK Gaming QC REJECTED
Blaziken (Analysis) - Calm Pokemaster
Darkrai (Analysis) - Chou Toshio
Deoxys-A (Analysis) - smashlloyd20
Deoxys-D (BW2 Revamp) - ballabrown24
Deoxys-S (Analysis) – Deinosaur
Excadrill (Analysis) – Rising_Dusk
Garchomp (Analysis) - Chou Toshio
Genesect (BW2 Analysis) - PK Gaming
Landorus (Update) - jc104
Manaphy (Analysis) - Ditto
Thundurus (Analysis) – Calm Pokemaster
Tornadus-T (BW2 Analysis) - Tobes
Abomasnow - Muse
Accelgor - Nexus
Accelgor (BW2 Revamp) - The Unlucky one
Aerodactyl V1 – smashlloyd20
Aerodactyl V2 - Delta 2777
Aerodactyl V3 - Lady Salamence
Aerodactyl (BW2 Revamp) - PenguinX
Amoongus - Shnoogle
Arcanine V1 - uraga
Arcanine V2 - Auraknight
Archeops V1 - reyscarface
Archeops V2 - Alan
Azelf - Plusle
Baffuron - Fireburn
Bisharp V1 - Colonel M
Bisharp V2 - [Zangoose]
Blastoise - Rocket Boss Giovanni
Breloom V1 - PK Gaming
Breloom V2 - Husky
Bronzong - Snorlaxe
Carracosta - NatGeo
Celebi - StarGengar
Celebi V2 - Friar
Celebi (BW2 Revamp) - JellyOs
Celebi (BW2 Revamp) V2 - Ojama
Celebi (BW2 Revamp) V3 - yee
Celebi (Baton Pass) - Pocket
Celebi (Specially Defensive) - Scarfwynaut
Chandelure V1 - reyscarface
Chandelure V2 - Badal
Chansey V1 - Bologo
Chansey V2 - Larry
Charizard - Venser
Cloyster - Bologo
Cobalion - Megan_Fox
Conkeldurr - Colonel M
Conkeldurr (BW2 Revamp) - ThePillsburyDoughBoy
Crawdaunt - Chillarmy
Crawdaunt - Vertex
Cresselia - B-Lulz
Crobat V1 - XxbraedonxX
Crobat V2 - sax king
Crobat V3 - absciss
Crustle - Cygnis
Darmanitan V1 - reyscarface
Darmanitan V2 - Venser
Darmanitan (BW2 Revamp) - Cygnis
Deoxys-D - R.B.G.
Deoxys-D (Suicide Lead) - ShakeItUp
Deoxys-D (BW2 Revamp) - Electrolyte
Deoxys-S - Calm Pokemaster
Ditto (BW2 Analysis) - jc104
Donphan (BW2 Revamp) - Arcticblast
Dragonite V1 - reyscarface
Dragonite V2 - lulzer
Dragonite (BW2 Update) - Jimera0
Dragonite (Agility Rain Sweeper) - jonathanrp
Drapion - Scorpio
Dugtrio - ParaChomp
Dusclops - Vaz
Dusknoir - Togekissfan
Electivire V1 - Granstafer
Electivire V2 - Zystral
Empoleon - SsAaVv
Empoleon (Full Revamp) - BTzz
Escavalier - Deck Knight
Escavalier V2 - Lee
Espeon - eric the espeon
Ferrothorn - mtr
Forretress - Windsong
Froslass - Trucy
Froslass (BW2 Revamp) - Landscape
Garchomp (BW2 Analysis) - Husky
Gastrodon - Larry
Genesect V1 - Lee
Genesect V2 – afterburn
Gengar V1 - Steven Snype
Gengar V2 - Atomos
Gengar (Choice Scarf) - Tomahawk9
Gliscor - Optimusje
Gliscor (Acrobat) - Al_Alchemist
Gliscor (BW2 Revamp) - Birkal
Gliscor (BW2 Revamp V2) - Electrolyte
Gliscor (BW2 Revamp V3) - Dark Fallen Angel
Golurk V1 - reyscarface
Golurk V2 - Chillarmy
Gyarados (BW2 Revamp) - Asek
Haxorus V1 - reyscarface
Haxorus V2 - R.B.G.
Heatran V1 - KnightoftheWind
Heatran V2 - ungulateman
Heatran (BW2 Revamp) - Dark Fallen Angel
Heatran (BW2 Revamp V2) - Trinitrotoluene
Heracross - AccidentalGreed
Hippowdon (Update) - yee
Hippowdon (BW2 Revamp) - Meru
Hitmontop - sax king
Hitmontop (BW2 Revamp) - ballabrown24
Hydreigon V1 - reyscarface
Hydreigon V2 - -Rockstar-
Infernape (BW2 Revamp) - Sciztar
Jellicent V1 - reyscarface
Jellicent V2 - Eo Ut Mortus
Jirachi V1 - Snorlaxe
Jirachi V2 - PI-Dimension
Jirachi V3 - Gyarados Master
Jolteon (BW2 Revamp) - LucaroarkZ
Keldeo - Venser
Keldeo (Expert Belt) - Shurtugal
Keldeo (Expert Belt V2) - Dark Fallen Angel
Kingdra - Mew
Kingdra (BW2 Revamp) - AccidentalGreed
Krookodile V1 - PK Gaming
Krookodile V2 - polelover44
Kyurem - Aerrow
Landorus - Nachos
Landorus-T - Chillarmy
Latias V1 - Kevin Garrett
Latias V2 - Omicron
Latios V1 - Veedrock
Latios V2 - Jirachi
Latios (BW2 Revamp) - Novaray
Leafeon V1 - Omicron
Leafeon V2 - Venser
Lilligant - Bluewind
Lucario V1 - kd24
Lucario V2 - LaFrozen
Magnezone (BW2 Revamp) - Glacier
Mamoswine - sax king
Mamoswine (BW2 Revamp) - Sciztar
Manaphy - Megan_Fox
Mandibuzz - Eo Ut Mortus
Meloetta – Rising_Dusk
Meloetta - ginganinja
Meloetta - 100%
Metagross V1 - Snorlaxe
Metagross V2 - madgenius2013
Metagross V3 - zdrup15
Metagross (Full Revamp) V1 - Berserker Lord
Metagross (Full Revamp) V2 - Berserker Lord
Metagross (BW2 Revamp) - Colonel_M
Mew (Stealth Rock) - Princess Bri
Mienshao V1 - Deck Knight
Mienshao V2 - ParaChomp
Mienshao V3 - Omicron
Mienshao (Substitute) - Princess Bri
Moltres - Muse
Nidoking - Deck Knight
Nidoqueen - HART4FLOON
Omastar - Steeli
Parasect V1 - Steeli
Parasect V2 - MackTheKnife
Poliwrath - Katakiri
Raikou V1 - Trinitrotoluene
Raikou V2 - Omicron
Reuniclus V1 - Colonel M
Reuniclus V2 - Plusle
Riolu (BW2 Analysis) - BKC
Rotom-W (BW2 Revamp) - JellyOs
Salamence V1 - Steeli
Salamence V2 - Aerrow
Salamence V3 - Venser
Salamence V4 - Swamp-Rocket
Samurott - reyscarface
Sawsbuck - Bluewind
Sceptile (BW2 Revamp) - TheStriker
Seismitoad (Offensive) - Neliel
Sharpedo - Chillarmy
Sharpedo (BW2 Revamp) - Vertex
Shaymin - Deinosaur
Shiftry (Wallbreaker) - Asterat
Sigilyph V2 - Colonel M
Sigilyph V2 - CitizenSnips
Simipour V1 - Fireburn
Simipour V2 - MixedCalibur
Skarmory - Calm Pokemaster
Slowbro V1 - sax king
Slowbro V2 - Seven Deadly Sins
Slowbro (BW2 Revamp) - Scarfwynaut
Slowbro (BW2 Revamp V2) - Lord of Bays
Slowbro (BW2 Revamp V3) - LilOuOn
Slowking - Don Honchkrorleone
Smeargle - Paradox
Smeargle (Lead) - Katakiri
Snorlax (BW2 Revamp) - Scarfwynaut
Spiritomb – Don Honchkrorleone
Starmie (BW2 Revamp) - Jirachi
Starmie (BW2 Revamp V2) - Dark Fallen Angel
Starmie (Defensive Rapid Spin) - Princess Bri
Starmie (Rain Dance Spinner) - MaestroXXVI
Stoutland - macle
Suicune - NatGeo
Swampert - SOMALIA
Swanna - SOMALIA
Tangrowth (BW2 Revamp) - Swamp-Rocket
Tentacruel (BW2 Revamp) - DarkBlazeR
Terrakion - Seven Deadly Sins
Throh V1 - Deck Knight
Throh V2 - doominic77
Throh V3 - Venser
Thundurus - reyscarface
Thundurus-T - JellyOs
Thundurus-T V2 - jc104
Togekiss - Colon Three :3
Tornadus - Ditto
Tornadus (BW2 Revamp) - typon77
Tornadus-T - alexwolf
Toxicroak V1 - Afti
Toxicroak V2 - Lamppost
Tyranitar - Colonel M
Uxie V1 - Husky
Uxie V2 - Granstafer
Venomoth - Toaster
Victini - Omicron
Victini (Trick Room) - ginjaninja
Victini (BW2 Revamp) - Trinitrotoluene
Virizion V1 - Megan_Fox
Virizion V2 - polelover44
Virizion (Dual Screens) - Snorlaxe
Volcarona (BW2 Revamp) - superbadd
Whimsicott V1 - Seven Deadly Sins
Whimsicott V2 - NatGeo
Wobbuffet - Jamesb8
Wobbuffet (BW2 Revamp) - Berserker Lord
Xatu V1 - Parallel
Xatu V2 - Tyranitarphantom
Xatu (BW2 Revamp) - superbadd
Xatu (Post-Deoxys-D Revamp) - Cygnis
Yanmega V1 - sax king
Yanmega V2 - Heracrossed
Yanmega V3 - Noog
Zoroark - Delta 2777
Farfetch'd - Knight of Dux
Magikarp - cookie
Unown - Joim

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Now, three final words:

- Those who wish to take over an analysis from another member, please PM the member in question first. There may well be analyses within the index where the OP in question has no intention of continuing with their analysis. In this case, you should first PM them and get their permission before re-reserving the thread. If they do not respond to your message, PM a C&C moderator, but do not post in this thread.

- Those who wish to give up a reservation, please either PM me or post here to make the vacancy known. I have no way of knowing whether you are still working on something if you don't tell me, and if you don't post or update a placeholder, then it becomes difficult to keep the game moving, as it were. So, please let me know in good time.

- Please understand that a reservation is expected to be a commitment to seeing the analysis through to the end. It's always deeply annoying when somebody does nothing about an analysis for ages and clogs up the system. For this reason we suggest reserving no more than three analyses at any one time so that you are able to complete them in due course. If you are inactive for an extended period of time over your analysis, it may be removed from you by force, so please don't let it come to that.

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Well, that's everything. Remember, if anything is incorrect with the index, please speak up.
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This was a brilliant idea. It should really narrow down exactly how many more Pokemon there are left to make an analysis for.

Thank you.

EDIT: It was for Ubers, OU is still open. My bad.
This was a great idea, it makes figuring out who has what (and who doesn't) so much easier. Can't believe nobody has Efruun, it's really useful/annoying. I'd take it but I've got other analyses to do. Almost done with Deoxys-A skeleton, and may write up Ninjask after that.
I figure I'd better reserve Heatran properly here. I have most of my analysis done, but I can't post it because the computer it's on has no internet access right now.
Thanks Bugmaniac. If no one has any objections, I think I will go ahead with the next step (aiming for "written") for Garchomp and Darkrai

edit: I also posted in the other thread to reserve Shaymin S
Man thanks heaps for this, was wondering when the OU forum was going to get some organization..

It would be very convenient if this was the actual reservation thread as well though (with the Uber forum also having its own seperate thread). It doesn't make any sense at all to have the index and reservations in two different areas of the subforum.
If this is the way to do things, could I reserve Blastoise and Kirikizan?
Thanks. XD
EDIT: Just read that this was not the reservations thread. Sorry! Disregard this completely.
This thread is hell of a lot useful for checking the reservations instead of painstakingly searching the forums for Pokemon to reserve. Thanks a lot!

Off topic, but can we mention in our informal analyses that we are willing to write the formal analysis as well?
This thread is hell of a lot useful for checking the reservations instead of painstakingly searching the forums for Pokemon to reserve. Thanks a lot!

Off topic, but can we mention in our informal analyses that we are willing to write the formal analysis as well?
Yes, you may write up the formal analysis. However, the QC and GP teams are not operating in OU yet.


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Updated (probably)

2 things:

PLEASE remember to use the reservations thread, both for your own reservations and for checking those of others.

Second, Sphyxius and PooF, you have both reserved Urugamosu and posted placeholder threads, apparently at the same time. Would you please be able to sort out who owns the rights to the thread now? Right now I have PooF listed as he posted the reservation first, but please do come to a consensus between yourselves.
The Nattorei analysis was written by a member who only has one post, and hasn't visited since November 17th. Any chance I could take over this (if nobody else strongly objects)?


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The Nattorei analysis was written by a member who only has one post, and hasn't visited since November 17th. Any chance I could take over this (if nobody else strongly objects)?
I'd say just drop him a PM, and if he doesn't respond within an arbitrary time limit (say 5 days), just go ahead and post a placeholder.

In other news, I'm pleased to update this with a couple of things. Firstly, I've added most (all?) of the old skeleton threads on as extra revisionary tools for any who want to take on that analysis. They are placed next to the Pokemon's name or owner's username if applicable, and are marked as S1 (don't ask me why). Also, I've added a list of analyses by OP, which should help in trying to keep track of who is doing what.

-Life- – Venusaur

[Zangoose] - Blastoise, Kirikizan

AccidentalGreed - Hariyama, Staraptor

Aerrow - Latios, Infernape, Kyurem

Afti - Toxicroak

Ancien Regime - Gamageroge

auaua - Unown, Donphan, Blaziken, Claydol, Luvdisc, Uxie, Cresselia

badalcristiano - Baokki, Shandera

Baydren - Shuckle

Bluewind – Basurao, Chillachiino, Mebukijika

B-Lulz – Tsunbear, Maggyo, Golduck

Bologo - Cloyster

bugmaniacbob - Alakazam, Starmie, Sceptile, Iwaparesu, Shibirudon, Wargle

Calm Pokemaster - Deoxys-S, Borutorosu

Chillarmy - Doredia

Chou Toshio - Scizor, Garchomp, Darkrai, Shaymin-S

Cipher Admin Lovrina - Milotic

Colonel_M – Dageki, Shinboraa, Baibanira, Roobushin

Colon Three :3 - Togekiss

coolking49 - Tabunne

Deck Knight – Nageki, Shubarugo, Nidoking

Delta 2777 – Zuruzukin, Mamanbou

Ditto - Ditto, Manaphy, Torunerosu

Don Honchkrorleone - Quagsire, Banette, Honchkrow, Spiritomb

ENZ0 - Flygon

Eo Ut Mortus - Vuljiina

Erebyssial - Snorlax, Swellow

Fireburn – Oobemu, Baffuron, Kuitaran

for54years - Politoed

Galladiator - Luxray

Glacia - Seviper

goo - Nattorei

HART4FLOON - Nidoqueen

Heist - Probopass

Katakiri - Kokoromori

KnightoftheWind - Yanakki

Lady Gaga - Zangoose

LaFrozen - Lucario

Lee - Muurando, Kurimugan

Limewire - Kabutops, Gorebyss

macle - Hahakomori

Megan_Fox – Kobaruon, Birijion

Mew - Kingdra

MixedCalibur - Absol, Metagross, Hiyakki

Nachos - Randorosu

NatGeo - Zapdos, Abagoora

Optimusje - Gliscor

Parachomp - Kojondo

PI Dimension - Jirachi

PK Gaming - Raichu, Aggron, Mew, Zeburaika, Zoroark

Plusle - Azelf, Rankurusu

polelover44 - Warubiaru

PooF - Urugamosu

Raikaria - Azumarill

reyscarface – Daikenki, Gigaiasu, Hihidaruma, Aakeosu, Burungeru, Ononokusu, Goruugu, Dragonite

Rhys DeAnno - Ninetales

Rising_Dusk – Doryuuzu, Aianto, Meloetta

Roserade Raider - Kenhorou

sax king - Slowbro, Ursaring, Hitmontop, Mamoswine, Yanmega

Scorpio - Typhlosion

SevenDeadlySins - Breloom, Erufuun, Terakion

shrang – Jarooda, Lepardas

smashlloyd20 - Aerodactyl, Ninjask, Deoxys-A

Snorlaxe - Jolteon, Hippowdon, Mushaana

SOMALIA - Swanna

soonerorlater - Tyranitar

Steeli - Parasect, Omastar, Lanturn, Salamence

StevenSnype - Gengar

SuperErinMan - Denchura

supermarth64 - Vaporeon, Blissey

The3DOstrich - Marakacchi, Gochiruzeru

The Legendkiller - Genosect

TickingSeedotBomb - Huntail

timetwister - Golem

Toaster - Venomoth

Trucy - Froslass

Umbreon Dan - Umbreon

ungulateman - Heatran

uragg - Arcanine

Venser - Charizard

Waffleman54 - Dasutodasu

Wild Eep - Gigigiaru

XxbraedonxX - Feraligatr, Crobat, Suicune

Zystral - Emonga, Furijio

As always, please PM me if you spot something amiss with the index or if you happen to reserve / finish writing your analysis, or whatever.

Also, If a C&C mod sees this, could they sticky it?


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Okay, thanks, I was waiting for an OU reservations thread for quite a while.

Anyways, I am definitely writing Hariyama and Staraptor. They both won't be done in quite a while, though.


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Thanks ete.

Also, I've been doing some work trying to work out who is keeping their 5th gen skeleton analyses to write up as formal. After a first few set of PMs, the following are now available for reservation:

Daikenki, Gigaiasu, Hihidaruma, Aakeosu, Burungeru, Ononokusu, Goruugu, Dragonite, Enbuoo, Pendoraa, Morobareru, Agirudaa, Kerudio, Rotom-W, Miruhoggu, Desukaan, Nageki, Shubarugo, Nidoking, Oobemu, Baffuron, Kuitaran, Kobaruon, Birijion
@bmb: Are you going to list the users who are willing to write the formal analyses for their placeholdered Pokemon in OU as well? That will be very useful, to prevent confusion among users as to who will write which formal analyses.

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