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Was fun while it lasted
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Following up on the Chansey thing: The Eviolite "analysis" seems pretty sparse and doesn't tap at all into the possible arguments of Eviolite vs Leftovers and NFE vs FE. So I've wondered if maybe the Eviolite and Chansey pages could refer to each other and thus give greater insight into both. Chansey is, after all, probably the most successful Eviolite user in OU. Plus, we could make it more so that Eviolite is about Eviolite and Chansey is about Chansey. Maybe Eviolite could have a similar relationship with Porygon2 and Dusclops when talking about UU, and talk about how it's more prevalent in RU and NU due to the greater quantities of middle evolutions and strong former full evos.

What do you guys think? I'm making this a "proposal" rather than a "reservation" because this is just my opinion on how these pages could be remade, and maybe people don't agree with me that much. I also thought this would be best posted here because Chansey is the big ticket to "update" in all this.
The Eviolite "analysis" was uploaded without even being grammar checked, let alone content checked. It really shouldn't be on-site at all. This is a problem with large numbers of other item descriptions, as they are not up to par at all in most cases, even.

Once I get a little bit more free time I intend to go through the item descriptions and do as much cleaning as I am capable of; if you are willing to edit either what is currently on-site or post in the subjective changes thread then be my guest.

Oooof, sorry I didn't post here before but I put up Offensive Rotom-W a little while ago and it really hasn't has a lot of QC activity. Could it finally get some approvals/rejections?
This isn't really the place to post for QC requests. You ought to either PM QC members directly or try to contact them on IRC. Remember that there are an awful lot of unapproved analyses floating around at present and it's quite likely that your set may slip under the radar, and of course testing is required to assess whether the set is viable or not, which takes time.


Was fun while it lasted
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Yes, but I was referring to when Meloetta is released. The thread is still on the board, but it's locked.
Yes. It is still officially Rising_Dusk's reservation until Meloetta is released, at which point he can either start work on it himself or pass it up for reservation. This applies to all currently locked analyses as well.

Can anybody just do a joke analysis?
The official rule as it stands is "no, absolutely not, never, not in a million years, nix". The unspoken rule on the other hand is "if it's universally hilarious it gets uploaded, if it's only moderately funny or lower you will be severely punished". Depends whether you feel like chancing it. I wouldn't advise it.

Also AG please don't be so confrontational when answering people's questions, you are doing them a favour after all

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