5th gen Sunny day team

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Ok I have a Chlorophyll Venusaur with all the moves and nature crap but instead of Swords Dance I have Growth which is a Nasty Plot and Swords Dance when in sun.
A good Baton Passer is Venomoth but he's not a Grass type. Quiver Dance Baton Pass Venomoth is a beast.

Venomoth@Black Sludge
Ability:Wonder Skin 252Spe/252HP/4SpA
Nature:Timid (+Spe -Atk)
Moves:Baton Pass
Quiver Dance
Sleep Powder
Bug Buzz

Standard Baton Pass/Quiver Dance set. It's pretty good,
I've gotten swept by one of these before. It can turn
another pokemon on your team into monster. It doesn't
really abuse sun like other guys do, but it's good support.
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