7* Raid Event: Electric Emboar (June 14 - 16; 21 - 23)

Well they did give it Heat Crash!

As a set move it only uses at 20% HP. I mean that's one way to get around the AI issues with variable power moves lmao. It feels so tacked on
They literally gave him a double Bulk Up at 40% health. By that point the battle is already over if you're going with Garchomp, Def boosts be damned.

(Edit) That was super easy. It only took me 2 attempts, but only because for the 1st one an Arboliva was one of the CPUs, so I ran from it. Question is, what's a good special attacker to use?
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... What? Since when does a +2 suck? Especially since, at most, you want to be at +3. Besides, without Simple there's only 1 move in the entire game that raises a stat by 3, and very few Pokemon learn it, one of which being a Mythical. Granted, said Mythical is more accessible than most of the others because of Legends Arceus, but still.
+2 is suck because the best physical attackers for raids get +6 via belly drum or anger point. And if you just wanted +2, you’d prefer Nasty plot because the Screech has way worse distribution/accuracy relative to Fake Tears/Acid Spray, and acid spray hits thru shields. So in comparison, +2 Atk is really underwhelming. Unless you play solo, in which case you expect to be there for a huge number of turns.

Randos right now are not settling on a meta well. There’s a lot of people spamming tera poison acid spray pex, EQ spam great tusk, and screech swampert. I just finished a raid with Nasty plot outrage Landorus-Incarnate. x.x

Btw, simple beam grumpig is good. Simple beam removes the ability, while letting you get the -2 Atk via chill water. Simple beam also greatly speeds up a lot of attackers this raid, which use weaker setup moves, like SD, curse, bulk up.

I have yet to see an Ursaluna in the wild, but I expect it to be really good with a charm/BD set.
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I've been running into a few Ursaluna myself to varying levels of success. There's been a few Garchomp and Annihilape that went well, too.

Btw, simple beam grumpig is good. Simple beam removes the ability, while letting you get the -2 Atk via chill water. Simple beam also greatly speeds up a lot of attackers this raid, which use weaker setup moves, like SD, curse, bulk up.
Has the two Bulk Ups at 40% health been too overwhelming for your randoms? Immediate +4 Attack and Defense sounds scary.


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EQ spam great tusk
funnily enough this is how I soloed it

:sv/great tusk:
Great Tusk @ Shell Bell
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 84 HP / 172 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Earthquake
- Bulk Up
- Substitute
- Mud-Slap

The EVs ensure that Flare Blitz can't break your Substitute after a Bulk Up boost, so you can set up pretty safely once it clears buffs and then just let it rip with Earthquake. Realistically you don't need anything besides Earthquake and Bulk Up, so as long as you don't roll Arboliva you can probably skip the Sub; it just helps get through the first couple turns.
From beyond the grave, Marill does it again...


This was a very close one, coming down to the last moment of an AI move, which might have been Drifblim's Air Slash animation or even its Aftermath proc, but either way I don't get a proper faint screen. Ultimately the +2 defense near the end actually gives Marill a little trouble, especially since Azumarill itself needed to use attack cheer preservation to break through Emboar's 40x HP multiplier, unprecedented for a regular starter raid. This clear also probably came down to animation time saved by a single Mud-Slap after the shieldbreak by misses too. I also get very fortunate with Drifblim AI having Will-O-Wisp to burn, though Emboar can also burn itself on Gardevoir's Synchronize.

Unlike Swampert I need to go Eviolite instead of Shell Bell to maximize my defense and survive Wild Charge, and also get reliable healing from Gardevoir + Intimidate AI to mitigate damage.

Like Azumarill I try to die early to preserve both the AI defense and my offense cheer on T2, and for reliability my opener here is a Belly Drum instead of Mud-Slap, since Marill can usually take a Wild Charge on T1 (guaranteed with Intimidate), and if Flare Blitz is chosen I don't need to worry about Wild Charge not killing past the cheer or Emboar missing over 2 turns. Basically Belly Drum guarantees a turn 2 death no matter what Emboar does since it seems to see a kill even if it chips with Flare Blitz on turn 1.

0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Wild Charge vs. 0 HP / 252 Def Eviolite Marill: 242-288 (86.1 - 102.4%) -- 18.8% chance to OHKO
-1 0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Wild Charge vs. 0 HP / 252 Def Eviolite Marill: 162-192 (57.6 - 68.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO


Afterwards it's about the same song and dance as Azumarill. I set up Defense Curl once and take a Wild Charge for 159 but then see Flare Blitz do 13 damage, so I feel comfortable in just going for my 3 Mud-Slaps. I got burned and heal cheered immediately in the process. I tera'd for 1 more defense curl, set Belly Drum, and then put a 3rd Defense Curl up. At that point it's just about spamming Play Rough again, though as mentioned I did set a safety Mud-Slap after the shield broke and before triggering the 2 Bulk Ups. I got a bit unlucky missing 2 Play Roughs and getting burned lategame on one of those turns, but still had a heal cheer and barely enough time to mitigate it. As mentioned at the start, this one still came down to the wire, though I think if I had Arcanine's Leer it would have made up for the last minute defense boosts.

From my testing with randos, Ursaluna works. You need support, and you want shell bell. Flame orb or chople are no-go. My set was Charm, BD, Rest, EQ. You absolutely will not get the chance to do your thing without support, because the incoming dmg is a bit high, and the buff wipe timing is awkward.
I've been running into a few Ursaluna myself to varying levels of success. There's been a few Garchomp and Annihilape that went well, too.

Has the two Bulk Ups at 40% health been too overwhelming for your randoms? Immediate +4 Attack and Defense sounds scary.
In randoms, double bulk up almost always comes right after a shield break. You can have a rough idea of when the shield is going to break, and throw up a reflect a little in advance. Then, you wait so your menu is active when the shield breaks, so you can immediately drop chilling water to +2 on the turn where no one gets hit. Then by going quickly, you get off the second chilling water to +0 before your braindead teammates have a chance to die (and grumpig can outspeed). This is reliable, assuming you know how to play around the timing. The bigger issue is that you need to rely on the randos to screech unless you want to play around the +4 Def.

Grumpig x Annihilape is a good combo here, btw, as ape tends to run bulk up.
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The bigger issue is that you need to rely on the randos to screech unless you want to play around the +4 Def.
This was my bigger concern, too. It's why I'm currently digging late-game Dragon Cheer + Howl with Gouging Fire. I can get around not having Screech support by increasing everyone's crit rate (works expecially well with pre-tera Garchomp).

Chou Toshio

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HP multiplier x40??

I only say this because I'd probably only participate in this event is if it were more of a pushover/faster to beat than Charizard, which doesn't look to be the case.
Cleared this solo with the same bulk up + shell bell + tera-ground Groudon I used on Swampert. Definitely felt better against Emboar than Swampert, even despite sun powering up flare blitz. After a bulk up with intimidate support or 2 bulk ups the flare blitzes just tickle, though you are vulnerable to crits (and p-blade misses) of course, which cost me the first attempt.
Annoyingly, Dragon Cheer is still glitched in Tera raids. You HAVE to be host in order to have consistent lobbies with it. Otherwise, it'll randomly boot everyone out :puff:

This is a repost, but it's what I've mostly been using to great success:

Gouging Fire @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Dragon
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Burning Bulwark
- Howl
- Dragon Cheer
- Breaking Swipe

Despite the weakness to Head Smash, Gouging Fire bullies Emboar. Burning Bulwark 100% burns on contact, and then Breaking Swipe lowers Attack even further. The boss will be burned and at -1 Attack before it can hit you with Head Smash, and to make matters worse for Emboar, it's 80% accurate so it misses a lot.

-1 0+ Atk Reckless burned Emboar Head Smash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Gouging Fire: 72-85 (17.3 - 20.5%) -- possible 5HKO

I don't even bother with Morning Sun because you take so little damage after all the debuffs. Tera Dragon after a few breaking swipes removes your weakness to Head Smash, but it hardly matters. Howl boosts the attack of your allies, especially for those who are limited to Bulk Up or something. Dragon Cheer is also great to break through the two Bulk Ups Emboar sets up with at 40% HP. This works especially well with Annihilape and Garchomp pre-tera.

Marshtomp @ Eviolite
Ability: Torrent
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 200 HP / 252 Def / 56 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Screech
- Chilling Water
- Helping Hand
- Mud-Slap

Was inspired by flamewizzy21 mentioning Marshtomp. I had a shiny Mudkip, so I made this goober. It's funny to use alongside Swampert. Speed is for Brave Emboar.
Not as great as Gouging Fire because can't burn through shield, but if you have the Violet DLC instead of Scarlet maybe this can work for online support

Tera Stellar
252 Def / 252 HP / 6 Atk
Impish Nature

Breaking Swipe
Will O Wisp
Rain Dance
Dragon Cheer / Substitute

0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Head Smash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Giratina: 108-128 (21.4 - 25.3%) -- possible 5HKO after Leftovers recovery

And that's without the debuff from Breaking Swipe and WOW.
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Orange Islands
Another option

Shell Bell
Rough Skin
Tera Ground
252 Atk / 252 Def / 6 HP
Adamant Nature

Breaking Swipe
Mud Slap / Rain Dance (If he has Scald, don't even bother with Rain Dance)
Swords Dance
I ended up going with this set after some discussion on Smogon main. Ended up with a Kommo O who knew what they were doing, a 50/50 Ceruledge and an Annihilape who basically got carried.

Breaking Swiped mostly at the beginning until stat reset, then went up to +6 with SD before spamming EQ. Annoyingly the Ceruledge Clear Smogged all the attack drops away after the bulk ups, but the Kommo O and I were set up enough we could take it out before the "attack boost" could become a real issue. I didn't even bother with the attack EVs but mine was Impish instead of Adamant. Drain Punch didn't do a whole lot (especially after Reflect from Ceruledge too) and it was the only move it used until I tera'd into Ghost, that's when the other moves came out.


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I finally was able to get a solo win with Garchomp, but it was far from "easy" as I have heard some others say. The big problem for me is around the halfway point (HP and timer) when it resets its stats and does the double Bulk Up thing. I found that I have to be very intentional about setting Rain Dance at a time when I am assured it will be up after that double Bulk Up. Because after those boosts, Tera Ground Garchomp takes a SHITTON of damage from Flare Blitz. If it is at +2, it's an OHKO on Chomp. At +0 (if you got in some Breaking Swipes or something between the reset and the Bulk Ups) it still does 60% to Chomp, and if any double attack or crit happens, you're likely dead also.

I finally was able to get a win on my 5th or 6th try, by making sure Rain was up, and doing a Breaking Swipe before the Bulk Ups, and not getting unlucky with a double attack. On my win, I had Gardevoir as a teammate and I think she gave me a well-timed Life Dew too, I'm not sure. I came close on a few earlier attempts with Garchomp, because I had a Staraptor NPC that was dying often and giving lots of Intimidate support. But even then, it wasn't dying and coming back at precisely the right time to help me survive that Bulk Up phase that is so brutal if you have to eat Flare Blitzes in the face.

Maybe I could make it easier if I switched up EVs. My Chomp is a repurposed Adamant 252 HP / 252 Atk that I already had in my box. But it still feels like the solo on this requires some luck, careful timing of moves, and some NPC help as well, if you want to win. Whatever the case, this Emboar is not easy at all. It's too early for me to say how hard it is in comparison to past raids. It doesn't FEEL like it's horribly bad, if we can just get a meta and some strategies established. But for now, this will definitely take some effort to clear consistently.
Are there any good special attackers to solo with? Because in my last couple attempts Emboar managed to burn my Garchomp a couple times. And before you say Arceus, someone other than him.
Guys, when I said Garchomp would be meta, that was a prediction for randos. And it was more or less right. There are going to be better options for solo.

In terms of supports, I haven’t found one standalome support that is like a silver bullet. Most supports that provide sufficient dmg reduction don’t provide sufficient damage amp, and visa versa. The best I got was Grumpig, who is great, but just having a grumpig won’t save your raid. Because of the shields, repeated debuff wipes, and prevelance of physical attackers, it’s very hard to really get stat changes to stick. Howl is the most persistent damage amp, but it is very slow. More experimentation is needed to find a support that can save randos from themselves reliably.

I won using Smeargle, Meowscarada, Grumpig, Scream Tail. Smeargle is great, but really technical and frail. Meowscarada is a good cleric. Scream tail is a good Howl user. I almost won with Jiggles and Floragato. I’m going to scope out Poleteagheist.
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I'm looking into some solo mons. The Special-Attacking Ground-type options are not great imo. Instead, we should travel back in time by a couple weeks and bring back Stored Power sets:

Latios @ Shell Bell
Ability: Levitate
Tera Type: Psychic
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpA
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Chilling Water
- Calm Mind
- Recover
- Stored Power

Latios was a pretty safe solo. Emboar has to rely on Head Smash to attack you pre-tera, which can miss quite a few times.

Chilling Water until Emboar resets your stats. Calm Mind, Chilling Water, and Recover your way until +6, Attack Cheer, Tera Psychic and Stored Power to win. Having Intimidate support definitely helps. Good news is Head Smash crits never kill you from full.

Armarouge @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Flash Fire
Tera Type: Psychic
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Iron Defense
- Calm Mind
- Acid Spray
- Stored Power

Aight, hear me out. This one looks insane, but as long as you have an Intimidater, this works really well. Still debating on the item of choice, though. Sitrus has been working for me during the setup. Leftovers could probably work, too, but I hate using it in raids lol

Iron Defense t1. Stored Power until you build tera. If you feel you're about to die, just die. Focus on getting to Tera Psychic ASAP. I haven't actually died yet, but I can see a crit or two knocking some players out. Shouldn't be too much of an issue once you Tera, though.

Once the boss clears your team's stats, Tera Psychic and Iron Defense twice. Once Emboar clears its own stats, Acid Spray 3 times, CM 6 times, Heal Cheer if you have to during setup, Attack cheer, OHKO through shield.

In both (successful) attempts, I've had the boss randomize its attack options once I Tera'd, even going for Flare Blitz after trying and failing that once before. Weird, but it helped :boi:

Water Tera Azumarill can solo Emboar intimidateless. Rerolling for AI here was probably the toughest part, though losing runs to random crits right after fully setting up is disheartening as well. I settled for Sylveon because Charm doesn't really help in the worst part of the fight.

Emboar is rather finicky with its choice of using Flare Blitz on Azumarill as noted before, so I actually think tera Water could be better than Fairy here with all other things equal, especially if you rig for Intimidate/Gardevoir to make the earlygame more consistent since it's the same either way before you tera, just because Liquidation is better than Play Rough and I don't want to give Emboar any more reasons to Flare Blitz. I think Azumarill at least has a more consistent endgame than it sounds like for Garchomp while also not having to use a DLC TM. In general I feel like the idea of defensive typing and hitting weaknesses is a pretty overrated aspect, even in prerelease with non STAB 50 BP Trailblaze being considered as a threat.


In general the strategy is similar to the main Azumarill one but with Liquidation instead of Play Rough which can lower defense and is 100% accurate. Another main difference here is that I tried Chilling Water to lower variance compared to Mud-Slap as well. Also my Jolly Azumarill speed ties Emboar, so the opening is a bit more unreliable with a coinflip (though that's also avoidable by moving 4 EVs to Speed or not being Jolly) and I can't use Belly Drum T1 like Marill, but I can get a Chilling Water in early that works, though I still face chance of death from Wild Charge if it goes first. Sometimes I can get multiple Chilling Waters if Emboar is generous with Flare Blitzes, though that ends up sacrificing the cheers which is a pain in the long run to outpace Emboar's offense.

0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Wild Charge vs. 84 HP / 56 Def Azumarill: 342-404 (94.4 - 111.6%) -- 68.8% chance to OHKO
0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Wild Charge vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Azumarill: 368-434 (91 - 107.4%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO
0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Wild Charge vs. 0 HP / 252 Def Azumarill: 278-330 (81.5 - 96.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

In this attempt I got very lucky with Emboar's choice of Flare Blitz spamming most of the time. Emboar actually got to -3 Attack turn 1 thanks to Sylveon's Charm, but it still managed to kill me thanks to getting a crit, so I guess that balances out my luck. I also mashed into Liquidation on that turn which didn't really matter and I probably could have hit an ally instead to heal less from Shell Bell.



I ended up setting 3 Defense Curls again, but only settled for one Chilling Water to tera. Bellibolt's Mud Shot breaks the speed tie and makes things more reliable overall. Flare Blitzes only did like 40-30 damage, though one burned during setup that I heal cheered to full with, and a Wild Charge ended up doing 68 damage after +3, so I felt safe to Belly Drum after that.

-1 0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Wild Charge vs. +3 84 HP / 56 Def Azumarill through Def Cheer: 62-74 (17.1 - 20.4%) -- possible 5HKO



Here you can see that Sylveon did not really help me out with a Charm after the shield break/debuff because I used a Chilling Water after the shield break to mitigate Bulk Up's impact. The worst damage I took was from a double +1 Wild Charge in the lategame right after the bulk ups from full HP, which still only 2HKOs without a crit to take me down to 60, and I was able to finish right after with a lucky crit.

+1 0+ Atk Reckless Tera Electric Emboar Wild Charge vs. +3 84 HP / 56 Def Azumarill through Def Cheer: 138-164 (38.1 - 45.3%) -- guaranteed 3HKO


EDIT: I actually should have lost this if Emboar was smart, but it used Flare Blitz on me and left me at 6 HP. So that's another pro of resisting Flare Blitz.
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Decided to try my Arceus - now Stellar! - with Chilling Water and Acid Spray.

This first attempt had Swampert, Gastrodon and Garchomp

Everyone hit it with Chilling Waters, it was very funny. The swampert changed to Mud Slap and then everyone started setting up. For a long ass time, to the poitn I had to pause Calm Mind to do more chilling waters and they had to follow with that & mud slaps. But eventually, the Garchomp set up and I set up and we tera'd and everything fell into place. Honestly I think the garchomp was only half paying attention, but nobody died!

Caught it in a Level Ball
Guys, when I said Garchomp would be meta, that was a prediction for randos. And it was more or less right. There are going to be better options for solo.
When they're properly built anyway, the two I saw yesterday were anything but. One was dying every other turn, the other was either being used by an absolute idiot or actively trying to lose (it set up Sandstorm and then spammed Aerial Ace into the Electric type).

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