[7th Gen] Destiny Knot giveaway :)

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is this give away still going on in the first place since mine is up for over 3 days already and still no dice and I cant use the gts in the meantime which is annoying
It is
I've just been having extreme internet problems that prevents me from cloning or getting on gts
Sorry for the inconvenience
Deposited:Rockruff level 11 female (Nicknamed destiny)
Message:Please trade pokemon with me, thanks in advance
Thanks so much!
Deposited:Rockruff level 12 male (Nicknamed destiny)
Message:Please trade pokemon with me, thanks in advance
Thanks so much!
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Okay I'm in a rush but it's a level 28 magikarp with the message please trade with me thanks I'm adavnce
My ign is Noah
re-deposit a rockruff NN destiny, mine got snipe (receive a meowth with no Destiny Knot, different IGN too)

IGN: TyVip

edit: received, thank you so much.
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Banned deucer.
Deposited Destiny lvl 15 female
Wanted destiny Knot Meowth lvl 51-60
IGN Nathan
Message I want to fill up my pokedex
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I just sent out a large batch of Meowth, if you still havent gotten the meowth please post. If you have cross out your post. Thank you
Deposited. Male Lv11 Rockruff nicknamed Destiny
IGN: Wrulfy

Lots of thanks

Edit: it has been almost 2 weeks without trade, and already got one though pickup, so I don't need it anymore
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Deposited:Rockruff (Destiny)
Message:Please trade pokemon with me. Thanks in advance

Edit:Found my own after using the pick up method.
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IGN: Spettra
Deposited: rockruff female lvl 12 nickname Destiny
Message: I want to fill my pokedex.

Thank You
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IGN: Zarif
Deposited: Lv.11 Male Rockruff (Destiny)

Been trying for hours to get a destiny knot, this giveaway is seriously so helpful! Thanks!
Thank you so much! I've been going around with 5 Alolan Meowths. No Destiny Knot thus far.

Deposited: level 11 male Rockruff named Destiny
IGN: Luna
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