[7th Gen] Destiny Knot giveaway :)

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Deposited Lv 10 female Rockruff nicknamed destiny

IGN: Buck

Thanks in advance!

edit:got mine today,thanks!
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Deposited: Level 11 Rockruff nicknames destiny

IGN: Janda

Thank you!!

Edit: Got sniped :(

Re deposited: Lv 11 Rickruff named Destiny

IGN: Janda
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Pokemon: Rockruff, Male, lv10
Nickname: Destiny

I'll need this knot to start building my Moon team. Thanks!

Holding up for now. Looks like you're not here, so next week as this is closed by mods?
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IGN: Emmanuel
Uploaded: destiny rockruff lvl11 male
Requested: Meowth lvl51-60
Msg: I want to trade for a pokemon that will help me with my adventure

Received, Thanks!
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IGN: Gregory
Deposited: Rockruff named Destiny, level 27
Requested: Meowth level 51-60
Message: I want to trade for a treasured Pokemon that has been raised from an Egg

Thank you so much for doing this; this will really help with breeding!
IGN: Alejandro
Deposited: female rockruff named Destiny at level 12 13 (missreaded the level :c)
Requested: meowth level 51-60

Thank you for doing this!
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Requested Pokémon: Meowth
In Game Name: セオ
Deposited Pokémon: Level 13 Male Rockruff イワンコ 
Your Message: ‴Please Trade with me, Thanks in Advance!"

Sorry I couldn't nickname it destiny as there are limited characters
(Previous one was sniped)

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IGN: Trent
Deposited: Rockruff (Destiny) Lv.11 Female
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
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Ign: Prometheus
Deposited: Female lvl 13 Rockruff named Destiny
Message: I want to filly my Pokedex.
What you requested also with meowth
Thanks in advance!
IGN: Jon
Deposited: Lv 11 female Rockruff(Destiny)
Message:Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
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