NOC 8ball Mafia gg mafia win

BlueD, I think only one of those mischievous kids is mafia, not both

Pocket smells more awful because of that weird vote

But Dusk's behavior D1 was mega scummy and one-sided
My paranoia tendency kicks in again... I'm scared they chose Pocke as 8th ball this time cause he appears awful

Poke, talk to me, I'm more willing to listen

We need not forget that AP was also on Panic, he's a wild card for me
My weakness for Dusk also kicks in...

I've turned into a pudding

Not a leader, always an assistant, that's why I cling to townies but nobody wants to take the bull by its horn this game
Wolf teams worldwide, pls pocket me from now on, I can be used and manipulated at your will

Dusk was right, I flip flop every time but it's not AI

and now I need to stop posting, I'm weird at midnight
bluedoom can you actually explain your thought process this entire game
Shrug, bgb and mpb barely existed and when they did they barely had any reads or effort to play the game. They should've been the wagons yesterday instead of koc/panic but eod1 votals suggest mafia on the panic wagon. There's part of me that thinks that the lock into a you/mpb vote would very easily be driven by a hal/clarinets team but it kinda seems hard to defend you when the only thing you've done is tunnel clarinets
BlueD, I think only one of those mischievous kids is mafia, not both

Pocket smells more awful because of that weird vote

But Dusk's behavior D1 was mega scummy and one-sided
If only one maf was on the panic wagon, this makes even less sense for the theory of mafia trying to save their buddy. Dusk and mpb left their respective counterwagons to vote on another counterwagon. How tf is that "mafia trying to save dusk and mpb"?

Tbh it makes even less sense for dusk because he shifted from one 2 vote wagom to make another to vote wagon.
Bgb scumreading half the game on page 11-12 is scummy becuase he isn't committing and lets him flip the vote on the 8 ball/hop on a wagon if it's convenient. Other posts aren't really inspiring.

IMO Tommy is either a good town player and catches Clarinet successfully (and his reasoning makes sense) or he's scum and pushes Clarinet as 8 Ball D1. They've done this as S/S in Shots NOC but I, uh, doubt they'll pull the same gambit twice? If they're T/T then they're tunneling each other and we probably just lose. If we want to lynch there today we probably lynch Clarinet because based off EoD wagons Clarinet is 99% not the 8-Ball today. Plus #279 is a good post from Tommy, so I'm leaning Clarinet scum, Bgb as partner, and town just being an absolute mess D1.

Marth seems pretty tonally pure. Hal is hard null, although if he's scum it's probably with Tommy? I haven't thought that much about M24 but I don't see anything glaring so I'm not voting him today.

Ngl I have no idea what my slot was doing Day 1.

vote bgb
Turn It Up, I know that you're trying to pull off a confident vibe, but your slot is still contaminated based on what happened EOD. Yes, you're a different player, but that fishy smell still persists.

We aren't lynching Clarinet today because that guy is town.
I mean, I'm guessing that the 8 ball is on the wagon and I have a scumread outside it so it's killing two birds with one stone, I don't see why you feel the need to constrict yourself to voting on it and don't understand why you're seemingly fine with giving scum a free nightkill and town losing a lynch.

Are you scumreading me solely based on the Poke vote yesterday?

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