NOC 8ball Mafia gg mafia win


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sorry--we don't lose if we commit to lynching him tomorrow. we lose if we miss today and we lynch him tomorrow. if we hit today then it's fine

but the point is that you're thinking about this the wrong way. the question you're asking is "if clarinet, bluedoom, m24 are town, is clarinet more likely to be 8ball". This is the wrong question tommy, if we are planning to lynch the scummy people at some point in time anyway. the right question to ask is "if clarinet is town, if he more likely to be 8ball today, or tomorrow?"

The answer is clearly that clarinet is more likely to be 8ball tomorrow so we lynch him today

come on wake up
If clarinet is town he is 8ball today 100 percent of the time
can people make up their minds? I wanna VOTE for a great scum possibility if you decide to keep me for D4

I'll be sheeping AP from now on. Oh mighty warrior, how long and shiny is your weapon!

vote BlueD


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vote m24
Clarinet begging people to vote him off is part of his scum meta. Don't think the marth wagon is best because he seemed towny on my first read. M24 seems like the most likely partner even though he still hasn't done anything that jumps out to me. It doesn't matter too much if marth isn't 8ball because unless hal is scum, we still have 2 lynches after this. Tempted to just lynch clarinet even if it's bad mechanical play.

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