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this is a cool setup, kind of mindgamey with the 8ball. the mafia chose bgb as 8ball for day 1. panic got voted day 1 i thought his reasoning was kind of shoddy and he didn't really do a good job i guess of convincing people not to vote him but then again a lot of other potential voters didn't really help him out.

mafia then picked bluedoom as 8ball. this was kind of a weird choice because no one was really pressuring bluedoom and it seemed to me like they could've just dusk, maybe even mega since he was lowkey getting a lot of heat. mega then had to sub out sadly. UTO came in and did a great job and almost immediately removed suspicion on him. dusk then decided clarinet was in his scum meta and decided to push him and vice versa or so. this confusion meant that the mafia who had slipped two votes on bgb held the timebreaker and bgb got voted out.

mafia then picked clarinet as 8ball a good choice. bluedoom had a good thought immediately voting hal but then his voice got overshadowed. if he was more invested here i think he could've convinced the others to vote hal. clarinet also had a good opening letting dusk go and focusing on uto. sadly dusk did not have the right conclusion in mind and decided that the mafia was contained within marth/m24/clarinet which was pretty ??? to me. and then clarinet went crazy and was like no the mafia is marth and m24 (uhh....). then stuff happened and clarinet was telling people to vote him but also not vote him and then m24 hammered which probably wasn't agreat idea when there was more time but he didn't know what that meant (sry for not explaining) so mafia won because he was the 8ball. gg

Duskfall98 : " Unfortunately I think mechanics wise we have to kill bluedoom or m24 today and clarinet tomorrow." sadly dusk didn't have the best game and focused too much on clarinet who i really didn't think did much to warrant it ? idk. kinda gave apricity a pass i thought but it happens.
Mega-Pokebattlerz/uto: mega had good enthusiasm for this game and sadly had to sub out. his situation was in flux before subbing out and uto did a great job stabilizing and providing a calming presence that people decided they could trust. i think no one really worried about uto by the end of the game even given his voting history. definitely late game mvp/.
bluedoom: bluedoom had some good reads especially at the beginning of the last day but didn't put in the requisite effort to convince people to come to his side. good try
Clarinet: clarinet was one of the more accurate people but for some reason everyone suspected him. i thought he was kind of unlucky. was a good voice for most of the game. his insistence on being ok with being voted was weird though but i guess that's the "meta" these days if ur suspected? nice job
Panic Station: i thought he was a little unlucky day 1 with a more active day or even end of day he probably is saved. his logic against hal was kind of weird although right in the end. decent showing
bluegummybear: i actually thought bgb played decently but for some reason peopel weren't giving him credit. i feel like he's grown a decent amount as a mafia player and i hope he continues to play and improve because he's definitely gotten better iirc,.
M24: for a beginner i thought you did a really good job. like i thikn you were pretty universally town read until people radnomly decdied you were mafia? which was strange and not a fault on you at all. i felt your posts were pretty good and you did a good job of staying involved. i think you could've posted more and even really directed the game but obviously that's something that comes with experience. and i think that experience would've helped you out on the last day but partly my fault for not explaining so sorry about. i hope if you had fun that you keep playing, if not on this site but elsewhere! thanks for joining. probably my town mvp tbh?
apricity: did a good job especially early. was really surprised he didn't get more pressure because he was on every mislynch but i think it says a lot to ur social game that you were able to hide under the radar. eraly game mvp

ggs friemds


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Btw I did play bad but reason I wasn't pushing hal more was I didn't want him to be 8balled and did want to kill him after clarinet. But yeah I had a bad game regardless and idt anyone on town player that particularly well so we didn't really deserve a win anyways. Exceptions being marth and m24 considering it was their first game.

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