[9:57 PM] blunder: The Official Circlejerk Tour I - Finals - Won by last minute


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Hosted by Finchinator, rozes, and TDK

not gonna cp old shit but everything should be understood by now; Round 1 - Round 2

This is an SM OU tournament only. Everything legal at the time of this post is legal for the entirety of this round.


You can see placements from the group stage in the spreadsheet

The deadline for this round will be June 1st at 11:59 EDT (GMT-4). There will be no extensions.

Please post replays of your games in your win/loss post!

If there are concerns please let us know.

(1) last minute vs (26) Les Deguns

TheThorn vs Zokuru
Pohjis vs imMadax
zf vs Kory2600
vs FY2.0/Eko
Sabella vs RedMaxx
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