[9:57 PM] blunder: The Official Circlejerk Tour I - Round 1

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[3:35 PM] blunder: i love to jerk

Hosted by Finchinator, rozes, and TDK

Hi everyone, welcome to a tournament I felt like starting and hosting per request of my friend thunderblunder777. Simply put, it's a team tournament where you and your friends signup together and form a team of 5. At the start of round 1, matchups will be generated and you and your teammates will individually face off against three other players from other teams in a Round Robin. Afterwards, the top half of teams will face off in single elimination playoffs, where the 5 players will face off against a randomly generated opponent. For those of you familiar with WCoP format, it's pretty much the same, but you get to form teams of 5 rather than be forced to play for your region... or take a trip to Israel for a week.

This is an SM OU tournament only. Pheromosa is allowed for the entirety of this round.


You can find your Round 1 Matchups (done by Nails!) within that spreadsheet. I will also tag people below (and in the second post!) and list the people within their group.

The deadline for this round will be April 16th at 11:59 EDT (GMT-4). There will be no extensions.

Please note that this is a massive tournament (64 teams, 320 players, 480 games). I fully expect there to be a lot of dead games and drop outs. As such, I've recruited Finchinator and rozes to assist me with the management of this tournament (at least for Round 1). Please note that due to the size of the tournament, we will only look at this thread for activity calls. This means if you fail to make an activity post, your game will either be lost to activity, coinflipped, or declared dead. There will be no exceptions to this at all and the three of us will ignore all PMs about activity via Discord and Showdown. Again; post your activity claims in the thread should it be necessary.

Please post replays of your games in your win/loss post! Replays will be added to the spreadsheet should they be posted; we sure as hell won't be searching for them if they're not posted however.

If there are concerns please let us know.

Substitutes are welcome.

  1. -herO-
  2. Temperarious
  3. Shadowtags
  4. Drud

Group 1

Chill Shadow miltankmilk Heysup Leru

Group 2

Conni -Tsunami- MixItUpTeams xtra$hine

Group 3

Axel™ Corazan.. FY2.0/Eko LBLOL7

Group 4

metagamesecrets teso24 Corckscrew Lange

Group 5

Erz 067jox Organo84 Vore Gidal

Group 6

DaAwesomeDude1 PDC Weshbien ADF Test

Group 7

ggggd adamant excadrill imMadax Rexus

Group 8

Anty Meru Simiatic Tricking

Group 9

Mounts FAJI Zokuru Marrano

Group 10

BlueSkiddoWeCanToo The Hallows Kickasser Genesis7

Group 11

Corporal Levi Empo Close ayevon

Group 12

LuckOverSkill Quote Misugi Freend

Group 13

Level 56 MegaStarUniverse double switches Shmon

Group 14

Biosci Floppy Eternal Spirit Pearl

Group 15

GOAO AD Thunderboy Snowy GH[O]ST

Group 16

Haund FLCL Lalaya Spl4sh

Group 17

Aneel Blading InfernapeTropius11 KratosMana nightcore

Group 18

PD Ninjacalibur Infamy Eo Ut Mortus

Group 19

Celysi praj.pran FMG Asek

Group 20

Znain SoulWind Feliburn Sam

Group 21

Qplaz lighthouses Always Paperblade

Group 22

Wally The Bully Nintendi Quint_ Accelgor

Group 23

RiCH HOMiE CHRiS Hamhamhamham Blackoblivion Regnite

Group 24

Dominatio ez Jirachee Chloe.

Group 25

Mr. Perry LLiolae aim samjo

Group 26

HANTSUKI Hyogafodex Sakis mil

Group 27

Hector Hard Mode izuef Cicada roroyurem

Group 28

The Idiot Ninja Ice Tea Gondra VoltDarkrai

Group 29

Webcamparrot Vai Lusa Void E4 Flint

Group 30

Destiny Device Brancus Gene Sp Jordn

Group 31

Googly obii itzGator Shiba

Group 32

Colonel M roystopror Sharp Ladder UU BKC

Group 33

Baloor Wezze Amoonguss dice

Group 34

Luigi dodmen RedEmptionMc Lord Sample Team

Group 35

False. Candice z0mOG Hootie

Group 36

Kebab mlml A Hero's Destiny Leaf to Wind Pradhaaan

Group 37

Fish1899 Martin Kory2600 BHARATH_THEBEST

Group 38

Lax rozes cdumas -UlquiorraSchiffer-

Group 39

bro fist Adam the first Ron; Fatalitatis

Group 40

Swaqfeq reyscarface Dragonit c0mp
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Group 41

imsosorrylol Zenadark Lysergic Antemasque

Group 42

p2 Team Pokepals Blightbringer PokemonmasterTj

Group 43

tigers jaw Ajna TDK Camilas

Group 44

Finchinator HQuaze papai noel DestinyUnknown

Group 45


Group 46

Mindnight dogknees Hairy Toenail Santu

Group 47

psychicmewtwo Flares. Poek Ciele

Group 48

Centygon pancake blarghlfarghl RODAN

Group 49

patlop2307 blazenix blunder shade

Group 50

Holiano Tamahome Cloyy d0nut

Group 51

ben gay Yogibears FrozenCold Lopunny kicks2002

Group 52

TopLel TopKek dk Dundies PttP

Group 53

teal6 osgoode Alexander. Hayburner

Group 54

Orayo Taskr Memoric Aurious

Group 55

JACOB Subject 18 TUO Fille

Group 56

Takatalvi Yoshizilla315 Raiza Navy

Group 57

AAamen -Snow Leftiez Gotham Paladin

Group 58

Kurukaito Updated Kanto Lcans Jayde

Group 59

RedMaxx Paycard chimpact highlighter

Group 60

Welli0u B@oba Ace-11 Arii Stella

Group 61

TheThorn Kirigon Mr Ponty Chras

Group 62

Tony Sunchipps ItsBaku Steve Angello

Group 63

Kingler12345 NicoReaper Lord Outrage Wheitron

Group 64

Mix kushal00 Jynx Nuggets Tressed

Group 65

Pohjis MetalGro$$ Arifeen Barge

Group 66

Sam. Aurora -Niko- AlexAKSD

Group 67

TropicalTeo Weegah undisputed silver ghost

Group 68

Shadestep Hachimaki98 Marcelinho Rodrigues Silver_Lucario42

Group 69

Star KingKdot dragonuser Vertex

Group 70

The Afterman Nanofaia Caetano93 Prague Kick

Group 71

ErPeris insult Christo MiyoKa

Group 72

1 True Lycan Kushalos Real FV13 Miles Tails

Group 73

Sabella Holiday We Three Kings Roseybear

Group 74

TistieyZ ZoroDark CaCaTuA FalleN2

Group 75

Darkdevil Leooo_33 Bushtush NukedNukem

Group 76

Zarif Der Schweinsteiger Dbasso Oibaf cune

Group 77

Sas0 zf ToF Duck Chris

Group 78

Sunding Dread Arceus Reymaki LuckyRyu

Group 79

Silverwhiteblue Curtain -Lone Teddeh

Group 80

rnbs Sand Castle Rex69 Casparov
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One of the players in my group (False) hasn't been online since 2011, going to assume you tagged the guy incorrectly


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