NOC 9p Matrix 6 Game Thread [GAME OVER]

approved by duskfall98

we hit 9 players!! yay

Specific role interactions/setups are in the spoiler below.

If this game reaches 9 players it will be Matrix6. If this game reaches 13 players it will be D6. (Other suggestions for semi-open 13p are fine too.)

Standard NOC Rules, plurality lynch, no hammer on D1, which includes:

-No outside contact, not during night phase, day phase, when you're dead, and don't talk to alive players if you're dead
-Don't talk during the night in the topic.
-Plurality lynch: whoever has the most votes are killed at the end of the day, ties are broken by which wagon reaches majority first.
-Don't copypaste or quote your role PM/results.
-Do not edit or delete your posts.
-This game will either be 48 or 72h days, just state your preference in your in post and 24h nights.
-Please post at least 5 times a day phase. Prods happen after 24h.
-Encryption is banned.
-Mafia has daytalk.

The Town win condition is as follows: "You win when the Town has eliminated all threats, or when nothing can prevent the same from happening.."
The Mafia win condition is as follows: "You win when the Mafia have achieved parity with the Town or when nothing can prevent the same from happening."

1. Thunder~BALLZ
3. OM
4. Duskfall98
6. Panic Station shubaka17
8. M2H Former
9. M24


D1 Lynch: CaffeineBoost - Vanilla Townie
N1 Death: Schiavetto - Vanilla Townie
D2 Lynch: Whydon - Vanilla Townie

Sub List:
1. bluegummybear
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all Role PMs should be out!!

confirm in this thread or in your Role PM please!! Do not post anything but your confirmation in this thread!!

Phase will begin when I'm awake if 7/9 people have confirmed, otherwise it will start November 25 at 8 PM PST/11 PM EST.

Reminder that Day 1 is 72 hours, and hammer is disabled. Day 2 on will last 48 hours. Will try to update with vote counts periodically!

e: actually just hit 5k posts so maybe i wont post after this sorry!!


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I know most people playing already, but I don't think it's ever a bad idea to start a game with some introductions.

Hi, I'm Former, I use he/him pronouns. I've been playing mafia for a few years. Haven't played a No Outside Contact game in about a year, but I've kept my skills sharp through games like Among Us and Everyone is Mafia Mafia.

Outside of smogon I'm pretty nerdy and I spend a lot of my free time playing video games or watching anime.

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