9th Ring of Hell - Team Tournament [Round 1 - #91]

Round 1
Round 2
~Approved by Melee Mewtwo~

With the implementation of Pokebank on Pokemon Showdown!, what better way is there to kick off the new XY Metagame with a Team Tournament? Basically, people who want to participate can form teams of 5- no more or no less. The format will sort of be like MUTE- except this one will be much less complicated and also will encompass both Generation 6 and Generation 5.

Standard Rules
  • XY and BW Ubers Tournament
  • Single Elimination
  • Species Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Wifi Clause
  • Timed Battles
  • Endless Battle Clause
  • No ghosting .-.

Special Rules
  • This is a team tournament. Each team must consist of 5 members.
    • Sign up as a team, teams must also have a name.
    • Every member on the team must confirm.

Okay, so this is how the tournament will work. Two teams will be matched up against each other- there will be a maximum of 6 points able to be earned by a single team. A point is awarded to one team if one of their players beats the opposing team's player. For example, if Polop defeats Orch, the team Polop is on will receive a point. The 6th point will be a match between two players, each selected by their respective teammates. The 6th game will be a Gen 5 Ubers match- this is to compensate for hax (for example Orch haxes Polop out and the overall record is 3-2. Polop's team has a chance to tie it 3-3). In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker match will be held.


Team Frostbite (Krauersaut, Piexplode, DontStealMyPenguin , Madara Uchiha , malefic)
Team FireRed Omega (orch, ogasian, Steelskitty, Hack He Must, polop)
Team [idm]donkey: Donkey, Edgar, Problems, Dice, Blim
Team plat smurfs: Leon, CarbonTheSecond, puregenius, el poeta , Chisposo
team milky tighty whighties: @xtranus, chicoarod1994 , Laurel, xtracross, King
Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts: Kebabe, Anikrahman1995, Haruno, Blue Jay, Fireburn
Team Reach Inside: iHop, Seevea, King DeDeDerp Mr.378, Taaj
Team Fatal Blow: PHP18, liimujx, Jimmyftw, I'm Hydra, Megaman Zero 4
Team FIRM: Sweep, Melee Mewtwo, Royalty, Faint, Imma Fly
Team Gold Hands: kingmidas, ZoroarkForever, Dr Ciel, blitzlefan, moonbase
Team The Gods: Uchiha Itachi, Ubersmaster , LNY TNZ, Ascension, Anachronism
Team NoChance: Arsenal(Red9), Shed Skin, Future Boy Conan, Killabunny, Tesung

Free Agents:


download (1).jpg



Team Frostbite vs. Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts

Malefic vs. Haruno
Krauersaut vs. Blue Jay
DontStealMyPenguin vs. Fireburn
Madara Uchicha vs. Kebabe
Piexplode vs. Anikrahman1995

? vs. Anikrahman1995 (Did not PM me Gen 5 player)

In a valley far below the last vestiges of civilization...dwells the Kebabiers, a fierce clan of five who will stop at naught to defend their territory. Trekking the world is Team Frostbite, coming from the lands that freeze even the warmest of souls. Looking for a place to stay....

Kebabe: Yo real talk nigga, whachu doin' up in mah home bitch?
Piexplode: *_*

Team Reach Inside vs. Team FireRed Omega

iHop vs. Hack He Must
King Dedederp vs. Steelskitty (activity)
Taaj vs. Ogasian
Mr. 378 vs. Polop
Seevea vs. Orch

Mr. 378 vs. Hack He Must

Inside their volcano fair, a band of five ruffians sit their playing Pokemon on their 3DS's while the world around them crumbles. A ragged group of volcanologists stumble upon a mysterious house-volcano and investigate. ?_? what is going on @_@

Polop: Holy Arceus water these people doing here?_?
Taaj: What's poppin'

Team [idm]Donkey vs. Team The Gods

Donkey vs. Anachronism (coinflip)
Dice vs. Ubersmaster (coinflip)
Edgar vs. Uchicha Itachi
Blim vs. LNY TNZ
Problems vs. Ascension

A squad of five ex-marines sit around a fire making ass jokes. One spots several people decked out in bling barreling toward them. Ready for some action, the ex-marines pull some guns out their asses and lick their lips in anticipation of destroying these assholes.

Dice: You motherfucking noobs are going to lick my ass
Ubersmaster: ...

Team FIRM vs. Team plat smurfs

Royalty vs. Leon
Sweep vs. CarbonTheSecond
Imma Fly vs. Puregenius
Melee Mewtwo vs. El Poeta
Faint vs. Chisposo

? vs. El Poeta (Did not PM me Gen 5 player)

"Stand firm in the face of danger, stand firm even when the shadow of death threatens to overtake you, stand firm when the woman of your life is giving you a BJ, stand firm even when your boss fires you for telling him to shut up." - The FIRM firm, inc.

Sweep: I'm black.
Puregenius: E=mc^2

Team Gold Hands vs. Team Fatal Blow

ZoroarkForever vs. liimujx
moonbase vs. PHP18
Kingmidas vs. Megaman Zero 4
Dr Ciel vs. Jimmyftw
blitzlefan vs. I'm Hydra

ZoroarkForever vs. liimujx

A band of five genetically altered misfits, one can spray lightning, one can turn people to gold, one administers death, one is based when the full moon comes, and one is a master of illusions. They prey on the poor helpless people...except they might have picked a fight with the wrong people.

Dr Ciel: I administer death, I destroy and I don't heal. BITCH!
Jimmyftw: Who has truly beaten Jimmyftw? [Jimmftw was banned by Arcticblast (you have got to be the stupidest person I've ever met in my 3 year tenure as Showdown moderator)]

Team NoChance vs. Team milky tighty whighties

Shed Skin vs. xtranus (coinflip)
Future Boy Conan vs. Laurel
Arsenal(Red9) vs. jas0n (activity)
Tesung vs. xtracross
Killabunny vs. chicoarod1994 (coinflip)

Among the valley dell, lies a land of swell, of bees buzzing and cows lowing...and a bunch of idiots who do nothing but play Pokemon and bum around. NO LIFE NO TITS BITCH!

Arsenal(Red9): We bring an arsenal.
Laurel: I'm mature.

There is a deadline of exactly one week.



Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts (2) vs. Team NoChance (2) (Dropped Out)

Fireburn vs. Killabunny
Haruno vs. Tesung
Blue Jay vs. Shed Skin
Kebabe vs. Arsenal(Red9)
Anikrahman1995 vs. Future Boy Conan

Sportcaster 1: Looking at the teams, it seems that Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts have a very threatening line up, sort of like the OKC Thunder in that they also don't win any championships.
Sportcaster 2: Team NoChance seems to have no chance of winning, but perhaps Tesung and Arsenal(Red9) will put the team on their backs and defeat Team Kebabe.

Team Fatal Blow (2) vs. Team FIRM (4)

I'm Hydra vs. Royalty
PHP18 vs. Imma Fly
Jimmyftw vs. Faint
Liimujx vs. Sweep
Megaman Zero 4
vs. Melee Mewtwo

Liimujx vs. Imma Fly

Sportcaster 1: Team Fatal Blow smashed Team Gold Hands in the regular season, destroying them in 6 games. However, whether they can take on a powerful team in Team FIRM is yet to be seen.
Sportcaster 2: Team FIRM has a powerful lineup, each capable of pulling their weight in a match. However, if they underestimate Team Fatal Blow, Team FIRM might just meet a premature demise.

Team FireRed Omega (5) vs. Team [idm]Donkey (1)

Polop vs. Donkey (activity win)
Hack He Must vs. Dice (activity win)
Steelskitty vs. Problems
Orch vs. Edgar
vs. Blim

Steelskitty vs. ?

Sportcaster 1: Team FireRed Omega had quite a scare last round, however they recouped and managed to defeat Team Reach Inside. Polop will definitely be a star player, and Ogasian will get smashed.
Sportcaster 2: :] It's 2ez

Congratulations to all teams that made it to the finals of this prestigious tournament that the entirety of Smogon totally cares about! The finals will be a round robin finals, ie. Team FIRM plays Team FireRed Omega and Team Kebabe's Five Best Alts, while Team FireRed Omega plays Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts. Without further ado, the match-ups!

Team FIRM (1) vs. Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts (4)

Sweep vs. Kebabe
Melee Mewtwo vs. -Leon-
Royalty vs. Fireburn
Imma Fly
vs. Haruno
Faint vs. Blue J

Royalty vs. Kebabe

Team FIRM vs. Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts

Sweep vs. Kebabe
Melee Mewtwo vs. -Leon-
Royalty vs. Fireburn
Imma Fly
vs. Haruno
Faint vs. Blue J

Team FIRM (3) vs. Team FireRed Omega (3)

Royalty vs. Steelskitty
Melee Mewtwo vs. Orch
Sweep vs. Polop
Imma Fly vs. Hack He Must
vs. Ogasian

Royalty vs. Steelskitty

Team FIRM vs. Team FireRed Omega

Royalty vs. Steelskitty
Melee Mewtwo vs. Orch
Sweep vs. Polop
Imma Fly vs. Hack He Must
Faint vs. Ogasian

Team FireRed Omega (4) vs. Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts (2)

Hack He Must vs. Kebabe
Ogasian vs. Fireburn
vs. -Leon-
Orch vs. Blue J
Polop vs. Haruno

Hack He Must vs. Kebabe

Team FireRed Omega vs. Team Kebabe's 5 Best Alts

Hack He Must vs. Kebabe
Ogasian vs. Fireburn
Steelskitty vs. -Leon-
Orch vs. Blue J
Polop vs. Haruno

Hack He Must vs. Kebabe

GL to all teams!

ORCH !_!
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Signing up Team FrostBite:

Krauersaut/Piex got Haxed!/chubby penguins/Level 56/Malefic
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