A birthday giveaway - Part 2.

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(Giveaway is now over; and seems like there's a decent amount of entries, so I guess I'll be a little nice here and declare everyone here that posted a winner...so, congratulations! Thread can be locked now. Also, after a hard decision of who I'll whitelist, the award goes to Defense for the slogan "Stop kissing Reed's ass, smoke some grass", so congratulations!)

Hell, it's about time - a birthday giveaway...part 2.

Though not my birthday yet (as of the time I posted this thread), thought I'd kick it off with a giveaway. My birthday is actually December 20, and the prize of the giveaway, you ask? This:

Nature: Timid
Ability: Flash Fire
EV's: None
IV's: 31/x/31/31/31/31
OT: Masters (Lord Scalgon) || ID: 30051
Egg Moves: Heat Wave
Special Moves: Imprison (Lv. 1)
Semi-Redistributable (You can redistribute; others can not)
Cloned via Pokesav Method

(This Pokemon is best used in doubles...or VGC, perhaps. Point is to shut down trick room teams.)​

How to win it? Come up with a nice protest slogan (preferrably over budget cuts). In case anyone's wondering why I came up with this, I'm gonna throw in a brief backstory:

Back in November 2011, my college campus held a strike over fee hikes as well as budget cuts. We students grew tired of increased tuition hikes, so we were left without a choice but to fight back, thus resulting a protest.
Now, something tells me another protest is bound to happen at all California State University campuses this spring, but then again, I could be wrong, and there's always a margin of error. In case there is one, I'm going to have to come up with an iconic protest slogan. Even if your protest slogan isn't so iconic, if I do like it, you still win the prize. However, if I deem your protest slogan iconic, not only will you win the prize, but I will consider using it, and you will be whitelisted in my trade thread and credit you for the sign. Nice catch, eh?

Other notes:
- The name of the chancellor of all California State University campuses is Charles B. Reed.
- You have a better chance of being whitelisted in my trade thread if your slogan rhymes.

Anyway, good luck! Hopefully I'll see some nice entries. Give it some thought before you post.

Some examples of iconic protest signs I held:
1) Cut the FEES; Smoke some TREES
2) Don't feed the [G]REED; CONCEDE; Smoke some WEED

1. Biosci
2. sophies

1. BSatallite
2. Justin Thyme
3. Defense
4. RedFlag
5. deadguydrew
6. youngster789
7. CoachGump
8. nachocheese999
9. Jet Star
10. DittoForAll
11. -playmaster-
12. bloomcool13​

Giveaway ends December 23 at 12pm PST, by the way. To make things fair, I'm only going to whitelist one person.​
Came up with this,mind if I add more in the coming days?Kinda in your situation too xD
Seperate each with an insert

"Hi,we're wearing our student uniforms,
And we're fine and not gonna strike.
SIKE! we ain't going on no hike!!"

"Look at all this striking sticks,
You're the reason we're being sick,
Stop the hikes,you're being a dick."

"Its only ok if you build courts and pools,
not in your backyard, but at our schools"
Here are my idea's:

Stop kissing Reed's ass, smoke some grass.

I don't give a f**k if you want more bucks.

Students used Strike! It's Super Effective!

Stop the cuts! They hurt! (Picture of a knife or something)

What idiot planted the seed that made Charles B. Reed?

Do I look like I'm made of money? (with an arrow pointing down at you)

On your bike, I'm not into hikes.

Enjoy, hope I win and good on you for protesting.
Fight against Reed, the seed of all greed.
That's my (lame) slogan...
Going to attend SJSU after I graduate so if the protest hits there, I'm in.
Happy B-Day!! Good Luck with the protest!

Hey Cal
This Dr.Hal
And we're here today
To tell those who pay
To tear there f***in bill
And shove it up Cal with pills

Bill goes up
Call goes Blow-up

Money more
We start a war

Cal money no go down?
Cal goes to frown
Cal goes to doom
Cal goes KABOOM!!!

We know how to wreck a country... Now can we see fixed?

...but Uncle Sam never said my wallet can be empty AS WELL AS a have negative budget.

Mutiny or tyranny. Either one that explains why I'm living in a box and using the stairways as my toilet.

It's not me. It's you. Now take a hike, and this time, on your own taxes, not mine.
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