A Burmy run through Pokémon Y

Update 1: Why?

So I'm part of a Pokémon fan group on Facebook and I recently posted a poll because I noticed there were two themed challenge runs you could do early in Pokémon X and Y. The first was a run through of the game with the three elemental monkeys from Gen 5. The second was a run through of the game with all four of the Burmy line.

Guess which one they picked.

I'm editing this post instead of double posting. After naming my character WHY??! I began with Fennekin, since you fight Serena way more than Shauna and Greninja, Absol and Meowstic all share a weakness to Burmy's main type. After speeding through the first couple routes, I come to Route 3, the Burmy route. I capture four Burmys: one named Plant who will ironically not be evolving into Plant Cloak Wormadam, a male one named Moth and two other female Burmys who I forgot to nickname for now.

So let's talk Burmy. Evolving at level 20, its evolution depends on level, gender and location. If male, you get the slow and frail mixed attacking Bug/Flying Mothim. If female, it depends on where you are. Evolving in tall grass gets you the specially inclined Bug/Grass Plant Cloak, evolving in caves or deserts gets you the physically inclined Bug/Ground Sandy Cloak and evolving in a building gets you the mixed Bug/Steel Trash Cloak. While Mothim has attack and special attack of 94, it's quite frail with 50 in each defense and has an awful type. Plant Cloak also has an awful type but has a pretty good 105 special defense and an ok at worst 79 in special attack. Sandy has a better typing and the same stats as Plant, but in physical defense and attack respectively. Finally, Trash has 95 in both defenses but a mediocre at best 69 in both attacks. Overall, I've got my work cut out for me.

So, how to train a Pokemon that needs to get to level 10 to learn Tackle and starts with only Protect? The answer: systematically cycle through all four Burmys to get to Fennekin, who can KO whatever they're "fighting." After some cycles, Plant and Moth learn Tackle, and we're off to the races! Sort of.

I actually manage to get through Viola's gym okay, but then run into a roadblock in Viola's Vivillon. In my first run, Surskit KO'd two of my Burmys and Vivillon finished the others. I then get everyone to 12 and try again. Success: my last, imaginatively named Burmy is able to defeat Vivillon and get my first badge and a move I will not be able to teach my Bugs until they evolve.

That was last night. Defeating Viola took 1:46, actually slightly faster than I thought I would. Tonight will go from Santalune City to Cyllage City, attempting to defeat Grant.
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Update 2: Wow did this take a long time
I thought I was going to get to Grant last night, but instead I prioritized evolving everyone. Grant will probably be attempted later tonight, and depending on interest I'll either post that story or edit it in.
As everyone knows, you get the EXP. Share after beating Viola. I actually leave it on because individually leveling up four Burmy seemed far too painful, especially after Route 4. Fighting through every trainer for the experience, one of the Roller Skaters nearly got me with his Pidgey. Seems a 40 power Flying move might be too much even for the mighty Burmy.
Up next is the fight with Professor Sycamore. For whatever reason (probably pity) his Charmander only used Ember once throughout the fight, sticking to Scratch and a single Smokescreen instead. He still KO'd my lead Burmy which was annoying. I then purchase Struggle Bug from the Pokémon center; I'll have to come back for Bulldoze once my funds allow.
After meeting Mr. "I am Obviously Evil" Lysandre, Mrs. "I am Obviously the Champion" Diantha and then Mr. "I am Insanely Creepy" … Mr. Bonding, I move onto Route 5. Tierno was simple to beat after my lead Burmy got to level 15 and learned Bug Bite. Finally, a STAB move! With this, Burmy went from weak KOs to demolishing the route, including the Rising Star's Kadabra and Roller Skater's Skiddo and Bunnelby. Though another trainer was nearly too much with his Doduo.
The next order of business was renaming my Burmys at Camphrier Town. My highest level one was renamed "Sole" for being the sole survivor of the fight against Viola and another Burmy was named "Trash" so I remembered to evolve it into Trash Cloak. The last Burmy (due to evolve into Sandy) did not yet receive a nickname.
Next was getting through the Gen 1 pander of a quest to wake up Snorlax. I will say, the $1,000 taken from you to get into Parfum Palace stings a little more when I realized I was only a few hundred away from affording Bulldoze. Shauna's "the rich get richer" joke hit home a little harder this time thanks to that.
When the Poke Flute was used, I immediately ran away from Snorlax. Gotta pick your battles.
The next story item of significance was fighting Trevor and Tierno with Serena. This one was actually annoying because I switched between Sole and Moth to get the most experience for them since they were close to evolving. As a result, the normally not very threatening Corphish, Flabebe and Pikachu KO both of Serena's Pokémon (didn't help that I'd equipped her with a Fletchling and Frogadier thanks to picking Fennekin last update) and nearly get mine too. But with that out of the way, the main bulk of work can begin.
Over the course of the next few battles, all my Burmy evolve. This is a handy area to get to due to its mix of outdoor, cave (through the Connecting Cave) and the Battle Chateau's building. First to evolve is Sole, into the Plant Cloak Bug/Grass Wormadam. Next up is Moth, into the Bug/Flying Mothim. Ironically, Trash evolves into the Bug/Steel Trash Cloak Wormadam after beating a Burmy in the Battle Chateau. Last is the unnicknamed Burmy, who evolves into the Bug/Ground Sandy Cloak Wormadam after the battle with a Breeder inside the Cave.
I stopped for the night at that point. When I saved, I'd gone from 1:46 after beating Viola to 4:00 after evolving into Sandy.
Update 3: Don't Take Money, Don't Take Fame
Upon beginning I attend to a few lingering threads. "Burmy" is renamed Sandy in honor of its becoming... Sandy, while Trash is renamed POL, standing for Power of Love (the Huey Lewis and the News song was on in the car and there's a line about stronger than steel. It got stuck in my head). I also pick up Bulldoze and the Quick Claw from Lumiose City.
Thanks to the four evolutions, this is probably the strongest part of the run, and I prove it by breezing through Routes 8, 9 and the Glittering Cave. This includes Team Flare, and I bear witness to one of the dumbest decisions I've seen the AI make: Serena, brilliant tactician that she is, eschews Psybeam on the opposing Croagunk to instead use... Covet. Which is Normal type. On a Scraggy. She eventually wises up, but she loses Espurr to that same Scraggy, and she deserves it.
After beating Route 8, I get to Cyllage City. Home of Grant. The Rock type gym leader. Wooooooo.
To counter this, I make sure POL and Sandy are up front receiving the experience from taking on the gym trainers, especially POL who needs Mirror Shot from level 26. I get there after some brief training on Route 10, and I go to take on the extreme sports man whose name is probably a reference to Jurassic Park.
The first gym trainer in the Cyllage City gym uses a Relicanth. That pokemon, found in Hoenn, used Rock Tomb, Water Gun and Yawn to smack around my team. I talk about him because he was harder than Grant.
I actually messed up and forgot to save after beating Grant the first time and needed to repeat. Both times, POL took the Thunder Wave in stride and smoked Amaura with a 4x effective Mirror Shot. Both times, Sandy finished off Tyrunt with a super effective Bulldoze. Second badge down and a fancy new and improved Rock Tomb for my Sandy.
For the trainers on Route 10, I let Moth and Plant take the lead to see how they'll do. Moth dies to almost any physical move, but Plant is a bit hardier. I wish it got a special Grass move rather than the physical Razor Leaf at 26, but it'll do.
I finish things off by taking on Korrina in Geosenge Town. Since her first Lucario went down easily to Sandy's Bulldoze, I stunt on her a little and let the others out to play. Moth actually puts a dent in the jackal with Return, but it's Plant who finishes the second one off with Hidden Power.
That's all for now. Next time: my first battle with Serena, the Fighting gym leader Korrina and the culmination of a quest I have no reason to complete because who would give a Mega Evolution to a Burmy evo. See ya next time!
Update 4: Spoilin' for a Fight
The night begins with the use of Strength on my gifted Bulbasaur (which I had picked because it's my favorite starter) to pick up Aerial Ace in the Connecting Cave. Only Moth can learn it, but Moth now has two great physical STABs to play with. I also give him the Quick Claw, which comes in handy repeatedly during this time.
Leaving Geosenge Town, I am promptly demolished by the first trainer on the next route. Without POL, that trainer's Sigilyph would've destroyed my entire team with Air Cutter. The woes continue in the Glittering Cave, where I run into an infamous NPC: Battle Girl Hedvig. Her Throh is easy to handle with Moth's Aerial Ace, but her Hawlucha, in what is a potential preview of later, smacks around POL and Sandy easily. Only a timely Quick Claw activation lets Moth defeat the Fighting/Flying menace.
After leaving the Glittering Cave, I emerge in Shalour City and promptly head off to the Tower of Mastery for my first fight with Serena. Serena's facepalm after her defeat is far more understandable when she is defeated by the Burmy Squad.
In all honesty, I mess this fight up bad. POL hard walls Meowstic right now, but her Absol gets a timely crit on Moth with Slash and finishes with Bite. I use Plant to mop up, but Plant takes a major blow from Bite and is then finished off by her Frogadier. Despite the Special Attack lowering properties of Struggle Bug, a timely confusion on Water Pulse dooms Plant. I could've done better on this fight; luckily, I'll get another chance soon.
Next up is the boss fight with Korrina. Everyone but Sandy is at level 29; Sandy is at 28. Of the level 29 moves, I choose to learn Plant's Growth but don't learn Moth's Poisonpowder or POL's Metal Sound.
Korrina is an interesting one. After Moth one shots her Mienfoo, Sandy just loses out to her Machoke after trading Bulldozes and Rock Tombs, the Machoke getting healed with Hyper Potions. It's Plant who finishes it off with Confusion, dodging a Rock Tomb in the process.
Things get interesting with Hawlucha. Neutral Flying Press takes out POL, and I think I'm in a real bind, but a quirk of Flying Press saves me. See, since it's Flying and Fighting simultaneously, I'd thought only POL could take it. But Moth actually resists it thanks to his 4x resistance to Fighting, meaning his Aerial Ace takes out the luchador.
We finish things off with the only Mega Evolution I will use in this run, beating Korrina's Mega Lucario with my own overpowered jackal. Next time: a redemption fight with Serena, Ramos fight and possible Team Flare. See ya next time!
The team: Moth, level 29, Bug/Flying,, Confusion/Aerial Ace/Bug Bite/Hidden Power. Sole: level 29, Bug/Grass, Confusion/Venoshock/Struggle Bug/Growth. POL: level 29, Bug/Steel, Protect/Return/Bug Bite/Mirror Shot. Sandy: level 28, Bug/Ground, Protect/Bulldoze/Bug Bite/Rock Tomb.

I'll also edit this to ask for feedback. I'm new to this kind of posting and stories, so if there's something I can do to make this more interesting, please let me know!
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Out of curiosity, were you able to determine your moth's Hidden Power type?

As a side note, you can get the Dig TM from the shaulor shop if Sand Wormadam needs it. Reflection Cave also has Gyro Ball for Trash if needed too.

I must say good luck for Plant Wormadam regarding having only Grass Knot for STAB until Route 20
Out of curiosity, were you able to determine your moth's Hidden Power type?

As a side note, you can get the Dig TM from the shaulor shop if Sand Wormadam needs it. Reflection Cave also has Gyro Ball for Trash if needed too.

I must say good luck for Plant Wormadam regarding having only Grass Knot for STAB until Route 20
Plant Cloak has Ghost type as determined by having no effect against an Eevee outside of Cyllage City. I dumped Hidden Power off the rest cause POL has a Special Attack hindering nature and I just didn't want it anymore on Moth. As for Sandy, I actually prefer Bulldoze because not only does it outdamage over time (4 Bulldozes at 60 power versus 2 Digs at 80) but considering how slow my team is, every bit of speed control helps.

As for Plant, I'm basically waving bye to Grass STAB until Leaf Storm because odds are I will need to overlevel at some point to not get murdered by Lysandre. When he Megas Gyarados, that will actually be easier.

That being said, Gyro Ball will be a massive help, thank you!
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Update 5: Green Grass and High Tides

My first order of business is getting through Route 12. Not really a difficult matter, but remembering halfway through I'd forgotten to grab the Gyro Ball TM back in Glittering Cave certainly is. I've actually never gotten this TM before, and it took me a while to get there.

After crossing Route 12 using the free Lapras as my new HM Helper, I immediately find the TM quiz lady, where I obtain the Mystery Mouskatool. That's a surprise tool that will help us later (… I have young cousins. I can sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song from memory. It is not one of my favorite skills).

Coumarine City includes another encounter with Ms. "I Am Clearly the Champion" Diantha and Professor Sycamore. … Wait, if Sycamore wants to know what the deal with Mega Evolution is, why isn't he asking the Champion? Is he too busy writing love letters to your mom to do so? Questions for later.

The battle with Serena outside of the gym is annoying, but doable. POL hard walls Meowstic, while Sole hard walls Frogadier. The only barrier is Absol, who takes out Sandy and deals good damage to Moth as well before Bug Bite takes it out.

To be honest with you, I thought Ramos was going to be a complete joke. Instead, I limp out of there with one Pokémon remaining in low HP, and I was sorta lucky to do it. Why?

Well, POL didn't do half as well as I thought she would. See, I was expecting her to deal with Jumpluff with her shiny new Gyro Ball. Instead, Gyro Ball does minimal damage and a crit takes out my only Pokémon that can take a Flying move. Luckily, Sandy is strong enough to take an Acrobatics and put the hurting on it with Rock Tomb before Acrobatics wipes her from the face of the earth with Hyper Potion support. Then, Gogoat is able to take multiple Struggle Bugs from Sole and take her out with a crit Take Down. So, how do I win?

It's Moth who takes the prize here. With his shiny new Acrobatics, he finishes Jumpluff and Gogoat and smokes Weepinbell as well. I knew STAB Acrobatics could wreck things, but I'd been concerned with Jumpluff's Acrobatics, hence why I hadn't led off with him. I'd planned on using him to take out Weepinbell while Sole handled Gogoat, but I'm glad Moth was able to get in gear and wreck Ramos for me.

Next time: Team Flare. Yaaaaaaay. Team summary to come in a bit.
Update 6: Team Flare doesn't deserve a cool name/Ride the Lightning

Team update from last time to start off: POL level 31 Bug/Steel Protect/Return/Bug Bite/Gyro Ball, Moth level 32 Bug/Flying Psybeam/Acrobatics/Bug Bite/Hidden Power, Sole level 31 Bug/Grass Confusion/Venoshock/Struggle Bug/Growth, Sandy level 32 Bug/Ground Protect/Bulldoze/Bug Bite/Rock Tomb.

As implied by the chapter title, I do not care for Team Flare. They are summarily dispatched, with every member of my team getting to 33 in the process. Only Golbats and the Admins at the end provide trouble, but Sandy hits the former hard with Rock Tomb while even a level 38 Mightyena isn't much match for the power of Moth Acrobatics.

Clemont is a slightly different story. I realize I cannot let POL start off the battle with Clemont or she'll be Volt Switched into Magneton, who will set up Electric Terrain and destroy her. Moth is out of the question and Sole will get destroyed by Aerial Ace. In the end, I allow Sandy to start off, and she is able to beat Emolga with 2 Rock Tombs. Here's the second problem: now Magneton will beat Sandy with Flash Cannon or Mirror Shot and proceed to put the hurting on my team. In the end, I decide to use Hyper Potions instead. I use one on Sole, who steps up to the plate and beats Magneton clean with three Grass Knots after a Growth boost. She's then beaten by Heliolisk, who gets Bulldozed to death by Sandy after a Hyper Potion is given to her as well. I'm not a fan of using Hyper Potions, so I'm limiting them to two per major battle, like the rest of the leaders.

Today ends with another dispatching of Serena. POL still bodies Meowstic, Absol takes out Moth but is then defeated by POL, and Greninja can't do much to Sole, who destroys him with 2 Grass Knots. Next time: Valerie and more Team Flare "fun."

POL 36 Sandy 36 Moth 34 Sole 35
Update 7: I'm the Same Boy I Used to Be/Bring Me a Higher Love/It's How They Make it Through

I just really like Steve Winwood. And considering how half of this is now fueled by spite, why not?

Most of today's update is just training outside of Laverre City. I get everyone to level 38 before I challenge the gym, thinking I can level up in there. That partially works; by the time I reach Valerie, POL and Sole are level 39, while Sandy and Moth are still level 38. Ah well; I didn't feel like leveling up anymore. If I lost, I would go back to training. I do pick up one glorious thing, though: Toxic. While the Will O' Wisp TM isn't useful, every single Pokémon capable of learning a TM is capable of releasing toxic grotesqueries (ew) and so it powers up Sole's Venoshock. I give her both Toxic and Venoshock, thinking Grass Knot and Struggle Bug won't be too handy in the fight to come.

Valerie herself isn't too bad, though she still gives me some trouble. Her Mawile is a godawful Pokémon; Feint Attack, Crunch and Iron Defense would be a mediocre moveset on a Dark type, let alone a Fairy/Steel. It takes two Bulldozes for Sandy to obliterate it, and then the problems begin. Mr. Mime is fast, powerful compared to my team, and capable of setting up dual screens. Sandy hits it with two Bulldozes and Protects to try and take away some of the Reflect time; it doesn't work, and she goes down. I send in Sole, and after taking a few Psychics, she's able to take down the creepy Kanto mon. Then, here we go: Sylveon time.

I can't have Sole get obliterated immediately, so I send in Moth instead. Though weakened by the most recent Eeveelution's Charm, he gets a couple of licks in with Acrobatics before Dazzling Gleam takes him out. It's then POL's turn, and I fall victim to one of the most infuriating in-game strategies ever. See, POL might be slower, but Charm still takes away a bit of power of her Gyro Balls. Also, she's a girl. Valerie's Sylveon, outside all expectations, is a guy.

Sylveon's only regular ability is Cute Charm.

"POL was immobilized by love!"

Three times, then she goes down to Dazzling Gleam. During one of the Gleams, I heal up Sole.

Now it's the sole survivor's time again. Thankfully, unlike when I'm leveling her up, she hits her first Brittany Spears attack. Then, as Valerie heals up, I make her undergo two Growths. The resulting Venoshock takes out Sylveon and gives me the Fairy Badge and yet another TM I can't use.

I didn't feel like doing Team Flare tonight. So I'll have back to back Team Flare run-ins next time (joy).

Sandy, level 38, Bug/Ground. Protect/Bulldoze/Bug Bite/Rock Tomb.
Moth: level 38, Bug/Flying. Psybeam/Acrobatics/Bug Bite/Camouflage.
Sole: level 39, Bug/Grass. Psybeam/Venoshock/Toxic/Growth.
POL: level 39, Bug/Steel. Psybeam/Return/Bug Bite/Gyro Ball.
Update 8: Team Flare Doesn't Deserve a Good Song Reference/Ice Ice Baby

Vanilla Ice stinks don't @ me

Had a rough few days which is why I haven't been posting. I did the Poke Ball Factory yesterday and ended up just having defeated Serena at the Anistar City Gym.

I think X and Y really has some strong pacing issues that to an extent are part of all Pokemon games, but this one throws it into sharp relief. After beating Ramos, here's the order of events:

Kalos Power Plant, Clemont, Valerie, Team Flare at the Poke Ball Factory, Team Flare at the Frost Cavern, Olympia, Team Flare Electric Boogaloo, Team Flare finally it's over

Combined with the fact that Team Flare is probably the worst of the villain teams not named Team Yell (not a shot at them, I just haven't played Sword and Shield yet) and this part of the game just drags on.

I detoured through the route surrounding Dendemille Town to level up because I was nervous about beating Mable's Houndoom in the Frost Cavern. Of the trainers around that route and the Frost Cavern, two things stand out. First, Moth saved my butt against a Pangoro/Garbodor double battle (not the most powerful, I know). After a Body Slam paralyzed Sandy, I honestly thought I was gonna lose for a minute. Then Moth destroyed the Pangoro with Acrobatics and I breathed easier. Then, in the Frost Cavern, Sole took multiple Rock Slides from a Throh and took it down.

God help me I'm starting to like the bugs. Well. Not that much of a surprise considering I'm a Bug type guy, but still.

Still no saving Dustox/Beautifly though.

Anyways, Team Flare was and is still a joke until the underground parts. Plus, Mable's Houndoom has freakin Fire Fang instead of Flamethrower, so it was no trouble for Sandy to destroy it.

The Serena fight was actually a bit more difficult thanks to her Flareon. After Moth handily dispatched of her Meowstic (still using Disarming Voice of all things), Flareon obliterated him with a Lava Plume. Sandy was able to take it on the chin and two Bulldozes took it down, then Sole beat her Greninja and hurt her Absol enough so POL had an easy time beating it. Once again, Serena's facepalm is a little more understandable when she's beaten by a buncha Burmy evos.

Oh, I actually picked up a useful TM this time! While none of the bugs can use Flamethrower, turns out the Hex Maniac in the Anistar City Pokemon Center gives out Substitute. That might come in handy at some point.

I stopped for the night after beating my "rival." Tomorrow will hopefully be Olympia, then the Team Flare slog.
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Update 9: Olympia Also Doesn't Deserve a Good Song Title/Lysandre Can Go Step On Several Legos

It's due to a combination of the fact that I have four Bugs on my team, I'm a decent level for the fight and Olympia just sucks as a Gym Leader that I have the easiest fight with a Gym Leader since... I dunno, maybe Grant? STAB Acrobatics cuts through her gym like a hot knife through butter (or like a Rock type attack on Mothim. Or a Fire type one. Or a Flying type one. So many weaknesses) and then the fight itself is also a joke. While Sandy can't take down Sigilyph, her repeated Rock Tombs make it easy for Moth to beat it with more Acrobatics, and both Reflect and Light Screen wear off. Then Sole and POL both score 2HKOs with Grass Knot and Bug Bite on Slowking and Meowstic respectively.

(On a side note: why did Gamefreak seem to want to make Meowstic a thing? It's both a prominent member of your main rival's team and the ace of a Gym Leader. It's not unprecedented; both Barry and Crasher Wake have Floatzels, though Barry's is one of the team members brought on depending on starter choice I believe. Still, Olympia should've had a Malamar. Or a Gallade. Or a team member that doesn't get immediately destroyed by a Dark type move. Questions for later).

To compensate, Lysandre sucks.

It took four different attempts to take out the jerk. The first attempt, Moth demolished Mienfoo with an Acrobatics, and then Pyroar demolished my team. The second time, I have a grand strategy: use Moth's Camouflage to make sure Pyroar can't hit super effectively with Fire Blast. This is a grand idea until he just sends in his level 49 Gyarados and rips through my team that way. The third time, I don't let the bastard have the opportunity to take me out and reset before his Pyroar does it again.

The fourth time, I hit paydirt. I figure the only way I can beat the stupid head is hope for a Pyroar miss on Fire Blast. Moth's been able to take out Mienfoo easily, so I figure I can take out the rest of his team as long as the friggin fire lion goes bye bye. This time, I proc that 15 percent chance, and Sandy is able to 2KO the idiot with Bulldoze. POL goes down to Aqua Tail from Gyarados, but not before poisoning him with Toxic. A Leaf Storm from Sole takes a good chunk of damage, then I switch in Sandy to keep her alive. After Gyarados goes down to Toxic, Moth is able to barely survive Aerial Ace from Murkrow and take it out with Acrobatics. Lysandre 1: down. YE-wait I have 2 more fights with him shit

Blah blah blah motive rant blah blah blah Team Flare sucks. I save and shut off; I have zero desire to take on more of Team Flare tonight. Next time: I attempt to beat my mortal enemy two more times. No, not Lysandre: his goddamn Pyroar.

The photo is post Lysandre. I always found him annoying; now I actively dislike him.
Post Lysandre.jpeg
Update 10: Team Flare: Still a Dick!/Batman voice "First Try."

(References from Major League 2 and The Lego Movie)

As I slog through Team Flare, occasionally losing the Burms to surprise Flamethrowers from Manectric or when I forget that Mable has a Houndoom, I reflect on why I dislike them. Honestly, like I've said it's due to pacing. This is a slog, then there's another slog coming up and then they force yet more Admin fights before you go through the Legendary and finish off Orangey. Even with the Admins having some new mons, it's still way too many Swalots and Manectrics and WHY DO YOU HAVE A BISHARP WHEN I'VE LOST SANDY TO YOUR FIRST POKEMON WHY (thankfully Moth takes it out with Bug Buzz).

Anyways, I sit through the well done AZ cutscene (look, I'm not made of stone. It's pretty affecting) and then beat the weirdo admin. Crobat takes out Sandy, but POL takes it out and then Sole takes out Malamar with the best special Bug move she's gonna get: Struggle Bug. Why are they cruel enough to give Mothim Bug Buzz and not Wormadam, WHY

In preparation for the next Orange fight, I level everyone up to 50. Wormadam's learnset is done, but at 50 Mothim gets the holy grail of Bug moves. The move to end all moves. The move that might give me the power to take on the Four, the Champion and beyond.

Quiver Dance.

I end tonight with the second Lysandre fight. Thanks to his Mienshao being dumb enough to go for Swords Dance, Moth obliterates it with Acrobatics. While Sandy can't quite beat Pyroar, she slows him down enough with Bulldoze for Moth's Acrobatics to finish the job. With a single Hyper Potion, POL has enough strength to take down Honchcrow with Toxic and Iron Head. She then poisons Gyarados, and I discover with delight that Moth can take a single Aqua Tail, letting him put the hurt on the flying serpent. Sole takes a crit Aqua Tail like a champ in time for it to fall by Toxic.

In other words: FIRST TRY, BABY!

Tomorrow, I finish Team Flare off for good.
Update 11: Finally.

Team Flare was easy.

Lysandre took me 12 tries.


I keep Bulbasaur and Hero in the party to avoid getting Yveltal forced into the party.

On my first attempt, everyone was level 52. Moth is immediately wiped out by Mienshao every time. Even when I give him the Quick Claw, Psychic does not 1 shot the weasel.

As I'm lying awake in bed that night, a thought comes to me. As if from above, I am given a gift. A vision. An idea.

"Have POL use Protect on High Jump Kick, dumbass."

I do so on Attempt number 5. Mienshao uses Swords Dance and one shots with High Jump Kick when my second Protect fails.

This sends me beyond rage, beyond anger into the tranquil fury. The game is anticipating me. Taunting me. It wants me to fail. It is laughing at my feeble attempts. "You can't do this" it seems to say, as my character recoils in fear from the Bacon Bird yet again. "Just give up" it advises, as Lysandre gives yet another motive rant and produces a Mega Stone from out of nowhere.


Everyone is leveled up to level 54. I can now consistently beat the weasel. I now have a new problem: my old nemesis Pyroar one shots Sandy every time. I even lose POL once when the Mienshao anticipates my strategy again.

It is on attempt number 12, as I throw the Master Ball for the 12th time at the bird that is supposed to resemble a Y but just makes me hungry, that I strike pay dirt. POL defeats Mienshao with no damage. Quick Claw activates, sending Sandy rushing forward to deliver a powerful Bulldoze on the lion. Moth one shots right after with Acrobatics. With a single Hyper Potion, Toxic and Iron Head, Honchcrow fails. It's the moment of truth.

Gyarados time.

As Gyarados Mega Evolves, Sole delivers a crushing Leaf Storm. With the Water/Dark Pokémon locked into Outrage, I give POL a Hyper Potion. She then comes in, delivers Toxic and Protects. The game is kind enough to have Gyarados hurt itself in confusion, meaning Toxic ticks away the final HP of the Gen 1 Pokémon.

I win. I laugh as Lysandre spikes his headset and this subplot finally comes to an end.

Goodbye, Team Flare. May kazoos sing you to your rest. You don't deserve angels.

Bye Felicia.JPG

I win..JPG
Update 12: Don't Eat the Yellow Snow

(Frank Zappa.)

After finally getting through Team Flare, I head on down to Couriway Town for a fight with a useless Professor. Moth 1 shots Venusaur with Acrobatics then cleans up Charizard after Sandy does major damage and slows it down with Rock Tomb. Finally, Sole hits Blastoise with Grass Knot twice to take it down after it uses... Skull Bash. Huh. Haven't thought about that move since Gen 1.

Next is the game realizing "oh people are gonna expect a fight with the other cadre of rivals so I better dump them on Route 19!" I lead with Sandy and have no issues until Trevor, when his Aerodactyl combines Supersonic and Sky Drop to take out my best Flying type counter. Thankfully, POL breaks through confusion to deliver a crit super effective Iron Head.

After a relaxing walk in the woods, I challenge Wulfric. Acrobatics destroys Abomasnow, then POL outlasts Ice Beam and Confuse Ray spam to take out Crygogonal. I actually don't have a plan for Avalugg other than "hit it with powerful Special moves and hope for the best," but it works out. Sole does hefty damage to it with Leaf Storm, then Moth's Bug Buzz finishes the job.

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