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Hi, I just joined these forums today but I've had a lot of experience laddering on showdown. Anyways, at some point in the near future I'd like to see a GSC Anything Goes RoA Spotlight ladder. This may seem like a random suggestion, especially since generation 2 only has 5 Ubers Pokémon, but there's a predominant reason why GSC in particular should absolutely have an AG ladder. That reason is simply the fact that in the cartridge games, generation 2 is the only generation where AG is the one and only 'official' battle format. In generation I, aside from the Cable Club (RBY AG), there are 3 extra in-game battle formats available in Pokémon Yellow, those being Pika Cup, Petit Cup, and Poké Cup. In generation 3 onwards, doubles battles exist, as well as numerous other formats such as VGC in later gens. Other than GSC AG being the only in-game battle format, I also think it'd be a pretty fun metagame to play. I've already constructed quite a few teams and it'd be awesome to test them out against a ladder in rated battles. Anything Goes also tends to be a very popular metagame, being consistently one of the top 3 or 4 most played formats (in gen 7, for instance, AG was always the most active ladder besides OU, VGC, and Random Battle). Given that we've already seen AG ladders for gens 4-8 anyway, I say it's time to give gen 2 some love in that department as well. Let me know if you guys are interested in trying your hands out on this never before featured metagame on showdown! Also, this is a random joke but I'm sure that the guy who used to ladder with 6 Snorlax in gen 7 AG would love to see the amplified power of his 'PIG GOD' squad.

*Note: when talking about in-game battle formats I left out Stadium 1 & 2 since they're technically not core series games
That definitely sounds interesting. It's never easy to get a discussion on othermetas for gen 2. Could explain what you mean that AG is the only official battle format for gen2?
This link I provided gives you an idea of what all of the in-game battle formats are. By 'official' I guess I mean 'battle formats made by the Pokémon company (in the core series games).' For GSC, the only battle format available to play in the games is singles no restrictions in the cable club. Metagames like OU and UU are pretty much fan-made restricted versions of this format, used to make non-legendary Pokémon more competitive and eliminate overpowered strategies like sleep spam and evasion moves. They are still official formats on Smogon and playable in-game via restricting your teams/plays when you play, but not official formats in terms of those made by the Pokémon company. For reference, gen 2 AG is the exact equivalent of gen 2 Ubers but without the species clause, sleep clause, evasion clause, and OHKO clause.
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This could be a bit late, but I like the idea of a GSC Anything Goes tier. I think that this metagame could have a lot of unique mechanics. I’m not an expert on GSC, but I’ll just say what I heard. Apparently, the metagame is dominated by Snorlax and stall. Well, in an Anything Goes setting, OHKO moves would be able to bypass that, so I guess this could really be big. Also, in GSC, OHKO moves have unique mechanics like accuracy and Counter. I don’t believe these mechanics to have existed in any other generation. Since OHKO moves are banned in the existing GSC tiers, it’s possible these mechanics have never seen the light of day for a very long time. I imagine Skarmory to be a cool OHKO move counter. Also, GSC has some items that never made it into any other generation. You can’t use the Berserk Gene in National Dex Anything Goes. Only GSC players would know of them, so this could introduce a lot of Anything Goes players to them. I don’t know about the other clauses since I don’t play GSC Ubers so it’s hard for me to know what they can do. Okay, that’s all.

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