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First of all, I would like to thank everyone again who signed up. All of you showed good courage, and that is one of the major things that these sign ups were here to test.

How so? If you read my post carefully enough, you would realize the true implications for signing up. Unless you followed the directions for signing up correctly, you wouldn't get in the game. But on top of that, I mentioned that your sign up post was the preliminary task of this competition, and that being eliminated at the end of a task would result in a punishment. Thus, the few individuals who signed up incorrectly will be punished. I am sure you are all wondering not only who failed, but also what punishment they will receive.

Before I reveal the casualties of what I will refer to henceforth as task 0, let me explain what a correct sign up post entails. The first instruction, which was written at the end of my post, was to write a paragraph explaining why you thought you could win. This was nothing too serious, it was just a fun way to express your intention of signing up and getting a little friendly smack talk in. The second, and more important requirement though was that your post had to contain EXACTLY ONE of the following words:

  • abide
  • dissociate
  • crush
  • mighty
  • compete
  • mash
  • dismantle
  • purpose
  • big
  • chicken

In other words, any post that at least met either of the above conditions was treated as a sign up post. The only users who did not do so were Raikage and Mekkah, so they will not be playing in my competition nor get punished.

Since the first condition was really ambiguous, you merely needed to meet the second condition, which was including one, and ONLY ONE of the above words. I originally intended to count the usage of the above words even if they were not in their original form. For example, I would count "mashed" as one use of "mash". However, some other users deliberately included words in this form in hopes that they would not count to confuse other people with prospects of signing up. After remembering that the original purpose of task 0 was to simply make sure that that the players who signed up were serious about winning (that is, actually reading everything carefully), I decided to not count such instances as the one I mentioned earlier as a usage of that particular word.

Thus, the only way to actually fail was either to write a statement of why you thought you would win without using any of the above words at all, or using more than one of the above words in their original form. Therefore, I am pleased to announce our final playerlist:

1. shade
2. billymills
3. TalkingLion
4. SkullCandy
5. Mastadi
6. Fatecrashers
7. Leethoof
8. kingofkongs
9. zorbees
10. forks
12. ssbbm
13. DaLetterEl
14. coolking49
15. LightWolf
16. Crux
17. Ace Emerald
18. Ditto
19. Fishin
20. Gmax
21. Pidge
22. porygon3
23. StevenSnype
24. Quagsires
25. Galladiator

So the losers of the preliminary task were Walrein, Metal Bagons, ButteredToast, Rodan, and HD. For not reading my opening post carefully enough as I had instructed you to, your punishment will be as follows. You are to have the following line in your signature for one week:

My reading comprehension is so bad that I lost the game before it even started!

In addition to this, you might notice that some users made more than one sign up post. These are undeleted posts, actually. I did not originally make a note about deleting your posts in the rules, but I only intended on counting your first sign up post regardless. I made a reminder in the thread when I noticed that people were doing it, for their own good. The two users in question were Fishin and Walrein. Fishin's first post met the required conditions anyway, so it doesn't matter to him. However, what Walrein did was unforgivable. Trying to delete your first post after finding out that it failed, and making another post in its place. Such cowardice! For not only failing on your first sign up post but trying to cover it up as well, you will be subject to an additional punishment: You must don this as your avatar:

Until the end of the competition. I made it myself by the way. Have fun with that!

I would like to congratulate the users who made the cut once more! And just like the last time, I would like to say fuck you to the cowards who were too afraid to sign up. But that is not important now. I would like you to note that this first punishment was relatively minor. I am going to make one thing clear here that I didn't mention before: As the competition goes on, the punishments for the eliminated players will get progressively worse. Be sure not to do anything as cowardly as what Walrein has done though, or you too will suffer a similar fate. Thankfully though, since the rest of you had the courage to sign up, I am sure that all of this won't deter you one bit!

Anyway, now that I got that out of the way, let us get to the exciting part. It is now time for you guys to complete your first task!

Your first task will be a quiz. It will be 10 questions long, and I will eliminate a certain number of players based on their score.

Hey, wait a minute. Doesn't this sound familiar? It should, because this task will be very similar, at least on paper, to the first task in the previous competition. But to keep things fresh and more interesting, the requirements to succeed will also be much different. The specific rules for this task are outlined below:

  • First, the quiz will be 10 questions long, and there is only one correct answer for each of them.
  • Your score will be equal to the number of questions you answer correctly. A blank or incorrect answer gives you no points.
  • You can only make one submission, and it will only count if you send it to me via PM.
  • Once I have your submission, you may find out your score by posting "Look at me, I am a huge over achiever" in this thread. I will then post your score in this thread for everyone here to see. Otherwise, I will not reveal your score until the end of the task.
  • Now the important part. For my previous iteration of this task, I eliminated the middle scorers. For this task, I will be doing the opposite. This time, I will eliminate the top 4 and bottom 4 scorers. In the event of any ties in each of these groups, I will eliminate the 4 users in each group that submitted their answers to me the latest.
  • Anyone who fails to submit their answers before the deadline will be eliminated instantly, and they will receive a much harsher punishment than the players who fall in the top or bottom 4.
  • The median scorer(s) will be awarded a unique advantage in the next task.
  • Feel free to collaborate. Given that you obey the above rules, I encourage it!
  • The deadline to submit your answers is 72 hours (3 days) from now. Good luck!

Now, the quiz!

1. What nutrient is primarily responsible for bone formation?
2. How many molecules are there in one mole?
3. True or False: Toilets always flush counter-clockwise in Australia and clockwise in the United States.
4. What is the most powerful single GPU video card on the market as of this post?
5. What smogon user hosted Color Mafia?
6. What is Date Masamune's last engrish line in the anime Sengoku Basara 2?
7. If I flip a coin 10 times, what is the probability of getting heads all 10 times?
8. What type of keyboard is the IBM Model M?
9. What is the hottest chili pepper in the world?
10. What company won the title of "Worst Company in America" in 2010?

Good luck, and have fun!


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I have graded four quizzes!

First, we have Fishin. He got a 4/10. Splendid work.

Next up is Ditto. He also got a 4/10. Quite an improvement from last time.

Now we have billymills. A 4/10 as well. What a genius.

Then, there is DaLetterEl. He scored a 4/10 too. Hmm... He definitely didn't try to cheat.

And finally, we have LightWolf. He only got a 3/10. The lone wolf indeed.


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I have just finished grading two more quizzes!

Our first one was submitted by forks. He got a 4/10. Pretty average score, if I say so myself.

The next submission was from Fatecrashers. He got a 3/10. LightWolf is alone no more.


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Some more over achievers finished their quizzes.

The first one was ssbbm. He got a 4/10. So easy.

The second one was from Ace Emerald. He also got a 4/10.
i am an incompetent user who has little to no reading comprehension

i apologize for blighting the sign-up thread with my post of pure stupidity


i want it...
Whilst it is true that advancement in this game is important I could not stomach the idea of hiding in the crowd in order to fulfil my own goals. To me, this is the ultimate cowardly act. You people, who have been deliberately scoring 4/10 in order to hide in the crowd should be utterly ashamed of yourselves.

With that said and done, I have decided to be the only real man in this entire thread and try my absolute hardest.

Look at me, I am a huge over achiever!


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We finally have some more graded quzzes!

Our first submission was from Crux. He got a 7/10. Congratulations to the overachiever!

Galladiator got a 1/10. Congratulations to the underachiever!

And then, there was SkullCandy, who got a 4/10. Not bad.


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zorbees valiantly turned in his quiz, being the over achiever he is.

His score? A 4/10. Valiance does not equal honesty.

Quagsires claims to be an underachiever. I don't reveal scores early to his kind.
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