A Fight to the Faint.

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This battle was between myself and a stranger named Hidde over WiFi. I was with my friend who wanted to see if I had any real skill with Pokémon, and I was ready to prove that I was the very best. I turned on the WiFi on my 3DS, and I waited for the StreetPass to send me an opponent. I found Hidde and I challenged him to a Single Battle, normal rules. He accepted the challenge, and I knew that this would definitely be fun.

The Teams

I went with my signature team that I've been using through this Gen- Aggron (Aggronite), Gyarados (Leftovers), Metagross (Assault Vest), Volcarona (Life Orb), Dragonite (Lum Berry), and Alakazam (Focus Sash). During the team preview, I knew that I was going to be headed for trouble of some sort. He was packing Gliscor, Togekiss, Greninja, Manectric, Infernape, and Slowbro. It was almost like he chose the counters to my team exactly, and I frantically began trying to think of strategies to compensate.

The War Begins

My traditional lead, Aggron, was sent out and greeted by his Slowbro. I immediately Mega'd, and I threw down a layer of Stealth Rocks. He used Scald, but thankfully didn't burn me. Next, he tried to hit me with Yawn, but I Dragon Tailed him away. His Gliscor was sent out, and it declared that Gliscor was poisoned. I knew that he was packing Poison Heal, and that this was a bulky defensive wall that would be difficult to surmount. I tried Heavy Slam, but he protected himself and Aggron succumbed to sleep. I then switched to my Gyarados who Intimidated the poor thing, and I deftly avoided its Earthquake. I smacked Gliscor with Waterfall, and he smeared Toxic on me. Thankfully, Leftovers would curb it mildly for a short time. Gliscor protected itself from Waterfall, and I began to feel the sting of Toxic. He withdrew Gliscor and slammed Slowbro down on the field. Unfortunately, I had used Protect. Toxic was a pressure on my mind. I took a little tip from my opponent, and I hit his Slowbro with Toxic, hoping to ruin its long-term effectiveness as a wall. He used Slack Off and gained back the tiny bit of HP he had lost from Dragon Tail earlier that he hadn't already regained from Leftovers. I switched out my Gyarados for my Dragonite, and he used Psychic (it barely nicked Dragonite). Trusting in my Dragonite's natural bulk, I set up a Dragon Dance to begin the sweep. He cleverly used Yawn, but he didn't know about Dragonite's tiny secret weapon: Lum Berry. I slammed into the poor fellow with Outrage, which knocked the little bugger out in one hit, thanks to Toxic from Gyarados. The score was 6-5.

Naturally, I fell asleep, but Lum cured that right away. He sent out Greninja (probably packing Ice Beam), but the Dragon Dance I had invested in allowed me to outspeed and OHKO (negating Stealth Rock damage) the blue ninja. The score was 6-4

Togekiss was the next to greet my big orange friend, but, thankfully, Outrage had only lasted for two turns. I switched out my Dragonite for his fairy-slaying friend, Metagross. The Dazzling Gleam it used did absolutely negligible damage, and I retaliated with Meteor Mash, but he switched before it could hit the white blob, and it struck his Gliscor instead. However, it was a critical hit. The score was 6-3.

He desperately tossed out Infernape, trying to regain his previous hold on the battlefield, and I grew worried for a moment. Mach Punch backed by Iron Fist could seriously hurt my specially defensive Metagross. But he used Flare Blitz, and left my poor metal brick with only 9 HP. I prayed that Zen Headbutt wouldn't miss, as it would spell only doom for Metagross. However, it solidly hit. The score was 6-2.

Manectric was the next to stand up to me, and I just knew that he was going to Mega Evolve it. I switched out Metagross and put out my Alakazam. He Intimidated me (oh no, whatever shall I do..), and then slammed me with Flamethrower. Alakazam's decent bulk toughed the hit out, and I retaliated with Psyshock. But it wasn't enough. Thunderbolt finished Alakazam off, and the score was 5-2.

I switched in my trusty ol' Volcarona, and toughed out a thunderbolt with Volcarona's good Special Defense. A Fiery Dance boosted by Life Orb took Meganectric down for good. The score was 5-1.

The final obstacle to my victory came in the form of that Togekiss coming back around for round 2. It took more Stealth Rock damage (I tip my hat to you once more, Aggron), and I slammed into it hard with another Fiery Dance to finish it off. The score was 5-0.

Lessons Learned

I know most people use Focus Sash or Life Orb with their Alakazams, but I've learned from this match that a Choice Scarf would suit me more. I really only switch my Alakazam into Special Attackers anyway (most are Defensively frail on the Physical side, giving a lot of use to Psyshock), and being guaranteed to outspeed all of them is a very attractive option, so that's why I use only Scarf on 'Zam now.

Thank you all for reading my war story!


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Look at the format of the others, then look at yours. Warstories require a lot of things; good formatting, a great battle, pictures, good play, and so on.

For example, why did you Protect with Gyarados when you had Toxic?

Besides, a 5-0 battle isn't really that interesting, sorry :(
Well pardon me for this being one of my first threads on here and getting used to this whole thing. And his Gliscor had poison heal and was holding a Toxic Orb. Toxic would have been even more useless to use than Protect. Besides I was expecting his Gliscor to be packing Stone Edge or something of the like, so I was using Protect as a safety measure. Also, I can edit it to change up the formatting and even add pictures.

Besides, that last sentence was rude and unnecessary.
Expulso is right. If you aren't sure how to format a warstory, look at other examples.

Also, his last sentence wasn't rude at all. I think most people would rather read about an extremely close battle where either player could have won than read a warstory that has no suspense or drama.
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