A Glass of Lemonade

Some of the shading on that Exeggutor looks fairly unrealistic (such as the leaves and just above his right leg) Just imagine a little lightbulb or sun in the corner as your light source and shade with that in mind.
And I love the fluffy style on Altaria <3vocks


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it's a habit I have of shading stuff behind anything darker sorta like a shadow??? but like a shadow that isn't influenced by light. idk it looks natural in pencils


betwixt the threads of fates untold
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Ok time for bed guys :>

Well guys, the huge art drop is not ready because seriously that is a LOT of art. Anyway,

And on to shoutouts, in roughly chronological order

Your name is hard to make with meter fit*
But glad I am, a fire by you lit
Come backkk~~~

Cronching the fate that will befall the land
Draw it and light with brush that's armed in hand
W back!!!!!*

A piece of sass loves flopping in this chat
And women huge she loves to draw with fat
Very distinct style--loving it

Alchmator (envision British accent)
Oh look at me, a Brit who sips on tea
Ah only in fog /halfway/ can he see
Great writing boy

caw caw I'm a pterodactyl making love to plant ladies

L/az/y Az loves lovely zealous jaws
To match his own and let him 'pare his maws
You are v stylishhhh!!!

Ok you are the first unlucky one. It's like 12:30 am it would take me ~5 hours to do iambs for the rest of you all. Double E is solid!-! <-awesome guy

Mr. Admin who goes to Columbia and does stuff.*
Solid pathway to the future.


LOL I remember you were at like 800 posts and still chanazn when we started contributing at roughly the same time iirc. Anyway peace and no giving out my fb unless you get money.*

Love your writing, #grammar guy automatically props, and you go to this one school...

LOL what a Canadian. Nice working on the competitor with you, get a teardrop hello

Yes. Bleach. Another one of the summer wave, nice working with you!!

Wow. I can't believe you've p much made it through gen I. Ty for that help in the beginning and stuff.

Ah, the first I remember of the fall-winter wave. Extremely solid, I can't still can't believe you know English .-.

Ritter!!! #smeargle AND #grammar buddies, loving your drawings. And no, my art thread will remain sparse for a while.

sandz!!! To bad we miss each other on irc a lot. Be lazy who needs school !-!

heyyyyy :P

Fellow Asian. need I say more?

Larry Chang! How are you! Great scripting help, that "resolution" switch was pretty entertaining....-.

Golf ace or whatever.*

Band is all I can sayyyy.*

Ray Jay
Rayjayyyyyy. Solid guy, enjoy working with you on extremely long projects LOL

Another Texan, sheesh. Well you watch skins so that's ok :P jk jk solid contributor

Sorry I never get to your GP requests Lololol!!! I'll get to it one day....-.

Man you HAD to leave just as it was getting awesome huh.-. Come back soon!

Hi hi, he under the guise of fluffly Pokemon

Texas!!!! No I will not stick to V0x on irc. Other than that, do wurkk

Ahhhh. Too pro.*

You've come a seriously long way, I love it. Keep it up and you'll definitely get positively recognized. C: *ps Stunkfisk Ultra is coming uppp

Hey hey hey. Nice progression, nice work. Do eettt

I can tell you'll be great !!! The spring wave is here, perhaps?

Well I'm playing around in DW I guess I /have/ to interactt. Jk jk, liking the general chillness and good modness.*

My own personal stalker!! Jk jk you are very cool.*

Strongth math people, solid GPing and stufffff. Nice to see you on the competitor

Birkal :3 I remember when you were yourself. Seriously, you progressed fast. Awesome work!!

Ok I can't say anything here yet. ;P

GP guy!! Haven't talked much, but whales are definitely solid (XP)

hi hi hi you are here now!! more #grammar shenans all day every day

Extra shout to #grammar, the awesomest random chat ever!!! I laugh a ton which is awesome.*

Ok feel free to kick me if I forgot. Srs I need to be able to post today and it's like 1 am so I gotta get this out so plz let me know!!!!!

Stay tuned for 1.111k and 2k for a huuuuuge art drop. You can sign up now!!!
Lol lazy V0x. I was wondering if they'd be 19457361697 images to see ;_; you're still not done after 3 months??? D:

can you post those that are already done first? ;) and haha I don't skive though I can fall asleep x.x

do we get 1 kg of lemonade????

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