A Glass of Lemonade


Doing just fine, here at the top of the world
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Double E..... EE.... OH! EE!
Thanks for the shout. Here's to all the good times to come in #grammar. Oh yeah, let's see some art.
lol so lazy I was super-hyped for this 1k and you didn't deliver @.@
Also this lemonade shit is stupid

But really you are a super cool guy and a great guy to chat to :)
<3 vocks


channels his inner Wolverine
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itt v0x does not reveal his love for Garchomp as a 1k surprise

I do however get a shoutout? Gosh I love you.

I'm watching s6 ep1 like right now. rofl Morocco.
ahhhhhhhhhh.... The LC RMT one is awesome, especially Bronzor! I bet you used the default shape to draw that completely -.- but the shading and highlighting is great! It looks so metallic :) but missy's hairstyle is scary ~_~

Lazy V0x used a huge oval and some circles on Chinchou -.- but still works great :P
I swear if you post non 1k art again you will live an unhappy, short and sterile life
/me shots Pin Missles at V0x

O:< Though I'm thinking if that Drifloon could be NixHex??? Because his name has two 'x's and Drifloon has a plaster???? /stupid logic

haha. It's pretty cute though!!

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