A Journey, a Quest: TPP's Nuzlocke of Emerald (with video!)

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What's up, everyone? I haven't posted in quite a while, but I really wanted to make my first post back a special one. For those that might not (probably don't) know me, my name is The Pokemon Pimp and I used to be pretty active on the forums a while back. I feel so old...

This isn't me, but what if it was?

As of a couple months ago, I created a YouTube channel with the intent on CoD commentaries (which are essentially podcasts), gaming videos, and full-on Let's Plays. My favorite series I've started is a Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge Let's Play (LP), and so I figured I could chronicle my adventures and video library here!

This is my YouTube icon. Captain America + the Captain insignia. Hold the applause.

Basically, I plan on providing a short synopsis of each episode I do (updating individual episodes if possible, or maybe in small blocks of 3-5 episodes at a time) in addition to a link of the video. After a certain number of episodes or changes to teams in-game, I'll probably post reflections or an opinion of my journey so far. You'll see.

Think this, except without the douchebaggery.

What I need from you guys: From what I've learned over the past four years on the site (including the one year of lurking, of course), it's that the Smogon community is the best of the best in terms of Pokemon. So, any form of constructive criticism would be very much appreciated. In addition, any sort of nickname ideas, suggestions, or otherwise insight into the series would definitely be listened to and most likely implemented into the playthrough eventually.

TL;DR Version: I'm doing a Let's Play Nuzlocke Challenge of Pokemon Emerald, and I want you guys to enjoy them and offer constructive criticism!

Let the journey begin! Thanks and have a great day!
The Rules:

•Only the first Pokemon I see in a given Route is catchable, so make it count!
•Repetition Clause: If the first Pokemon in a Route is something I already have, I may try again until I find something new. This is to make it more diverse and entertaining for the viewer.

We wouldn't want this to happen.

•If something faints, it dies. Forever. Like in real life.

Shut your damn mouth, Drake. Seriously...shut up with the YOLO thing.

•This is unofficial, but I haven't bought any items besides Pokeballs...yet. I'm going to see how long that goes for. Otherwise, I can use any items I want.

Obviously, this doesn't count.

The Team:
•Note: This will stay current to the most recent episode released on my channel, which you might not be at yet. Thus, I give you spoiler tags.

NUZLOCKE the Combusken
Hardy Nature
Met at Lv. 5, Route 101

TINA the Azumarill
Naughty Nature
Met at Lv. 4, Route 104

CMAC DADDY the Swellow
Sassy Nature
Met at Lv. 5, Petalburg Woods

SMOGON the Koffing
Lonely Nature
Met at Lv. 15, Fiery Path

The Box:

Episode Reference Guide (links to my posts in this thread):

Watch it:

I do all the stuff you're required to do at the beginning of every Pokemon game: I get my sex determined, I get my name, I learn how time works, I get my first Pokemon, and I kick May's ass.

Enter: NUZLOCKE the Torchic

Hardy Nature
Obtained at Level 5 by Professor Birch

There's not much to this episode. Pretty straightforward and boring. Unless you want to hear me talk, it's perfectly acceptable to skip it. Otherwise, this was recorded a really long time ago, so there are some mishaps that have since been addressed (eg the bird noises in the background, leaving in the introduction to Pokemon Emerald, etc. I'll give this one a 7/10.

Watch it:

I immediately catch my second Pokemon, and basically get through Route 102. I start battling trainers, but let's be honest: they all suck in the beginning. I end the episode arriving at Petalburg City.
Enter: WILFRED the Poochyena

Hardy Nature
Met at Lv. 4, Route 102​

This is honestly a really boring episode. These first few episodes in the series are me just getting acclimated to speaking to no one for long periods of time, so I don't feel fully comfortable yet. Also, eventually I will skip over parts that seem tedious, such as strings of easy battles-- and I clearly don't do that this episode, since the entire video is off one very small Route. 5/10. The good news, however, is that the LP really picks up soon!
Watch it:

I arrive in Petalburg City. I explore and talk to a bunch of pointless people before saying hey to my dad in the Gym. Before I can strike up a nice conversation with my father, Wally interrupts and I am forced to go catch a Ralts with him. Scott randomly shows up, I battle a few trainers on Route 104, and I catch a new Pokemon.

Enter: TINA the Marill

Naughty Nature
Met at Lv. 4, Route 104​

Again, these beginning Routes make it rather difficult to keep up a steady stream of interest and entertainment. This is also before I start skipping over repetitive parts, but it isn't too bad. My team is really starting to take shape, and I'm thankful for it so far. In terms of natures, I'm sort of failing; otherwise, my team is already pretty balanced and diverse, something I was worried about before starting this LP. 6.5/10.

Watch it:

I tackle the Petalburg Woods! After battling all the annoying Bug Catchers and what have you, I catch a really useful Pokemon (and beat a 5% appearance rate!) that can hit really hard. Besides my Torchic, Taillow might be my most valuable Pokemon at this point. I beat up a Team Aqua Grunt in the woods and help out the Devon researcher. I finish the episode by exiting the woods and visiting the berry/flower shop right outside!

Enter: CMAC DADDY the Taillow

Sassy Nature
Met at Lv. 5, Petalburg Woods​

Pretty solid episode, if I do say so myself. I think at this point onward, the LP really picks up and becomes more fluid and interesting. This also marks the start of me skipping some of the repetition (by battling a trainer off-camera). Petalburg Woods was a HUGE success for me and have an even better core for a team. Although a Swellow is frail, it gets some decent STAB options and priority that will be really useful down the road-- assuming I can keep it alive until then! 8/10

Watch it:

I leveled up my Taillow while not recording and it learned Quick Attack! A very useful move. I make my way through the rest of Route 104 (and fight my first double battle!) and arrive at Rustboro City. Finally, a gym town. I also pick up HM01 Cut...I never realized how damn easy it is to get the HMs in Gen. III. I miss picking up HMs like in Gold/Silver. Anyway, I fight the three trainers in the gym and end the video right before we face Roxanne.

Believe me, I could face her all day. I mean, what?

Another solid episode. I get a lot of stuff done without a lot of repetition, I think. Looking back at these earlier episodes, I realized that I was forcing myself to talk so much. In future episodes, I feel and probably sound more natural when speaking, even though I'm still speaking a ton. But it finally feels like progress was made by entering the gym, and who doesn't like a good old-fashioned Gym leader cliffhanger? 7.5/10.
Watch it:

I explain how I boxed Wilfred the Poochyena because he sucks. I battle Roxanne and basically destroy her with Marill, although I almost lose it because of Nosepass. At the end, I emerge with my first badge! I leave and begin all the Devon Goods/Team Aqua sidequest stuff. Before I complete that sidequest type stuff, though, I pick up the worst Pokemon ever. I was so angry that I forgot to give it a nickname (although looking back it, it doesn't deserve one anyway).

Enter: Whismur

Shitty Nature
Met at Lv. 6, Route 116

I finally feel like progress is being made with the LP. I know that these beginning badges really pop up fast, so it's sort of an illusion, but at the same time I really want to avoid this series being 400 episodes long and difficult to pick up. I almost lost my Marill, which would have pissed me off, but I got lucky, I suppose. Aside from the battle, I catch a terrible Pokemon and get a few battles out of the way. 7/10. By the way, these ratings aren't really consistent ;)

Watch it:

I head over and deal with the Devon Goods/Team Aqua stuff while simultaneously making friends with Mr. Briney and his lover.

"Check out that ass." -Mr. Briney

I return back to Rustboro City and talk to Mr. Stone and the Devon higher-ups. I receive a PokeNav...which I learned to hate because of the constant phone calls. I then battle May to an optional battle, and end the episode in Dewford Town after a great boat ride with Mr. Briney.

Gettin' it done. Wrapped up a sidequesty thing and ended the episode in Dewford, ready to explore some stuff and take on another gym. I had a sort of dangerous situation with May's Torkoal, but the crisis was averted. This LP is rolling right along where it should. 7.5/10.

Watch it:

I make a couple stupid jokes and allusions to Cianwood City, and then screw around with the trendy people that inexplicably live in BFE of all places. I enter Dewford Cave and obtain HM05 Flash before encountering a Makuhita. I had a lot of hopes on this Pokemon to get us through Wattson and Norman, in addition to being a strong Pokemon for a lot of the Elite 4. Unfortunately, my tiny Marill's Tackle OHKO'd it and left me heartbroken and angry at the world.

Besides me, nobody ever wanted you, anyway. Can you say "Machop"?

After raging for a little, I make my way through the many Trainers in the Dewford Gym and end the episode right in front of Brawly. Fun times await!

The loss of a bulky Fighting-type Pokemon is really going to hurt me in the long run. Sure, I will have a Blaziken eventually, but it can't take a hit without basically dying. A Hariyama would've been ideal for a Nuzlocke challenge. On reflection, I should've just thrown a Pokeball and tried my luck, but oh well. Progress was made. 7/10.
Watch it:

I start out by battling Brawly in the Dewford Gym. I basically whup ass against his Machop and Meditite, but have some issues with Makuhita. Fortunately, I manage to come out on top thanks to a critical hit that I do not regret at all ;) Anyway, TWO BADGES DOWN! After this momentous occasion, I stubbornly refuse to use Flash on a Pokemon of mine, so we enter the Dewford Cave nearly blind.

Still better than this.

During this excursion, I probably look really dense running into walls and stuff, but we eventually find Steven and give him his letter. I finish off the episode reading funny Dex entries and about to sail off to Slateport.

I really enjoyed this episode. It gave insight into how I play this game for Nuzlocke- I'm cautious but not fully aware of everything, which provides for some pleasant (and unpleasant) surprises. At the same time, I refuse to waste a moveset on one of my Pokemon for Flash, so it was fun navigating through the cave. No major bumps in the LP so far. 8.5/10.

Watch it:

I head over to Slateport City via Mr. Briney and his boat. I do a lot of battles on the beach and get some Soda Pop inside the beach house. I check out Slateport a little before going to the shipyard and subsequently the museum in order to deliver the goods to Captain Stern.

The museum has never been busier.

In doing so, I defeat Team Aqua there and rid them of the place. Lastly, Scott shows up again.

This episode is a little tedious, but at least the commentary is okay ;) Seriously, most of the episode is me battling some trainers, though. I end up skipping three or four of them, I think, for the viewers' sake. We also got the stupid Team Aqua stuff out of the way, too. 8/10.

Watch it:

I explain how I went through the whole city and accomplished nothing while not recording. I head north and catch myself an Oddish.

Enter: LIL WAYNE the Oddish

Relaxed Nature
Met at Lv. 13, Route 110

The rest of the episode is me clearing out the trainers on Routes 110 and 103. There's a couple double battles that are annoying, but other than that, I work my way under Cycling Road and get ready for my first real Rival Battle.​

Still a little tedious, but the acquisition of a Grass type is pretty nice all the same. It could always be used to take out Marshtomp/Swampert, after all. Otherwise, this is an episode where stuff is explored and Hoenn is tackled. 7/10.
Watch it:

I open up by realizing that Oddish is the worst. I battle May and win handily...seriously, really easy. I finish the bottom part of Cycling Road by doing a few battles, then head into Mauville and get myself the Rock Smash HM and heal and all of that nonsense. I end the battle destroying Wally and getting a nice upgrade from a cute Taillow to a cool Swellow!

It's all about those deep V's.

I enjoyed this episode a lot. It was about this point in the series that I realized that commentary and recording becomes a lot easier when you don't force it, so I felt more comfortable talking. Accomplished a lot this time and got a Pokemon that makes the Nuzlocke a lot easier. 8/10.

Watch it:

I'm basically in Route 117 for the whole time! I find an Illumise in the grass after a few failures finding Pokemon I already own. Unfortunately, I can't catch it for FOREVER. After five minutes or so I finally nail it, with little help from Oddish/Lil Wayne. Naming it Liara, I now see that it was my best nickname given out so far.

Enter: LIARA the Illumise

Quiet Nature
Met at Lv. 14, Route 117

The last half of the episode is devoted to tackling Mauville's Gym, culminating in looking directly down Wattson's old face.​

One of my least favorites. I put on an embarrassing show of failing to catch a Pokemon I will likely never use, then just do battles. The good news is that it sets up the next episode (my personal favorite of the series) to be even better. 6/10

Watch here:

My special guest adviser and I take on what turns out to be the most complex and difficult battle so far. All this episode, expect lots of dumb jokes and laughter. After we scratch a victory out, we pick up a bike from Rydel's and then head over to Verdanturf to smash some rocks and eventually meet Wally's family and obtain the Strength HM.

Maybe I'm biased because I know my friend in real life, but I could not have enjoyed this episode more. We had some really awesome moments in my opinion, and we also got a gym badge and breezed through a whole town and its sidequests. Loved it, loved it, loved it. This will be my standard from here on out. 10/10.


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This is pretty cool and fun to keep up with! I know it's slow to get viewers at the beginning, but they'll come! :D

name something after me cap'n. :D
I too love this LN. No one on the team has died so far, but I have a feeling things will take a turn for the worse soon. Wow, you almost lost Tina early, it was luck that saved her.
This is pretty cool and fun to keep up with! I know it's slow to get viewers at the beginning, but they'll come! :D

name something after me cap'n. :D
Thank you so much! I am really just having a blast with it. Your Emerald playthrough is what partially inspired me to even do this LP, actually! And you'll get something named after you, promise. "Deino" might not be on for a while, but rest assured he'll (or I guess she'll, possibly ;P) show up! Thanks again.

I too love this LN. No one on the team has died so far, but I have a feeling things will take a turn for the worse soon. Wow, you almost lost Tina early, it was luck that saved her.
I have gotten so many close calls, it's not even funny. I think the scariest part in the series, besides the Wattson battle, are the times when I have NO IDEA how close I was to losing a Pokemon until after the fact.
Watch it:

Most of the episode consists of me battling the Winstrate family north of Mauville. After I emerge victorious, I basically snake through the many trainers on the route so I can battle them later and save time. I encounter a Numel and manage to catch it, aptly naming it Snoop Lion. Then, after I battle a couple Hikers outside of Fiery Path, I go in there and capture...a Koffing!

Enter: SNOOP LION the Numel

Gentle Nature
Met at Lv. 15, Route 112

Enter: SMOGON the Koffing

Lonely Nature
Met at Lv. 15, Fiery Path​

I enjoyed this episode a lot. For some reason, I sound more confident by the episode. Whatever! I am actually up to Episode 30 at the time of writing this review, and I can say that Koffing is surprisingly valuable. Because of his bulk, he makes a great contribution to the team. Look out! 8/10.

Watch it:

I exit Fiery Path and finish up Route 111 by doing some battles. I heal up at the creepy old woman's house and then catch a Spinda on Route 113.

"Why don't people ever stay with me?"

Enter: SHIT EATER the Spinda

Met at Lv. 14, Route 113

I end the episode by arriving in Fallarbor Town, ready to gun Team Magma down at Meteor Falls!​

Nothing really happens this episode, to be honest. All of the trainers I could encounter on this Route I do off-camera, and we simply progressed to Fallarbor Town. I'm still entertained, though! 7.5/10.

Watch it:

I recap what I've done since the last episode (which is battle a lot of trainers). For example, my Koffing learned Selfdestruct...hah. I progress to Route 114 and pick up some nice TMs from the Fossil Maniac and the Poochyena-owning gentleman. I come across a Lotad, and I snatch it up with glee. I love Lotad. Seriously.

Enter: DUCKFACE the Lotad

Quiet Nature
Met at Lv. 16, Route 114

After a few battles with the local trainers, I encounter Lanette and get a stupid doll for my troubles. I end the episode about to enter Meteor Falls.

If you don't like Lotad, you're getting his disco stick.

I have a lot of fun this episode. I caught one of the best possible alternatives to my team, and now that I boxed some worse Pokemon, my team is really taking off and forming one cohesive unit. I think I love the fact that this Pokemon LP is relatively short, due to me skipping parts that are boring or repetitive. I don't know. 8/10.

Sorry I haven't been posting up episodes in a very, very long time! Being a college freshman sort of takes you out of everything else besides, well, being a college freshman.

Seriously, though, I will probably get this back to date very, very soon. Even though people aren't really appreciating this, I still like the idea of a chronicle of my journey and so this thread shall continue. Sorry that this will keep showing up :(

I am uploading Episode 28 as we speak. This one includes the nickname of Deino, which I thought was pretty cool (I forgot about that, since the episodes I'm uploading currently are actually relatively old).

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